Don't hate the hipsters

We debated
He derided
We decided

Are not
The problem

It’s not the
Who deserve

We reflected
He deflected
We connected
The … dots

In retrospect
Generation X
Is among the

It isn’t Generation Whine
Generation Whatever
It’s a multigenerational
Sweeping our

And we need
A dustpan

We contemplated
He deflated
We conflated

Don’t hate
The hipsters

They can be
We all can be
Part of the

We can end
This confusion
Of who’s to blame

And see that
Our problems
See that we
Are all the same.

litglob © 2015


Hi everyone. Wanted to let you know that Skateboard Monogatari is making big strides lately. We’re taking our time to make something that is going to be really fun and mechanically unique. We’re still doing this for free, so donate if you can. It will make it easier for us to get this game to you quicker. Thanks I love you.

And we love arcane kids. Support Perfect Stride, a really good skateboarding game.


Something you’ll notice in all the screenshots up to now is the placeholder UI that says “Level 1″ and “300 HP” etc… a big challenge of game development is figuring out how to balance progression, how to ramp up challenge etc. What we’re aiming for with this game is actually less of an RPG progression of upgrades in which the beginning parts of the game become trivial because you’ve leveled your DEX and Constitution to become indestructible, but more like a character action game that gives you a multitude of options for how you’d like to play it. Bayonetta is tops. We also like Wonderful 101 a lot. We hope to make something that’s super replayable and satisfying, start to finish.

Stay tuned for more regular junk here!!

You Are Not Broken

You are not broken, faulty, or defective.

There is no right or wrong way to be. Each and every one of us makes sense of the world differently. The way you are may be different to those around you, but that does not make your way of being wrong.

Instead of trying to bend yourself to their suggestions, take note of what the people around you say you should be like. There is a very good chance that they are pointing the way to your most special gifts and the things that make you uniquely you.

Benefits of Meditation

1 - Improved mood and working #memory even under stress.

Meditation is not an activity designed to take us away from the problems of life, rather it helps us face them with our full capacity.

2 - Alleviate mental distractions

Training the mind to stay focused is a major #motivation for practicing meditation.

3 - Increase the size of your brain

Meditating actually causes your brain to grow. However, age tends to cause thinning in the frontal-cortex. Without proper mental exercise, the gray matter responsible for language, cognition and emotional processing gradually degrades.

4 - Enhance the strength of your immune response

Studies show that meditation not only improves mood, but also improves the quality of your immune response.

5 - Alleviate symptoms caused by sickness

Meditation helps improve the #symptoms from a wide range of conditions, such as: - Heart disease

High blood pressure

6 - Decrease Fatigue

Meditation is a better stimulant for you than a cup of coffee.

7 - Getting into a state of flow

Losing yourself in the activity, intuitively knowing what you’re going to do next, reacting spontaneously and purposefully to present circumstances, being unaware of the passage of time and confidence in your ability to face challenges; these are all feelings which accompany a state of flow.

8 - Improve your powers of empathy

Cultivating compassion can have a profound impact on how we deal with others. Forgiveness and compassion are important for building strong relationships.

9 - Attain enlightenment

Enlightenment is possibly the end-all of spiritual aspiration. This elusive attainment has kept philosophers and spiritual seekers contemplating the mysteries of the world for thousands of years

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