anonymous asked:

To reference the post about a "recent drama", unpopularhetaliaopinions also has a couple smears of me that others have submitted-one of them mistaking me for my friend, who honestly doesn't deserve to be harassed either.

Ah I see, well I decided to check it out myself while on my ipod.

I recommended blocking them, and trying to ignore them. 

I’m not sure if reporting the page would do any good, seeing how most of their posts aren’t exactly insulting many people, just things in the fandom.

Though I agreed with one post about the nyotalia episode sucking (well english dub) 

I don’t agree at all about the hate you and your friend is receiving, nobody should be getting hate. 

Ask the person (or persons) who own the blog to take down the posts about you and your friend, saying you find it very offensive and wish for it to be taken down. If that doesn’t work, ask other friends to help ask the person take it down. 

If that doesn’t work… well I’m not sure to be honest, and I hope it doesn’t get beyond that point