• muse:*announces arena tour*
  • muse fandom:can't wait for guiding light 20 times in a row har har har
  • muse:plays uno
  • muse:plays fury
  • muse:plays hyper music
  • muse:plays futurism
  • muse:plays bliss
  • muse:plays agitated
  • muse:plays assassin
  • muse:plays muscle museum
  • muse:plays the groove
  • muse fandom:*error*
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"The second half of the six-minute sequence—which finds him in his gloomy apartment, drinking a Rusty Nail and reliving the glory days by watching a VHS tape of his tacky “Better Call Saul!” commercials—was also steeped in quiet, desperate melancholy. “He’s looking at a time when he felt like he had his s— together and he’d found his talent and his place in the world and it turned out not to be true, which is like a double cruelty,” says Odenkirk. “It almost means that not only did he lose this thing that was a good thing and was rewarding to him, he was wrong to think that he had achieved what he’d set out to achieve, which is to be an important meaningful person, to have found his place. It’s sad to have lost all the stuff that he lost and it’s sad to think, ‘Well, if that isn’t who I am, then who the hell am I? Maybe I’m no one. Maybe there’s just no place for me."

from ‘Better Call Saul’: Vince Gilligan and Bob Odenkirk on the surprise opening scene