You tidy your room.

Pencils aligned.

Bed made.

You even dust the windowsill.

You do some music practice.


Catch up on your emails.

Even do your filing which has been waiting for months but you could never find the time to put all that useless paper the bank sends you away.

You listen to music.

Plan a holiday.

Stalk old friends on Facebook. Old crushes.

You block websites and find new ones.

Read books, do the laundry, update your CV, book appointments.

You’ve never been so organised.

And at the end of the day you look at the pile of books on your desk, at the circled dates on your calendar and at all the work you haven’t done.

Ready to be ignored again tomorrow.

aTimeLogger - My New Favourite App

aTimeLogger helps you keep track of exactly where your day is going.

I use it to track how much time I spend on each subject, on the internet, having lie ins etc.

You can then view your day in a log or in a pie chart which shows you your totals for each tracked task.

I find it really helps me get a realistic view of where my time goes - I quite often underestimate the time I spend procrastinating and overestimate the time I spend working.

It also helps me see the biggest time sucks of my day (yesterday’s lie in for example!)

You can even create reports for your entire week, select specifc dates to view etc.

You can also create your own tasks to track and give them cute icons and choose the colour of it so it can even fit in with your current colour coding.

As far as I’m aware, it’s free on Android but paid on iOS (about £2.99), but there is a free older version available for iOS.

Confess (advice? Idk): maybe this sounds strange, but I really really wish I had black friends. To hang with, talk to, whatever. It’s bothering me to the point where I almost feel sort of empty over it. I find it kind of hard to meet anyone at my college (my only experiences there have been negative, unfortunately). :( ugh. I just want friends that get me, you know? Friends that are #woke (or willing 2 be), lol. I love my friends I have now but it’s just hard. I feel alone. Idk. Any advice? /:

George vs Life Revision Tips

I’m going to start this by noting the irony of writing a post about revision tips whilst I should in fact be revising right now. Let’s be honest though, given how much of my time is spent procrastinating, I may as well have some writing to show for my wasted afternoon. 

I’m 21 years old now and I’ve been doing this whole revision things for 7 years and I’ve sat like over 50 exams (wow that worked that out, mental…), so in theory I should be pretty good at it by now. We shall soon find out as I present to you the George vs Life top 10 revision tips:

1. Choose a playlist. Everyone knows that revision can’t start until you’ve found yourself a good playlist #Priorities. Spotify has some good ones for concentration and studying, or pick your favourite album (as long as you won’t just sit there and sing along to it all whilst working). Or do what I like to do and find the 10 hours of rainfall video on YouTube which is surprisingly good to work to.

2. Get up out of your chair every hour. I’m sure some scientists have proved this at some point, but it honestly does you the world of good to get up and do a quick bit of exercise every hour or so. That’s why they make lectures an hour long, so you don’t all fall asleep. Think about it.

3. Eat properly. This is one which I admittedly don’t do, seeing as I never really get nervous or stressed out during exam time, my body decides to punish me by fucking up my stomach. Eat properly though, 5 fruit and veg a day, not just takeaways and chocolate, blah blah blah. (Does anyone actually do this one?)

4. Drink lots. I always drinks lots when I’m revising, and if nothing else it just makes you get up and go to the toilet every hour or so which ticks off number 2 on this list. Plus it makes you feel healthier, even if you are eating garbage every day.

5. Find a decent space. This may be at your desk at home or in a crowded library on campus, all that matters is that you feel like you can work and be productive there, I personally prefer having dozens of other silent students around me when I work, it helps with the motivation (Even though they’re all just scrolling Facebook as well)

6. Log out of social media accounts. Come on, you know it, I know it, we all know it. Log out of Facebook and Twitter now. Hell, delete the apps from your phone, it will make you procrastinate less, I promise you. Those shitty Facebook notifications will still be there later, honestly.

7. Turn your phone off/on silent. This is especially important if you’re in a library or silent study space, the sound of a vibrating phone is terribly annoying for everybody else, and it’s probably distracting you as well. Stop snapchatting your friend and put your phone in your bag where you’ll be less tempted, hell leave it at home if that’s what it takes.

8. Get a schedule. This is where I should probably say ‘get up at 9am and work till 5pm, then rest and repeat the next day’. We all know that isn’t how students work, sometimes we want a lie in, and I know loads of people who are quite literally nocturnal right now. It’s all fine as long as you know what you’re doing. Schedule, timetable, whatever. Just plan when you’re going to revise and when you’re going to sleep, you’ll thank yourself. Oh and make sure you sort out your sleep pattern by the time exams start, because if not that 9am might be really tough to wake up for.

9. Take some chill time.  Every year me and my friends like to book a day out in the middle of revision time. We plan it in advance, so we are more motivated in the days leading up to the day off, and then we go and have fun for the day. Last year we went to Pleasure-wood hills and it was amazing, the park was empty, I snapchatted the whole thing to everyone else in the library and it was the ultimate anti revision day. Revision is by definition dull and mundane, spice things up with something fun (yes, you can have fun without alcohol guys)

10. Be positive! These exams? piece of piss. You’ll smash them out of the park, believe me. Put the work in and it’ll all go swimmingly. So try not to stress out too much and be too negative, just remember that you’re sitting these exams for a reason: because you can do this. Fuck the haters, be positive and go smash it. I believe in you.

anonymous asked:

Hi, if it's not too much trouble could you put out a reminder to your followers that an important reply deadline for UCAS applicants is coming up soon? Applicants who received their offers must reply to them by the 6th OF MAY and no later! Thank you!

Of course!

This is a really important reminder for people applying to university with UCAS.