In a shocking March 20 blog post titled “Censorship, Environmentalism and Steubenville,” University of Rochester economics professor Steven Landsburg questioned the harm of raping an unconscious woman who may not remember the attack, and wondered why rapists should not “reap the benefits” of women’s bodies.

Landsburg is using his position as a professor of economics to promote rape, and the University is defending his right to do so. We demand he be fired immediately!

Send a letter to University of Rochester President Joel Seligman now.

Please share and ask your friends to take action!

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Hallelujah ~ Midnight Ramblers

Absolutely amazing!

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Researchers at the University of Rochester have now been able to use Twitter to predict how likely it is for a Twitter user to become sick. After data analysis, the inferred pattern of disease spread led to the creation of an app showing the context of sick people with predictions of up to 8 days of future health at a 90% accuracy rate.

Laverne Cox to speak at the University of Rochester

Attention Orange is the New Black fans (and fans of awesome people)! Actress Laverne Cox, currently appearing in the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black, will speak at the University of Rochester’s Meliora Weekend in October 2014.

Cox plays the role of Sophia Burset, an incarcerated African-American transgender woman, and is the first trans woman of color to have a leading role on a mainstream scripted television show. Time magazine named the character of Sophia Burset as the fourth most influential fictional character of 2013.


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