its… the first alpha screenshot of a game im developing! its just called rollerball and the objective is to collect all the cubes in a level and reach the finish, while solving puzzles and avoiding obstacles/careful super-monkey-ball type platforming. the game logic is about 25%  complete which is why i decided to make a little post about it. most of the work that i have done so far is “behind the scenes” stuff, namely the “GameManager” class that covers the player and camera spawning system (50% done) and a few other things like collectible items. nothing fancy, and no special abilities like jumping. although a shitty version of boosting is available. all of the art is placeholder from google images or the default textures included for prototyping.

there isnt a big list of features, last night i put in the level loading system (0 for debug level, 1-9 for other levels, “n” to load the next level in the game), like i mentioned you can boost, but both that and the player movement function by applying a force in the relative direction of the camera, when it should be applying torque. the only other thing implemented is a moving platform that the player can rest on and roll around on. it automatically moves between its start position and a target position at a given speed. if the player collides with it, the player is adopted by the transform until the player is no longer colliding with the transform. works okay, but sometimes if you wait on the edge of the platform and roll off to stationary ground, the player will be on the level but be parented to the platform and start sliding around. gotta fix that.


Gyro Elevate “its all in the Tilt”

Navigate your way through this endless stream of barriers for as long as possible. No holds, no taps, no swipes, its all in the tilt. However don’t be fooled by simple mechanics and minimalist design. Gyro Elevate will constantly test your reflexes with ever increasing speeds and barrier variations. Do you have what it takes to become a #GyroMaster. Take the challenge.