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I actually reblogged your original post a while back, before you got all the shit for it. As a transman it resonated with me. All these people are literal assholes so please please don't pay them any mind. Just know that the people who actually have experiences can back you up. Don't abandon your ideas even if people fuck with you. They're wrong, and they're insignificant. I want to square each one up individually, honestly!

Thank you :) 

At the end of the day, nobody but trans men can speak about our experiences. I’m not going to change what I believe just because somebody on tumblr dot com yelled at me and called me scum (if people do that to make their point seem valid then they’ve already lost the argument in my opinion)

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Oh my gosh you're on a cusp!!! I want so badly to be on one because its like having TWO horoscopes and i can be like "lol so me" to everything i read. (thank u for supporting me by reblogging my godfundme post and if you could continue to support me by donating/encouraging your friends to donate i would appreciate it!)

no problem. your story touched me, as i also suffer from anxiety and also dream of being a psychologist in order to help people like yourself and i.

i really really hope that you make it :)

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Hey, can you do me a favor? I just posted a gofundme thing on my blog, but I don't have a lot of followers I really need you to reblog it so it gets some attention. I would really appreciate it like so much.

Sure :U

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Heya. Wondering about sexism and classism, maybe you can help me if you have time ? I know the cis-white-man is privileged in many, many regards, but the cis-white-man from working class background, does his privilege makes him superior to, say, the upper class cis-white woman ? Because there's this image, RPG-like, that states how white boys are "comfortable, unoppressed" and "never in anything but a position of power" that makes me go "hum, well, what about classism, though ?".

Well … I get uncomfortable with the idea of privilege as a hierarchy, and that is not really the way I understand it at all. I don’t think “superior” is the right term. The white, straight cis man from a middle class background can absolutely experience classism. His privilege simply means that those other identifiers, being cis and white and straight are not going to have a negative impact on his life. 

I don’t really see this “never in anything but a position of power” narrative, but it’s undeniable that these people are more likely to have power. They are also more likely to be able to escape poverty or working class backgrounds and “rise” through the ranks to become wealthy or upper middle class. 

You are far less likely to see this kind of progress for, as an example, a poor, black, gay, trans woman. 

Privilege is about what parts of yourself you do not face discrimination for when others would. It’s not a point system. 


Finally, the mainstream media takes on the danger of unoppresed activities. 

non-violent or peaceful protesting isn’t what i’m against, i’m against unoppressed people pushing so hard for it because they have the most gain either if it works and it doesn’t while the oppressed have the most to lose. i dislike the belief that non-violence is so much more powerful. is it better? is it nicer? yeah. but if non-violence worked then there wouldn’t be oppression, would there?

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But white people aren't oppressed. Black people deal with enough shit anywhere else. It's only disrespectful if you want to think it is. You are a god damn, unoppressed white woman who can take being called something inoffensive like mayonnaise. I don't get what is soooooo offending to you.

It’s disrespectful lol. You’re embarrassing yourself sweetheart

No one will ever be able to tell me my religion wasn’t (and in some places, isn’t still,) systematically oppressed by the government and by the peoples of the USA and of the world. No one will ever be able to erase that from history. I may be a Christian, but I am still a minority, looked down upon and oppressed even by other Christians. You can never erase history. You can never generalize Christianity as being unoppressable. When you do that, you erase my peoples past, ignoring the death and murder and oppression we have dealt with and still in many places still deal with. Generalizing Christianity is erasure, just as generalizing “people of color” is erasure. Gosh dang it tumblr, all you’ve ever done is let me down.