look how cute the hindi version of the SU opening it tho

yall hating on amethyst after the new episode, i see how it is. you love an unstable and mysterious character with ambiguous problems until you actually see her lash out, and then you want nothing to do with her. you don’t actually want to see her acting on impulse, you just want the mysterious aesthetic of a character with unresolved issues.

Steven Universe doesn’t just show you things that make you sad; it shows you things that makes you happy, only to later show you how they’re actually sad, making you feel even worse.

Haha, they “kept Amethyst”, because she’s unrefined and animalistic.

…Oh, they actually found and “kept” her, which is the root of hitherto unmentioned anxieties for her…

Haha, Greg is weirded out by a hot girl transforming into his son!

…Oh, she has a history of shapeshifting into his family members in order to torment him…