Unreal Estate series 2 postcard sets!

Now available!  All 12 images from last year’s sold-out Unreal Estate 2 show are now available in a 12-count postcard set!

These super-nice high-quality 5×7 postcards are printed on thick 14pt stock, with a matte finish! Suitable for framing or mailing, each set ships in a hard-shell plastic case, so they show up safe and sound!

10 postcards for $10- sets are in hand and ready to ship worldwide.

These sets are IN HAND and ready to ship immediately!

Pick them up HERE in the Nakatomi Store!

-alex fugazi

*technically it’s 13 postcards if you count the front title card! (BECAUSE WE ARE AWESOME LIKE THAT)


UnReal Estate -  The Art of Tim Doyle (and other link stuff!)

Our good friend, and sometimes guest, Mitch sent us this link to the awesome geek art of Tim Doyle!  Drawing dark and gritty versions of a ton of POP culture locations from Simpsons to Sesame Street and even the Sopranos his art really blew us away!  You can see more of his work, including the line art, over at Doyle’s Flickr Feed here!

We also found this really unbelievable video using the new Go Pro camera of a woman (very bravely) swiming along side a Great White Shark

And Lastly there’s this link from i09 explaining an interesting new bit of info on the ending of The Thing that a lot of people (ourselves included) didn’t pick up on! 

Enjoy all this stuff and have a great weekend!