Your Choices Define You.

Your Thoughts.

Your Fears. 

Your Actions.

All controlled by You.

You are the only one in this Universe that controls Your Choices. 

Be Love.

Be Courage. 

Be Kindness. 

The choices You make define you. 

Be Your own God. 




the hypothetical set of multiple possible universes (including the historical universe we consistently experience) that together comprise everything that exists and can exist: the entirety of space, time, matter and energy as well as the physical laws and constants that describe them. An infinite realm of being or potential being of which the universe is regarded as a part or instance.

Etymology: based on universe, from Latin multi, combining form of multus, ”much, many” + verse, from versus, "turned".




Messier 74 - Spiral Galaxy in Pisces

M74, discovered by Pierre Méchain in 1780 and catalogued by Charles Messier shortly afterwards, is a very dim galaxy located some 32 million light-years away from Earth. There have been many supernovae, which are exploding stars, observed in M74. Also, there is a suspected black hole in its centre. Unfortunately, It is nearly impossible to observe with amateur telescopes.

Top: Wide-Field - Gemini Observatory/GMOS

Bottom: Close-Up - ESO/PESSTO

Image of the Week: Simulations Reveal Unusual Death for Stars

Massive primordial stars, between 55,000 and 56,000 times the mass of our Sun, may have died unusually. In death, these objects — among the universe’s first generation of stars — would have exploded as supernovae and burned completely, leaving no remnant black hole behind.

Astrophysicists at the UC Santa Cruz and the Univ. of Minnesota came to this conclusion after running a number of supercomputer simulations at the Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) and Minnesota Supercomputing Institute. They relied extensively on CASTRO, a compressible astrophysics code developed at the DOE’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s (Berkeley Lab’s) Computational Research Division (CRD). Their findings were recently published in the Astrophysical Journal (ApJ).

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