why do i find it so hard to go to bed? i should be looking forward to sleeping - a time during which i get to stop existing a little bit. also, lying down is generally a relief when you’re tired …

is it just an executive functioning thing, because there are more steps involved than just lying down? or am i subconsciously worried about bad dreams and waking up feeling unwell again?

i hate when i catch myself putting something off and then i can’t figure out WHY. i’m definitely going to do it once i’ve posted this, but. idk. i don’t want tomorrow night to be the same.

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The Rules:

- take a screenshot of your desktop

- don’t change anything

- don’t delete anything

- tag at least five other people

- repost do not reblog!

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It makes me laugh how I tried so hard to not get into the Fast and Furious movies and I did pretty damn good until recently. Now my friend and I just quote the movies and I need to know when “Dude, I almost had you.” from the first movie is not going to be so funny.