The Daily Muse Goes Inside the World of Entrepreneurs


Life as an entrepreneur is nowhere near dull and as a start-up ourselves, we can completely relate to the rapid changes a small business can go through - along with the many adventures that come along!

The Daily Muse spotlight kicks off with Cheryl Yeoh, whom our client Unpakt moved from SF to NYC to found her company ReClipIt.

Her story is brave and inspiring but we’ll let the piece speak for itself: 

Movers are the people who step in to lift, pack, and transport the things you can’t.

They’re also the ones notorious for last-minute price hikes, fuel surcharges, and taking innocent sofas hostage.

To make sure there’s nary a surprise markup or even the slightest reason to doubt your movers, size up your worldly goods with Unpakt, now available in over 50 cities nationwide. Outline when and where you’ll be moving and pick the appropriate items — from living room furniture to numerous box sizes — and Unpakt does all the math for you.

It helps you plan your move down to the smallest detail. With so little room for error, Unpakt manages to guarantee every price quote it provides. Compare rates from various companies (all licensed, insured, as well as verified by Unpakt) and read reviews from other users. Once you’ve found your favorite, book right on the site.

Ironically, the only thing it can’t help you do is unpack.

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If you are still moving into your new house and searching for some quick, easy ways to decorate for Easter, we have the DIY solution for you. 

1. Egg Garland: Poke holes and string together plastic eggs. Use ribbon to attach.

2. Bunny Cupcakes: Spruce up your baked goods with Easter cut-outs attached to tooth picks or chop sticks.

3. Golden Eggs: Spray paint hard boiled eggs with gold paint as a glamorous alternative to traditional dye.

4. Paint Chip Garland: You know those paint samples you have lying around your new home? Cut them into ovals and string them together for brightly colored wall decor.

5. Egg Tree: All you need is a styrofoam ball, a glue gun and some pastel plastic eggs to make your own Easter Egg tree.   

6. Easter Vase: Place a small vase inside a larger vase and fill the extra space with Easter Eggs or Easter candy for a festive center piece. 

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Unpakt Network: The Moving Truck Whisperer


TechCrunch broke the news yesterday that our client Unpakt is now live in 15 cities beyond the initial NYC market!

That means you can use their moving comparison platform to move the cheapest and most efficient way possible to and within most major cities in the United States. 

The piece wrapped up nicely with the debut of Unpakt’s second “Innovators on the Move” short, featuring video startup reflecting on being bi-coastal and moving into their first offices.

Moving is expensive, so what’s the best way to save money after the move? DIY home decorations. Above is a chart with a few of our favorite, creative ways to decorate your new home.

1.Personalized lighting. Use card stock and old christmas lights to revamp a room by spelling out something cute with lights. It’s a sure way to “brighten” a room.

2. Ombre dresser. Thrift shop dresser and some paint. It’s the cheapest way to make something old look beautiful and new. 

3. Chalk paint. Chalk paint is fantastic, especially for a house with children. Simply paint any area of your house with the magic paint and enjoy hours of creative chalk drawing.

4. Pallet home theater. Pallets can be used for all sort of household lounging areas. Beds, couches, even movie theater seating. With paint and comfortable cushions you have an instant seating area.  

5. Welcome Mat. An old door mat, acrylic paint and a sponge is all you need to spruce up your entryway. Personalize it however you want.

Thank you Pinterest for providing us with endless hours of DIY household crafting. Leave us your ideas of ways to decorate your new house.  

Uncovering the Boise, Idaho River Greenbelt

If you are an exercise, nature or just all-around outdoor enthusiast then you are probably eager to rush your Boise movers out the door, so you can hit the trails. You may have even packed running gear in your overnight bag, so you could breathe in some fresh air and achieve a runner’s high before even unpacking. You will quickly discover why some people specifically move to this area just to take advantage of the Boise River Greenbelt every day.

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Booming Job Market in Charlotte, NC

There is a very good chance that if you ask your Charlotte movers, they will tell you that they have been very busy with people relocating to this city for employment opportunities. Some transfer here with their current employer while others simply move and see what they can find when they arrive. While this type of spontaneous move may seem risky elsewhere, it has become a common occurrence in Charlotte as an increasing number of people learn of the booming job market.

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In honor of “Good Nutrition Month”, we’ve come up with a list of healthy, portable, snack ideas to bring with you during your move. This way you’re not snacking on potato chips and packing on the pounds on your way to your new home!

  • Mixed Nuts/Trail Mix
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Beef Jerky
  • Vegetable sticks with a little packet of dip
  • Box of raisins or other dried fruit
  • Apples, bananas, strawberries
  • Rice cakes and peanut butter
Moving Industry Veterans Encourage Unpakt at AMSA

After 4 days of results-focused education sessions, networking, and industry togetherness, the American Moving & Storage Association’s Education Conference & Expo officially closed Wednesday in Atlanta, Georgia. Industry veterans came together to inspire a new generation of moving companies to not only reinvent their businesses and differentiate themselves from the rogues, but to also engage with each other and give back to their communities. Seeing the continued support of AMSA makes us proud to be a supplier to such a dedicated industry.

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