Internship + Readmission

21st floor of Picadilly Star | BGC. My internship at Ogilvy is about to turn a month old! It’s accurate that interning at an advertising agency gives you a taste of what it’s like, considering that I haven’t had the time and/or energy to just sit down and blog about how it’s been so far (which is also why the Squid’s been all over the last five posts). To answer that, it’s been awesome! Very busy but just as great, and I am fine with that. As a creative I’m usually designing and rendering, while also being exposed to the process of marketing and advertising as a whole – right from strategic planning, consumer profiling, insight generation, content creation, execution, and down to analytics. It’s a good kind of overwhelming to witness how much thought is put into a single product.

It’s nice to know that after this internship, and even at this rate, I can already call myself a graphic designer without having to second guess. And yes, I finally know how to vector after years of cowering from the pen tool! There are so many new things I can do on Photoshop all thanks to our ever so patient designer Armen. I owe him so much! I believe we make a great team, and hopefully he agrees. Here are some of our finished products:

All technical things aside – and I’ve already mentioned this to our HR Director during our very late intern orientation – I’m mostly learning about how to be a person (and the pains of lengthy JO’s/job orders, stubborn client demands and repetitive last minute revisions). The last bit I did not mention, but it’s probably the truest of all the things I’ve learned so far.

I didn’t expect this internship to train me as a better student as well. My year-long leave of absence at university has blurred my persona as a kolehiyala, and it’s almost as though I’ve already forgotten how to be one. Partially working and partially staying at home through AY 2014-2015 got old at a certain point, and I’m glad this internship picked up the pace for me once again. With all this new knowledge and experience up my sleeve, I am thrilled to return to UP to make up for my last three years (plus another in my previous university) of college. One last chance to redeem myself and I am taking it! 

College of Fine Arts parking lot | UP Diliman. Welcome back to your second home, Yeti! Shot by Dan in the middle of a product shoot for Summit Drinking Water. The JO entailed athletes and the outdoors, so I took advantage of the setting since I was already in UP for readmission anyway. Dan was such a sweetheart for helping me out with this. We were together that entire day and Berns followed us for late dinner at the cafe of Art Circle Gallery just before parting ways. Congratulations to Dan again, by the way, for having his first solo exhibit “SKINS: Photos of Ambivalence” last week! Being delayed is still a bummer, but the idea of spending my last year in university with my best buddies makes it more than okay. All of a sudden I am thankful.

I finally finished the post-LOA readmission process! It took around two months, including several visits to UP in which I was just asked to come back next time for a form or signatory needed. I missed three and a half days of my internship because of this, so it’s such a relief that it’s finally done! My ineligibility on CRS has been lifted and I am all set to proceed with my bachelors for mid-year classes. That was from when I found myself sitting in front of my former film professor’s faculty station, while waiting for our department head to sign my Certificate to Bachelor program shift. It was therapeutic.

One last week out of five before my handsome dork comes home from his family’s Eurotrip! I found this in one of my bags and it got me all sentimental for a while, but I managed. I miss his calm voice and large feet, but most of all I miss how Miko can turn silly nothings into the most memorable things just by being there. Plus he’s been sending me tons of pasalubong pictures – a trippy Budapest candle holder, a total of three sloth things (!!!), two vinyl stickers (the Red Hot Chili Peppers logo and the Los Pollos Hermanos logo from Breaking Bad!), a Murano bracelet from his mom, and various brochures as requested – and it doesn’t make the waiting any easier! I do love how his selection of treats goes to show just how well he knows me. *spoiled* May 22 already, please, so I can finally give my other half a real hug!

And to end this blog, here’s a drawing of Walter White.