It’s Like Falling

Harry Styles has always been labelled as the ‘flirt’ of One Direction - who is now one of the biggest bands in the world - but, really, he knows he’s not. He’s got eyes for only one person - and he’s determined to make them his. There’s only one problem…he doesn’t want to risk the closest thing to him. Louis Tomlinson is the most girlie out of One Direction - physically, and I suppose, mentally, so it was only expected that he would ‘come out’ to the guys drunkenly - but truthfully nonetheless. But, what happens when the person he admits to loving is the person that would do anything for him, to protect him - to love him, even if it means not being loved back? And how will he react - will he believe him, or will he pass it off as ‘drunkenness’? What happens when tension rises and secrets are kept that way - how will the boys survive arguments and battles of emotions, especially when no one will even dare to solve them because secretly, they’re bringing two people together in ways they never even imagined? Love, it’s like falling - but nothing can fall forever, there always has to be a moment when it learns to fly…

Author: stairstostages

Chaptered, Completed

Sequel currently in progress

We Will Put The Lonesome On The Shelf*

Harry looks hopeful and he’s smiling down at him, and fuck, Louis wants to kiss him. He really, really, wants to kiss him. He wants to go home with Harry and do everything Zayn and Liam are doing but more.


Louis’ life is falling apart and Harry seems to be perfect. (As is turns out, neither of these things are true)

Author: judgementdays


*Includes Ziam 

The Wall

For as long as Harry could remember, he had been in love with Louis. He had always been able to keep his feelings in check, to maintain their friendship, until Louis went off to University and started dating Liam. With the realization that he might actually lose Louis, Harry is forced to confront his feelings for his best friend.

Author: Rory_Croft


Let’s Go Where Eagles Fly, Far Far Away

Being famous isn’t fun, it’s difficult and scary and Louis knows he should be used to it by now, should grow up and be a man, but he doesn’t want to grow up. He wants to run away and hide under his blanket, torchlight illuminating the sheets around him until his mum comes with a plate of milk and cookies and sits on the foot of his bed, patiently waiting for him to explain while he cries into her shoulder.

Author: jealouslovers