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Uhm... I'm sorry if you've answered this before... but just exactly what attracts you to Shuuneki? Is there any particular moment that stands out for you? (i'm sorry if i sound awkward and creepy u_u)

What first got me into it was chapter 143 of Tokyo Ghoul. Just…Tsukiyama. Laying there unresponsive in the spot where Kaneki last left him.

And this line, which is Tsukiyama’s last attempt to get Kaneki to stay:

"For dear life…would you please not go?"

Tsukiyama—who, for all intents and purposes is an independent, proud, vain Ghoul—laying on the ground and begging Kaneki to stay.

That is why I ship it.

It is a humid afternoon. The Maghrib azaan echoes throughout the streets. Young boys throw cricket balls into windows and make swift escapes. The grocery man yells out his prices, but the people are unresponsive- summer has sucked the life out of them. The street falls silent now - only tainted by the slight buzzing of flies, and the desperate call of a stray cat.

benny isnt doing very good guys… please pray for him… ive been up almost all night with him, around 2am he started drooling like crazy-i mean, he was soaked in his own drool-and had diarrhea.  he was so out of it, and i dont know whats wrong.  my mom is worried he ate something that made him sick, but we’re hesitant about going to the vet because if he needed surgery or something extreme like that, we just couldnt afford it… he managed to make it through the night, and isnt drooling anymore, but hes still just tired and sort of unresponsive-he wont really pay attention if we call him or anything.

please just keep him in your thoughts and pray that it will pass… last night.. was just so scary.  i was sick to my stomach and crying uncontrollably at the thought of him needing to be put down because of something they cant fix… i dont think ive ever been so scared in my life.

i just cant lose him.  i cant.

Is the latest version of the tumblr app kinda unresponsive for anyone else? I don’t think it’s iOS 8.

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I have UC and have finally become completely unresponsive to the cutesy lil "gentle meds" I've been on for years (mesalamine and uceris.) Since I'm now experiencing the most unfathomable pain of my life AND still in college, it's time for the next step. I'll have to decide on prednisone or infliximab, and my dr loves Humira but the word "cancer" scares me, like everyone of course. But the side effects of pred are scary too. WHICH DO I PICK? What's "safer?" I honestly just want my dumb colon GONE

Prednisone is good for getting you out of a flare quickly.  Even if you start Humira, you might still be on prednisone just to curb your flare while waiting for the Humira to kick in.

Prednisone is not good for being on long term - not only are there a great deal of side effects but the long term affect if you’re on it for long periods multiple times, it can really mess with your bone density.

Usually they’ll use prednisone to get your flare back under control, then wean you off it as they wean you on to the “gentler” drugs like mesalazines, sulfasalazines, etc. for “maintenance” meds.

Personally, I don’t really know what the whole “cancer” association is with Humira - I’ve never really looked it up.  But what I do know about Humira is it helps a LOT more people than it hurts.  And it can really make a difference.  Loads of my lovely followers use Humira.  And I believe it’s a great deal easier than Remicade (aka infliximab) infusions - it takes less time to get the dose.

But regardless of what you choose, it’s still a hell of a lot less dramatic than surgery to cut your colon out.  :P

Hope that helps?

"Oh my goodness! You’re breaking the rules, and we CAN’T allow that~"

My character bust entry for Cruxia’s up-coming fighter collab with my creepy/cute (?) character Dover! The actual submitted one lacks this cool menacing shadow of Dover’s larger form, so I wanted to upload it here to make sure folks saw it!

Imagine your female Inquisitor is injured badly in battle and has been unresponsive for days.

  • Cullen spends majority of his time at the Inquisitor’s bedside, speaking to her in a hushed voice, holding her hand and watches her closely for any signs of change. He insists on staying when healers come to do their job. He kisses her forehead one night as she moans in her sleep and whispers, “Shh…it’s alright love. You’re save now. I’m here.”
  • Blackwall avoids the Inquisitor’s room, choosing to watch from the door from time to time as healers work on her. His expression is solemn and forlorn as he thinks to himself, “You’re stronger than this lass. Come now. Fight.”
  • Solas takes on the role as the Inquisitor’s primary healer, holding himself up in her chambers. He uses all of his knowledge of elfish medicine  to treat her wounds. At times, he travels into the Fade in search of her spirit, hoping to guide her back home.
  • Every day, Iron Bull comes to the Inquisitor’s chamber with a bouquet of flowers. He leaves them at her bed side (making sure to replace the dead ones) 

that’s how you know the tumblr staff aint diverse and if they got black folk in charge they prob ‘new blacks’ ol white washed token black, cus white people will vigorously fight for their internet more than they would for black people. just look how quick they mobilize and organize to fix the internet and look how unresponsive they became during #JusticeForMikeBrown

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What did you interpret Asami's pause before saying 'anything' and the way she looked down in the finale to mean? I know with cartoons the story boarders and animators are very intentional with movements and such (unlike live action where something like this could have been improvised), and I'm thinking it was supposed to convey something specific, but I can't really figure out what it is. Thoughts?

See, I interpreted that look two ways.

  1. That Korra has been so unresponsive in the past two weeks that Asami was gently, and probably unintentionally, expressing her frustration (not at Korra, but just the overall situation). For all we know, Korra has barely spoken, eaten, or…anything. See? Not to mention Asami looks very tired, showing that she has been there, probably, everyday. I saw it as Asami expressing her frustration/heartbreak that Korra is still in so much pain.
  2. The second way I saw it (the queer way…) is that Asami is struggling with reasons I listed above, but that specific look in her eyes was one of conflict and heartbreak. I almost saw it as Asami having to swallow her growing feelings and struggle with Korra being in this state. I am about 3000% sure Asami is has developed romantic feelings for Korra at this point.

Either way, it’s very easy to see that Asami has struggled with this and is so heartbroken that Korra is still so broken.

I will say this, if that scene didn’t make everyone love Asami Sato, they have no heart.