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Could you maybe give me a list of some of your favourite college au ideas?

  • “I’ve just arrived at my college dorm building and my room…doesn’t…seem to exist?” AU
  • “I’ve found myself being recruited unwillingly to a club called ‘The Bagel Club’ - I’m not even kidding when I’m saying that I’m pretty gosh darn excited” AU
  • “I don’t seem to understand the concept of community naked time - since when was this a thing. I did not sign up for this. This was definitely not in the brochure” AU
  • “My roommate grew up with 5 sisters, so they do some weird things. I suppose it’s alright, but it can get a bit awkward when I walk directly into something that I wasn’t quite expecting - like that manicure party that one time…quite the doozy” AU
  • “My new elective for this semester is called ‘Retro Games IRL’. I thought that it sounded like fun, but it’s not what I was expecting at all. Did you know that Pac-Man really does smell a bit like cherries?” AU
  • “You have a weird obsession with peanuts, and I’m hella allergic, but I guess we can make it work, as long and you stay way far on your side of the room and just never breath ever again or I will so punch you” AU
  • “We’re both psychology majors, and its great and all that we know everything about the topic, but it would be awesome if you could stop diagnosing me with being a dick - it’s unnecessary and definitely not a legitimate condition” AU
  • “Apparently there’s a bonfire going on in the plaza tonight where we’ll be burning all of this past year’s notes - how and I going to explain to everyone that I laminated everything already so they would die if they tried to dispose of my work?” AU
  • “The LGBTQIA+ society at my college is very supportive and involved - there’s even a festival where they paint everything rainbow overnight. I’m not even kidding when I say this. Everything is boring one day. Then over night - everything becomes a magical world of slightly more gay” AU

The 10 Most Competitive Job Markets For College Grads In 2015

College grads still on the job hunt shouldn’t be deterred by the most competitive job markets–but they should be aware of how a more contentious environment can change their search. For the third consecutive year, Washington, D.C. leads Fullbridge’s list of the most competitive markets for job seekers graduating from college.

There’s nothing wrong with failing. In fact, failure needs a new name. ‘Failure’ should be renamed 'awesome.’ Everyone loves awesome… Most folks think of failure as the opposite of success, but I beg to differ.

It’s like what Winston Churchill said: 'Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.’ Failure and success are Siamese twins; they don’t exist without each other. There’s no way around it. The problem with the word 'failure’ is that it connotes that you’re a loser—and losers don’t succeed or win or get the girl (or guy or pie or pot of gold or whatever it is you want to get). As a result, many people would rather play it safe, not take chances, not explore, and never, ever stick their neck out to actually try.

—  Tony Horton from The Big Picture

A little early morning post but a absolute necessary one:

“At a time when women arguably have more autonomy than ever before, they’re still finding themselves prohibited from pursuing the futures their fore-mothers worked to secure for them. Graduating college debt-free is not just about financial stability for individual students, but also benefits the broader landscape of social equality.“