We’ll concede that the cat in this ridiculously cute photo appears less than thrilled about the hug it’s receiving from its affectionate sloth friend, but we’re guessing that’s simply because it took the sloth so incredibly long to wrap its long loving arms around its feline pal. Just look at the smile on the sloth’s face. Best. Hug. Ever.

Photographer unknown

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The File Arts presents:
by Steve Kim

Unlikely is the second portrait by Steve Kim to be available from The File Arts. Unlikely at first glance looks like his previous edition Saltless, but has a tone that doesn’t quite match. The abstraction is very extreme and seems to reveal little of the person behind the portrait.

Steve Kim Explains: “It’s my sister…”

This edition has an ‘early bird’ special price of $10,- for the first week only! After that the regular price will be $20,-. Buy now.

Unlikely is the second edition by Steve Kim. The download includes: the highest resolution of the image available, the PSD source file showing all adjustments and coloring-layers and several wallpaper sized versions. The PDF contains sketches, details and background information on the artist.

Saltless by Steve Kim is also still available, for pay-what-you-want, for this week only. After that the regular price will also be $20,-

If you were hesitating to buy or download now is the time.

Download Unlikely by Steve Kim on The File Arts

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Are you ready for another page from the book of Awesome and Unlikely Interspecies Friendships? Sure you are!

Meet Willow the Barn owl and Merlin the Lurcher. They became fast friends 3 months ago at the falconry center in Corwen, Denbighshire, Wales, where they live. The owl’s handler Lorwi Peacock says the special relationship started when she was exercising Willow while Merlin was being taken on his daily walk. [Lorwi is training Willow to fly down the aisle at weddings to deliver the rings. How’s that for an awesome mental picture?] Now the bird likes to ride on Merlin’s back with her wings outstretched as he goes for a run. Luckily, Merlin doesn’t seem to be bothered by his small feathered passenger one bit!

They are inseparable. People always stop and smile when they see them going by,” remarks Peacock.

Photos by Andrew Price

[via Quigley’s Cabinet]

Now let’s all join hands and beseech the gods of the internets to post video of this pair in action… The photos are plenty awesome, but we need to see an owl with her wings outstretched riding a running dog.


Manni is a five-week-old boar piglet (boarlet?) who was apparently found abandoned in a forest in Ehringhausen, Germany. Manni is now being hand-reared and loves to plays with Candy, his Jack Russell terrier friend. The amount of frolicking and cavorting fun being had in these two photos alone feels like enough to merit a Disney film.

[via Telegraph.co.uk]