I envy those
who can sleep

Men with
clearer than mine

and bottles of
booze as of
yet undrained

and uncorrupted lungs
breathing in truth
and exhaling pleasantries.

But me? I have fallen in
love and have only been
bruised and battered.

But me? Choking on
smoke and regrets
until the sun comes up.

But me? Waking fevered
and gagging and
thoroughly unrested.

And now, I’ve built walls,
tall ones, around
the broken bits inside.

And I keep waking up
shivering in spinning rooms,
blurry like a sun-baked picture.

hoping that the tremors
will shake my broken bits
back together again.

Fall Open House & First Fridays: Black Mecca, Collective Memory

Friday, October 3, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 10:00PM

The Schomburg’s annual Fall Open House is an opportunity to sample some of the exciting programs taking place at the Schomburg - from guided tours and talks, to performances and live music. The evening will include light refreshments and wine bar by Melba’s. Enjoy tours, extended hours in our galleries, and explore two new exhibitions.

Cities have always been instrumental in the formation of black collective memory. Black urban enclaves embody multiple meanings and that often serve as sources of daily inspiration and motivation, juxtaposed with racial unrest and oppression. Take a journey through the Schomburg collection of manuscripts, books and periodicals, moving image and recorded sound, art and photographs to explore the richness of this history. 

Don’t miss the highlight of the evening, filmmaker and writer dream Hampton in conversation with poet and publisher Jessica Care Moore for a special Fall Open House talk. Both Detroit natives, dream and Jessica will present their lively personal narratives about growing up in the motor city and the impact Detroit has had on their lives, as well as on other black mecca cities around the world. Writer, musician and producer Greg Tate will moderate.

For more information and to Register, click here.

Tear gas is banned in international warfare — and in use in Ferguson, MO


In case anyone didn’t know, the use of tear gas was banned in international warfare at the Geneva Convention. These are human rights violations, people. Ferguson PD needs to be put in front of a UN board as war criminals. They are also arresting and detaining journalists.

Stay woke.

Watch on brittanaheya4life.tumblr.com

Sara’s Bareilles new music video features a lesbian proposal and it’s one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen


In 2010, photographer Paula Bronstein documented a special section of the Marines working in Afghanistan - a Female Engagement Team (FET). Muslim tradition often forbids interaction between men and women, so the FET was created in order to engage with the local female population.

Yesterday, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that the Pentagon would formally open combat roles to female soldiers.

See more of Paula’s images featured on Time and NBC News.