They Never Learn

It’s sad isn’t it? Humans. They never learn to see what’s right there in front of them. Such hollow beings who have an insatiable desire for everything and anything beyond what they may possess. Eventually, they realize what they had was something do very valuable. But here’s the catch, they only notice when they’re about to lose it. Or when they do. So what’s the difference? Between something that is lost, and something that they don’t have? The contrast is negligible, both things are now no longer in their possession.

Such hollow beings… They will never learn either.

I’ve never had a conversation with her, maybe that makes me an idiot, but that’s okay. Because hearing her argue so passionately about things most people don’t care about unless it’s for a grade is refreshing. About themes and metaphors, and important things only your teacher notices. She can make the whole class laugh and yet, still has the teachers in love with her.
—  Unparalled - Camren - fanfic

I think it’s quite funny
No one ever sees themselves
As perfect,
Yet we look around us
And we claim we know so many
Perfect people
You’re afraid, you say,
That someone will see you
The way you see yourself
Well darling, I think you should
The way you see
Because to me, you are
You are everything anyone could ever want,
Or want to be.


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A lot of people have written a status about the first responders and the victims of 9/11, and while every owes a debt of gratitude for the first responders and a moment of reflection for those who lost their lives I would like to remind everyone about another group that day who I have almost unparalled respect for: The passengers of flight 93.

I’m certain everyone knows of them, but I have not yet head their praise. Four flights were hijacked on 9/11, but only three hit their… designated targets. They learned about the attacks in NYC and against the Pentagon.

The passengers of flight 93 weren’t soldiers, they weren’t warriors or fighters, they were American citizens. Perhaps they believed they could seize back control of their flight or perhaps they knew they could not, either way they made the decision not to be victims and chose to wrestle control of their fate into their own hands.

Although every single one of them perished in a field in Pennsylvania they saved an unknown quantity of American lives that day. We don’t know if their hands were ever laid on the controls of the cockpit, but the flight recorder reveals they had breached the cockpit doors. They went down fighting, and I believe their actions that day strongly reflect the enduring American spirit.

Hollywood was able to make a respectful film about the event that honors those who died that day. These are the final moments of the Flight 93 as depicted in the film.


7. Nick Carter

The Backstreet Boys are one of the most legendary boybands on the planet, apart from Take That. Their level of success is amost unparalled and the group is still going really strong, after all these years - a rarity in the music industry.

The youngest star of the band, Nick Carter, is known for his mischevious approach to life, and he is a sight to behold in music videos - whether you love “Quit Playing Games With My Heart” or “I Want It That Way”.

Solo-ventures and environmental advocacy for the UN, the International Coral Reef Network, aside, he loves vegeterian dishes, fish, and funnily enough began singing as a way to grab attention away from his looks.

Its impossible to imagine that all his many fans would find that believable, with such good looks but when it comes to looking this good he attributes it all to dancing, DJing at afterhour parties, and fitting in time to hit the gym and doing cardio.

mashtondweeb said:

If you had to stop eating one of your favorite foods forever what food would you choose to stop eating?

Applesauce - :-) I could deal without it even though the taste is unparalled. I’m cool tho

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