Okay so I’ve been hardcore cleaning out my boxes and organizing my Living Dex (very not there yet) and this is what I have left over in the end.

You see that first box there? I can not express to you how much I’d love them traded away. I’d love them gone. I need the space. Trade me something you don’t mind me releasing, and whatever you want in that box is yours.

Second box is a little trickier:

The top row is 2 shiny Porygon2, a level 100 Dream Ball Ho-oh, 5IV Mawile, Timid HA Moon Ball Eevee, and a Love Ball Chansey. I’ll take a number of different shinies/events/legendaries for each of them, so just send an offer. c: Shiny Latios will get you the Ho-Oh and another in that row of your choice <3

The Unown I’d like other Unown for. PERSONALLY seeking M, O, P and Q, but I’ll trade for anything but As, Fs, Rs or the punctuation.

The bottom row is pretty much like the first box, but I’m going to be a little bit more choosey. Pretty much make a fair offer. The Growlithe are all holding Fire Stones, and the Fletchling are over level 50 and ready to blossom into beautiful Flechinder/Talonflame. uwu

If you’re interested in any of these Pokemon, Please send me a message with an offer and I’d love to work something out!

Box 28 will be Wonder Traded and emptied in 48 hours.

FC: 0232-8963-3986
IGN: Yaellah

P.S. I also have a number of spare Vivillon, including the special Pokeball Event Vivillon. Please ask for my patterns if you’re interested! <3

Awesome concept for Unown evolutions.  You get each by having Unowns in your party that spell out “WHALE”, “SPIDER”, “GIANT”, or “BIRD” and touching a specific tablet in-game.

EDIT: Also based on the Nazca lines, I tagged it, just forget to mention it here.  :)


Water, Ground, Fire, or Flying depending upon certain conditions.


Artist: darksilvania