This is my team’s entry to Global Game Jam 2015!

The game is called Tragic Magic, and it’s about being a terrible wizard. 
The game is played with a custom-made arcade table, and a Leap Motion device. 

The Leap tracks the two wands that the players use to aim their spells at eachother; spells are cast by the punching in a combo on the coloured buttons (which are written in crayon, with our non-dominant hands, in spellbooks) and then striking down with the wand.

The game was made in Unity, in 48 hours!

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Me: @DrMelon
Matthew: @johnjoemcbob
Sean: @_Inu_
Max (Builder of arcade!): @MaxWrighton

GGJ15 was super fun! Hope you all enjoyed it!

anonymous asked:

I have been reading witch stuff for a few weeks and it's really interesting. My whole life my grandmother has been telling me that magic is evil. She wouldn't even let me watch a Harry Potter movie. I guess I'm afraid to try using magic.

Awe, my dear there is nothing evil about magick, unless you create it that way. We all are born into different family’s or situations that condition us to believe certain things out of fear… Most generations have a “program” implanted into us from the church. And all this is is a lack of understanding and judgement. We all are beautiful, powerful people, with the God given right to heal oneself, have prosperity, longevity and happiness. Our “rulers” over centuries have suppressed our minds into “fear based control”. But we’re not sheep… We are made of stardust, ready to create any life we choose and love each other and the earth. You know that Magick is already in your hands? When you write, draw, point you send energy. Love is magic… When you send healing vibrations from your heart to your Grandma she can feel it, but might not see it as magick. I think you’re so strong to come into this world knowing that you can create magick and want to understand it better. Believe me I have come from the ashes of a family who is “asleep” and not in the light of the Universe and the loving scriptures of the stars. People perish for lack of knowledge. Never let fear control your life. If you feel good and excited throughout your body, go for it! If you feel sick in the pit of your stomach leave it alone and move to another exciting thing!

Well, after beating Unity and looking back at the game, I am actually disappointed overall. I’m not upset because of the usual ‘Elise was a poor female character’ or ‘so many bugs and glitches’, What disappointed me the most was that Arno was a bad male character. I understand that his goals and ambitions were supposed to be towards the better of others and repaying his debts. But by the end of it all, he just practically gives up. Before he denied Napoleon’s offer and didn’t want to simply follow orders, but as soon as Elise was dead, he joined him anyway. He had such potential to be an amazing character, but when Elise died it seemed to me like he lost it all.

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🎶🎵Everything is alright. Everything’s in your mind. Life is what you make it. Anything can happen you just gotta get past it, you just gotta laugh at it. Anything can happen. You fall down, get up and you better believe that. Nothing holding me back, so everything is alright. Promise I’ll be, promise you’ll be, promise we’ll be alright. 🎶🎵 The turbulence felt from this retrograde has me grounded in music. Whew!!! 💜
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