You don’t make spending decisions, investment decisions, hiring decisions, or whether-you’re-going-to-look-for-a-job decisions when you don’t know what’s going to happen.
—  Michael Bloomberg

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Do you like anyone?

idk, homeslice. you can’t sit around waiting forever for a train that won’t ever come, and i have a lot of other trains that i know are going to be coming really soon and i should be focused on those opposed to this boy train so that’s kinda on the back burner and i’m letting God do w/e He wants with those feelings- whether that be to keep them or diminish them… it’s w/e 

Holy snap Ori and the Blind Forest is a breathtakingly GORGEOUS game.
But it’s also an action platform game. …I’m not good with platform games ungh. I did play Limbo though. But action??? I don’t know man. I like progressing and not constantly dying.
It’s really gorgeous. It’s also $20 on steam, and works best with a controller which i also do not have
ughngh man idk games are something you’ve gotta push me to play..unless they are dumb games like the sims

still tempting


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hey Laura! I was just curious about with you being a vegan I've seen you talk a lot about the dairy industry and why it's cruel but I've not seen you say anything about eggs? like if the eggs are properly free range what's so bad about eating them? sorry if this is a really dumb question 😁

Eggs are never free range unless you pick them from your back garden from pet chickens. Don’t buy into ‘free range’ bill shit from supermarkets.

I’ve addressed this a fair few times now, I tag all vegan posts with 'vegan’ and 'veganism’ ..check it out. :)

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i like the Idea that Tucker has like, this long, intricate Tattoo on his back that sometimes glows, not because of Juniors birth, but because when Tucker and Junior were at the Sandy place, the other Sangheili wouldn’t let him near Junior unless he did their "dumb ritual Shit"

“So what you’re saying is that I can’t do my job unless I get a bitchin’ alien tattoo?”


“Man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”


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Also you're ableist (use of ableist slurs such as dumb, idiot, idoacy etc) and unless you have a learning development disability, don't try and say its NOT ableism bc you have no fucking right. Wow, I cant believe askaradfem went downhill so disgustingly quickly...

I have a developmental disability. I am not a giant fucking baby. The words you listed are not slurs. R*tard, cr*pple, etc. are slurs. Get your head out of your arse.

—Mod Neo