People need to realize that the real world is not like Tumblr. On Tumblr everyone is so concerned about their rights. On Tumblr everyone is convinced that they are oppressed. People demand that you respect their choices and “check your privilege” and give them everything they want because they’re “oppressed.”

But the real world does not work that way. The universe does not revolve around you, and no one is going to cater to you. 

Man otherkin get so much hate. Like I am not otherkin but it still pains me to see it.
For those of you who don’t know, otherkin basically means people who believe they shouldn’t be or weren’t always human. An example of this would be the Buddhist religion, they believe in a reincarnation system in which they have the same soul but it just gets transfered to different bodies until they reach ‘heaven’ (which they call nirvana). In one of their previous carnations they could have been a mosquito and then in the next a frog. This is not a perfect example because other kin take it slightly further and basically say that they felt more comfortable in their other body and that is their true form. Others don’t even believe in reincarnation but they say they have the mind set of ___ or should have been born as a cat or a flower or something.
I get that the idea that someone feels like a tree is odd to most people but why do people say this so cruelly? It’s not insane to believe you should have a school of animals (fish) just like you and to feel more comfortable in water. It’s not insane to feel a connection to nature and to love the sun and the feeling of water on your toes. What’s insane is that people judge kin so harshly just because they don’t have the same thoughts/perspective/feelings as you.

I don’t know, it never sits well with me when Wally is written as a science nerd. It just never suited his persona and in the comics, he was far from that. It just doesn’t click with me.

I love the fact that he was the opposite of Barry when it came down to that. He appreciated science (his powers, duh) but he was very average, far from being a genius. All his knowledge on physics and chemistry came from Barry’s “stupid flashfacts”. He never pursued a career in science and never once he thought like a scientist. I love this character from the sheer fact that he was very emotional, down to earth. Making him a smart scientist never boded him well and this criticism goes for JLU too.

As for canon evidences, I believe he had hard time adapting to college and the one he could enter was a small university in Blue Valley. His French was awful (I remember him complaining to Raven) and his grades were very average. IIRC (correct me if I’m wrong) he studied in Agricultural Sciences due to his family background and took PhD in History. But he never saw this as a career to himself. And instead he went to become a car mechanic because he loved cars. He also faced unemployment and hard economical situations several times, many people call him jerk for those stuff but anyone who went that low could understand his stress.

Was he dumb? No fucking way. He wasn’t brilliant but he could think fast and close the gap with others. He just isn’t a scientist or nerd, that’s all.

Lemme tell you something about the song "Sing"

I know that alot of MCR fans hate it cause it was really popular and even glee covered it bla bla .That’s probably because most of the time, when a song gets that popular that the band did something that sounds completely mainstream and different from their usual stuff.BUT THE SONG “SING” DOES SOUND LIKE A DANGER DAYS SONG AND IT HAS BEAUTIFUL MEANING AND IS SO INSPIRING AND HAS AN AWESOME MUSIC VIDEO AND ITS CATCHY SO DONT FUCKIN HATE ON IT CAUSE ITS POPULAR OKAY *mic drop* peace out

I am so angry at Snowden and Assange and even moreso Dotcom for muscling in and attempting to disrupt and hijack the New Zealand democratic system over something that won’t change regardless of who is in power and distracting from the main issues which is what the political parties stand for and what are their policies

Erika's Unpopular Opinion Time

Guys, I just saw something on tumblr that was like, “I will respect your opinion as long as your opinion does not disrespect my existence”

Clearly, this is referring to any sort of discrimination. For example, a homosexual will not respect a homophobe, an individual will not respect the opinion of a racist individual of another race, etc…

But I think this is SUPER FOOLISH. I believe everyone’s opinions should be respected. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions, which sometimes may differ from yours. Opinions are really formed through experiences and such.  

Now, before anyone attacks me about how privileged I am or whatever I need to inform you all that I was born with hemiplegic cerebral palsy and have experienced a lot of suffering and discrimination because of my physical handicap. Thus, I am able to empathize with anyone who has experienced discrimination of any sort.

I have come across so many people throughout my life that have opinions that disrespect my existence and I would like to share my own philosophy on this situation,

Instead of saying, “I will respect your opinion as long as your opinion does not disrespect my existence” I insist it be changed to, “I will respect your opinion regardless. But if your opinion disrespects my existence then do not be offended if my opinion disrespects your existence”

 I will not associate with such people and if I am forced into such a situation I will ignore you so hard that you will start to question both your presence in the room and even perhaps if you even exist.

I hope you all would follow this too. I feel it leads to significantly less conflict and an overall less stressful life.

Thank you for your time!  

if you’re unhappy with how your body looks there’s always healthy ways to improve it, whether its to gain or lose weight. Why sit & complain when you can be out there bettering yourself

i cringe whenever i see “people with penises” or “people with vaginas” being used.

you can just say girls or boys, trans people will generally understand the context and not be offended. the ones that actually get offended by such miniscule things probably aren’t even worth talking to.

Even though I’m sad that LOK will come to an end sooner than I expected, I am kind of happy that they are ending the Avatar franchise instead of saying “we are going to make another series with an Avatar from the Earth Kingdom”. I mean, I would watch it if they decided to make another Avatar series but, as I saw someone on my dashboard saying some time ago, Korra is my Avatar.

id just like to say that its understandable that everyone is pissed at the way jordan was treated but you have to remember that this was a shooting/bomb threat. This is something serious, kids have died, people have lost their lives and others lost their limbs in these situations. They found Jordan in the office where there was suspected activity, they had to assume the worse. I mean yeah we know he was no threat because we know what type of person Jordan is and that he would never do that but these cops are trained to take extreme measures to protect other people from actual threats.

im just really glad jordan is okay and like aleks said, im glad no one got shot.

When Jim Parsons won his most recent Emmy for hanging out with these people…

…did he use his entire acceptance speech to apologize for that?

THIS WEEK ON THE PODCAST: musician Danger Van Gorder and Rotten Tomatoes editor Sarah Ricard join Adam Tod Brown and Mayor Of Podcast City Brett Rader for an exploration of the entire range of television entertainment…but mostly revel in one show’s immense, faux-nerd suckitude.

The Most Overrated Shows On Television

I don’t understand people who glamourize and romanticize Erwin’s and Levi’s relationship in acwnr. Pls don’t. Their fight is not “cute”, Erwin coercing Levi to join is not “so romantic”, his emotional manipulation is not “so hot”. I love Erwin’s character and I understand logically what drives him to make his choices, but this doesn’t absolve him from his abusive beahviour. I think the problem here lies in the fact that people can’t seem to be able to like a character without erasing all his problematic traits, I’m not bashing Erwin, I admire him and like him a lot, his personality is fascinating and his brain is amazing. My problem here lies in the feticization of an abusive episode. You want to ship Eruri? you’re free to do so, I personally find it discutible for a long list of reasons, but I can assume shippers can work around those, when and if they care about understanding their fav characters personalities right…But don’t try to pass that horrible episode for something different from what it is.

It’s like trying to pass the Courtroom scene for something “hot” or even remotely acceptable…no it wasn’t, it was heartbreaking and chilling, especially because neither Eren nor Levi were in control of their will at the moment. THAT was the point of that scene, not some riduculous fetish, so pls stop treating abuse like something normal. It’s not. And how the characters respond to that abuse is the important thing…Levi did right by Eren after that, the episode got closure and it was archived in the right way and Levi proved he’s a good person to Eren…Erwin never did, he’s still the puppetmaster and that includes Levi.