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this is precious, y’know. I just don’t have any words. Watch it.

Taemin: Who do you want to get married with?
Jjong: Ah?
Key: Oh, you already know who will be?
Jjong: First of all, it would be with a woman.
*everyone laughs, except for Key*
Onew: That’s a surprise
Jjong: Are you saying that’s a surprise? I don’t think it’s a surprise
Key: Well, maybe by that time you will have a choice *serious*
Jjong: You guys all know


We miss this guy who is very silent.
We missed your killer smile.
We missed everything about you.

We’re still waiting for you.
Just like your hyungs and dongsaeng, we ELF are still waiting for you.
We are still hoping that one day we will be seeing you again together with SUPER JUNIOR.

If it is not now then we will still wait until forever.

Happy Birthday KIM KIBUM! ( :

I don’t know why I have this feeling that soon we will be greeting you a 'WELCOME BACK KIM KIBUM' ( : /feeling positive/

foreverdreamingstar said:

Prompt: Onkey; "If I never meet you in this life, let me feel the lack." (quote by James Jones, The Thin Red Line)

i love this prompt as much as i am perplexed by it.

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