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anonymous asked:

Elmie, I'm coming to you bc you're also ace and bi, and I don't have someone to talk to. I hope that's okay? I'm bi and ace and aro-spec, and a friend of mine suddenly doesn't want to be around me because I'm "selling myself short" and he doesn't want to see me "alone forever." He and his gf have been my friends for over ten years and she told me he's avoiding me because he feels awkward. I haven't ever dated, but since I came out as ace, this is what happened... :(

I don’t know how much help I can be, because outside of fanfic, relationship advice is completely out of my wheelhouse. I’ll try though.

First… obviously I don’t know the first thing about your friend, but if he’s uncomfortable around you just because you’re not dating, or because you’re not comfortable having sex, or whatever it is you’re doing that doesn’t fit in his little circle of “acceptable sexuality”, then as far as I’m concerned he needs a reality check and a few infographics about asexuality shoved under his door.

Personally, I don’t understand people that think asexuality is something strange. With the whole history behind homophobia, I’m not saying I condone it, not at all, but I get why people are homophobic. They’re told being gay is bad and they start to believe it. But barely anyone’s heard of asexuality, so any prejudice against it comes from where??? As far as I can see, it’s just people being uncomfortable with people being different from them. If your friend is that type of person then, well… unless you’re willing to try and change the way he reacts to things, then you’re probably in for a long and tiring ride.

Does your friend know about the bisexual part of your sexuality? Or is this all about the asexuality? Because if he doesn’t know, then the first thing that needs to happen is that you gotta tell him what’s up. I just really hope that’s a safe thing for you to do. I’d hate see a friendship lost because of communication failures or misinformation.

Mainly, I think your friend needs things explained to him. It’s probably just lack of information and understanding making him uncomfortable. Maybe enlist the help of his girlfriend if you’re on good terms with her. Explain it to her first and get her to understand first. Then take it to the other guy. Maybe after you’ve talked to the girlfriend - and hopefully she’s supportive - have a sit-down dinner with the three of you. Make them both comfortable, then tell them what you need the guy to understand.

Also, please never forget: the problem is with your friend, not you. You don’t need to do anything differently to make him accept you. You can explain as much as you like, but if he still thinks you’re doing something wrong, then I think you’d be better off without him. It sucks, but if all he’s doing is making you feel bad for something you can’t change, then he’s not worth it.

Good luck friend <3 (Let me know if there’s anything else that comes to mind, but again, I’m not sure how much help I can be…)

  • neurotypicals:wow being mentally ill is so COOL and EDGY
  • me:*jumps from being super happy to rlly mad in the span of .2 seconds* *is always anxious and p sure everyone wants to hurt me* *has no concept of reality whatsoever* *has major breakdowns at least twice a week* *is basically terrified of everything ever*
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mormonfries asked:

Hi, ok, I tried to look up core books and so forth for Nobilis, and there are apparently 3 versions and some supplementary books, and I don't know whether to go with the most recent ones, or whether there's one version considered 'standard', or whether they just expand on each other without significant rule changes. What would you recommend, reading-wise, for someone fairly new to tabletop in general with a limited budget who's interested in Nobilis?

The short answer: Just buy the 3e core and pick up the (free!) Story of Treasure.  Also, feel free to bother the online Nobilis community; they’re a friendly bunch who are willing to go into great and strange detail explaining the questions you’ll doubtless have- rpg.net has hosted the main Nobilis threads on the internet, and the author comments on them regularly.  Chancel Aleph is also a good resource.

The long answer:

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Sorry to get personal, but I’m having derealization issues right now, and I would super appreciate it if any of my followers could message/reply/reblog letting me know if they’d be okay with me talking to them at some point! Not about mental health, just in general, probably about fandom stuff or life or whatever. I just would love it if someone from the internet would wave hi so that I know whether you guys and I can interact?