so i was at universal last night and i was sitting down to rest my feet and a worker in the harry potter section runs up and asks me for a high five so i give it to him

and then a second worker runs up and asks me for a high five

and the first one goes “NO YOU CHEATED I ALREADY GOT HER”

and then i watched them run around trying to get high fives from people

apparently this is a game the workers at universal play all the time and whoever gets the most high fives in a night wins and idk about you but i find this hilarious

It’s true, this little biscuit is returning home to the US for the trip of his life with downfallofachemicaldrivenmind and hann-grenade .

Only 160… something days to go!!

markiplier should come to Walt Disney World with us, Shame its not the one in CA. However FL is awesome… further away, but awesome.

Merkaba is the Divine Light Vehicle allegedly used by Ascended Masters to Connect with and Reach those in Tune with the Higher Realms. “Mer” means Light, “Ka” means Spirit, and “Ba” means Body. Mer - Ka - Ba means the Body/Spirit surrounded by counter-rotating Fields of Light (Wheels within Wheels), Spirals of Energy as in our DNA, which Transport Body/Spirit from one Dimension to another.

This is a demonstration of what time looks like, it moves out like a spiral.

This also has a similar shape to a conch shell.

This same spiral curve also has the same shape of the cochlea in your ear.

As well as the same pattern of the milky way, from the center point on outwards.



As many have speculated back when we first saw her, Slashfilm has recently just confirmed that the tyrannosaurus rex seen in Jurassic World – is in fact, the same one who famously saved the day back in the original Jurassic Park.


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