Little Game is Benny’s debut single and music video as a dark alternative pop narrative on gender roles and gender equality. The video demonstrates the skewed enforcement of falling into masculine and feminine archetypes. Available on iTunes now.

Greetings everyone! On the 21st of September 2014, we will be releasing our new EP ‘The Gate’. This will be released on our soundcloud, bandcamp and reverbnation pages as well as on CD. 

1. The Gate (0:57)
2. Eleventh Key (5:12)
3. Phantom Of Satan’s Flame (4:30)
4. Divine Worship (3:44)
5. Death and Moonlight (7:01)
6. Outro (0:44)
"Prepare for this unholy ritual…"

Kavalier Calm's Krew

I need a posse. Groupies. Best friends. I’m going to call the group The Krew, KC’s Krew. What will The Krew do? Help me promote my work. It’s not about promoting my music as much as it’s about promoting and fostering the idea of writing for others. What Krew life will entail:

1) Being in a group of people I can bounce my ideas of off, and being someone with artistic ideas to pitch. Before you say, “I’m not artistic enough,” stop. I know you are because all people contain beautiful ideas. With The Krew, I’m offering a safe and friendly opportunity to explore your artistic self.

2) As I/we finish a musical/written project, you share it—with everyone you know—through social media and word of mouth. When sharing, you will articulate that I/we are looking for more artistic requests (and that we’ll do anything). In this way, you’ll basically have first dibs on what the CI production engine does next. I’d happily work with you to write for the people in your life.

3) Democratically help me choose how to focus my/our energy and, as you’re available, take on responsibilities to help manage Crowdsource Inspiration (CI).

The energy and time spent on these fronts would be totally up to you because I want this to be fun. Because I don’t have anything to offer beyond fun and the coolness of shaping Crowdsource Inspiration’s future. I promise we’ll be proud of what we do together, we’ll become friends, and, if we blow up, I’ll host a sick party.

Send an email to if you’re interested. The first thing I’ll do is email the group all at once and we’ll introduce ourselves. Create a throw away email account if you’d like and know that you can bail whenever you want. (But I know you won’t want to.)

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