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A little scream came out of the girl as Nina tried to comb out her hair. The woman had a tight expression as she yanked the curly strands. "Ow, mama! That hurts!" Nina stopped her brushed and looked down. "Sorry...." she muttered. She just wanted her to look nice for dinner tonight instead of the mess she normally did.


"I think it’s impossible to get her hair anymore unknotted," Diego sighed as he watched the two. It had been a solid ten minutes of just Nina brushing Esperanza’s hair. She was getting nowhere with it. "At this rate, you’ll just pull the hair from her scalp,"


   “So,” White nuzzled his neck with her nose, “if you have the choice to either fly or breathe underwater, which would you choose?”

   “Mmm…” Pursing his lips in thought, N lightly bonked the back of his head against the headboard and glanced at their bedroom ceiling. His right hand mindlessly caressed her unruly brown hair, fingers sometimes gently unknotted the strands that tangled in his grasp. 

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Okay G-Man, can you tell us about any embarrassing mid-sex flubs you've had with your chicken? Or since you say you have no reason to feel embarrassed, are there just any things that have happened during your intimate times that made you guys crack up?

I already told you about the “Asian babe in my area” thing…

Once I pushed too hard and he squawked loudly enough to wake the entire island. He wound up screaming apologies, at the same volume, for about two minutes before realizing that this was directly counterproductive.

Oh—and another time, I actually got stuck in the sand. Honest-to-goodness stuck. My scutes must have hit something, gone too deep, maybe. He had to try and pull me out. Took a while, since he has hooks for hands.

My favorite is probably when we twined tails so tightly we had to manually unknot them, because our respective spikes got locked. Joked about it for weeks.

Zoltan Pali discusses his departure from the Academy Museum team.

23:51// In a field defined by constant failure and let-down, it’s so important to get one’s personal life right and to have a supportive partner. I could pretend there is a dividing line between the personal and the professional, but in reality, by the very nature of the creative process, it is impossible to unknot the two. This has little to do with the article I have hyperlinked to, but everything to do with why I have been crippled as a creator trying to resolve an ongoing and tumultuous private matter. That is one of the major mindfucks of this brave new world — there is no private life, there is no public life, everything having been reduced to these dumb soulless screens, which we go on to reference as if they constitute reality. Strings of text and photo sets do not a human make. I fight for love and humanity. If we do not stop and look at one another face-to-face, we are going to wake up in 20 years and have so many regrets. I love you S. I have so little left lose, but it has all been worth it. I love you. Be well.

0:12// And you know dear, there were so many people who believed in me, but I could not make it with you tearing me down. I am sorry for my wrongs. I forgive. I have suffered greatly and surely changed. My love for you never will. Please, let there be peace. Be well stranger. I love you.

“But he can’t tell anybody what he knows.
Old enough to knot his shoelaces,
he’s not old enough to unknot them.

Old enough to pray, he doesn’t always
know who to pray to.

Old enough to know to close the window
when it storms, old enough to know the rain,
given the chance, would fall on him,

and darken him, and darken him, the way
he himself colors the figures
he draws, pressing so hard he tears the page.”

—  Lee Li-Young, Untitled 

The air in my lungs
is heavy, weighing me
down, my stomach 
sinking and knotting 
and writhing.

I don’t really think
anything could have
prepared me for this.

I take a walk. These
suburbs are daylight
graveyards, these 
houses –
empty mausoleums.

I try to walk the feeling
away, try to find light
air, unknot my
twisting insides. 

I imagine what an
x-ray would look like,
a mess of organs 
fighting to find a 
comfortable resting

The sun is weighing
me down now too. 
My legs are heavy,
my eyelids too. 

I stumble and fall, 
over grassy fields,
into shrubbery and
trees, shelter.

Sunlight fractures
across my skin,
dancing around
me, the trees
weaving softly with
the breeze. 

A hollowed out
redwood tree – a 
perfect cocoon, 
a lovely place to
rest my weary head. 

Please don’t wake
me, until the sky has
fallen, the moon has
departed, the stars
all sleeping. Maybe
then I can face 
reality, blind, 
incapable of turning
away. Maybe then
I can face reality.

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I challenge you to post this publicly and post 5 positive things about yourself and then send this to 10 of your favorite followers

oh lawd jess

I’m really good at unknotting things
I’m a good friend
I’m generous
I make bitchin brownies
My hair usually smells good

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Hey there, once you’ve got this, you need to say 5 things you like about yourself then send this to your 10 favorite followers! :) <-- do this thing yo. you don't have to send it to that many people if you don't want.

1: The way I look. And how I actually look doesn’t really bear a whole lot on how I feel about how I look, because my response to everyone who told me I was beautiful from age 9 to age 21 was internal confusion and wondering why they felt they needed to lie to me. It’s about carefully unknotting the harmful ideas you’ve wrapped around your perception and consciously making a lot of choices to let go of the self-hated bit by bit. And I like that I put that work in, and I like that I like the way I look now.

2: That I can write. This one’s a double-edge of perception again, because invariably, I will end up hating whatever thing I’ve written at some point in the process, but there’s also a point down the line where I’ve forgotten the criticisms I’ve built up and take another look at something I wrote and see the thing I wanted to read all along anyway.

3: That I’m funny.

4: That I know how to make things, and I’m not intimidated about learning how to make more things.

5: That I never compromised about loving the things I loved, thinking that they would make my life harder when all they’ve done is make it much better than I’d ever imagined.

It twists my stomach into knots knowing that you look at someone else the same way that used to unknot my insides. Someone who isn’t me is falling in love with your outside without loving your inside just as much. They don’t see the word love at the end of each of your hairs or how delicately your fingers paint desire on their skin. And they don’t know how much it will hurt when they fall in love with you because this isn’t the time for love. At least, not for me.
—  after this, I’m done thinking about it I swear.

The teenager let out a low, frustrated sigh. Sitting cross-legged on a bench near the park, he had his hair tugged across his lap, working at a large knot that had managed to form in one of the mid links of his braid. Usually careful with his hair, a large gust of wind had taken snagged the tresses into a tree, and yanking it free had only tangled it further.

A scowl fell of his lips as he worked at it, trying to just get the massive plait undone so he could unknot it. Hearing a small sound, he lifted his head, turning red eyes to stare at where a stranger had been standing, staring at the boy working the impossibly large bundle of hair in frustration.


“Take a picture, it will last longer” He called, flashing her an all to fake smirk before turning his attentions back to the knot in his hands.

I feel so relieved. I feel tension and anxiety unknotting in my stomach. I’m ready to move forward with my life entirely. But in that I know so many changes are due. I felt the sting of love and lust consume me from all angles since the new year began. I felt myself clinging, desperately, to the past as well as to any possible future. I’ve never been more mentally prepared to let it all go. So, good bye to the ones that hurt me, to the ones that gave up, to the ones who didn’t know what they wanted, and to the ones who weren’t brave enough to say what they did. I’m suddenly better now. You want to leave? Please, do me the favor and go. There are so many others out there and although its been real shit sorting through them so far, I know someone is out there who will think I’m more than enough for him. And I will love him more than anyone ever has loved him. I let my fear of men walking out of my life get the best of me for the better part of 24 years. I need to start making some serious life style changes. Knowing I’m better, well that begins now.

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Out of curiosity, in your most resent story, how long did the knotting last? I would guess just a few minutes, since I didn't see much awkward "Welp we're stuck together for a bit." kinda stuff.

you two unknotted sometime during the night while asleep