Live2D Euclid

Latest version of Japanese software that turns 2D illustration into dynamic 3D characterization can now be implemented in 3D environments - video from DigInfo embedded below:

Via DigInfo:

Live2D’s animation technology lets users interact with 2D illustrations in 3D space. Live2D are now developing Live2D Euclid, a next generation system that can animate 2D illustrations 360-degrees, in rich 3D environments.

Live 2D models can be animated and moved freely, while retaining the defining characteristics of the original illustrations, which are difficult to reproduce with regular 3D models. Due to this unique feature, Live2D has been used in over 100 commercial products since its release in 2009. Now, with the ability to render models in 3D environments, Live2D can be utilized in a wider range of visually demanding games.

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Martin Place - 17th December 2014 

This is how Sydney reacted to tragedy.

From Sydney to Peshawar and worldwide.. 

If you don’t get it, you just don’t get it…

We are one. 


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Maze Walkthrough

Game art project by Serafín Álvarez lets you walk around an environment made up entirely of reproductions of corridors found in many well known films - video embedded below:

I’ve been collecting corridors from sci-fi movies for almost 3 years now as part of an artistic project. You can see a selection of the archive at <http://scificorridorarchive.com/>.

For ‘Maze Walkthrough’, I’ve selected some of those corridors, made 3D reproductions of them, and built a virtual maze putting them together. The final result is a desktop application that puts the user inside the maze, allowing him or her to navigate and explore it, kind of a FPS video-game without the shooting.

You can find out more (as well as download the game for Windows and Mac) here

For those of us cast out of our faith communities, jobs, or families for our LGBTQIA identities, a queering of the liturgical calendar - from Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20 and World AIDS Day on December 1 through Rainbow Bridge on New Years Day — allows us to redefine everything in between: Together, we can reclaim our faith and practices (whatever they may be) even as they are actively being desecrated by those who attempt to colonize our faith with hatred, preaching their narrow-minded judgment and casting people like us out of our own rightful places of worship - even threatening our deaths as their way of celebrating Christmas. In candlelit celebrations of Hanukkah and Advent (both of which commemorate resistance to Empire), the use of rainbow colors becomes a coup d’état, a queer refusal to be marginalized in our own faiths, a celebration of diversity and inclusion from WITHIN a place of faith!

Hanukkah especially is a season to celebrate not only faith and hope in God’s continued lighting of the world but also in turn to practice “tikun olam” (Hebrew for healing / repairing the world). Connecting this practice with Hanukkah (the commemoration of an eight-day resistance to colonial invasion through renewal of authentic worship) helps us focus on causes that support free speech and religious freedom. Though I happen to be a Christian, I celebrate the refreshing contrast of this Jewish practice especially at this time of year, when narrow-minded bigots in my own faith tradition conduct an imperialistic attack of their own, insist that all people (even those who don’t share their beliefs) must celebrate their particular winter holiday - and in THEIR way using THEIR preferred terminology for it. My own wider family includes a wide range of faith, gender, race, national, and sexual orientation identities: Our Hannukah’s rainbow candles and the rainbow-colored dreidls we play with are a way to teach my children in an interfaith way tikun olam (healing or repairing the world) with God’s light, talking as a family about what we believe in, what it means to stand up for those beliefs (in the spirit of those who reclaimed and restored the Temple desecrated by colonializing imperialists in the events commemorated in this holiday).

—  Queering Winter Holidays: Reclaiming Hanukkah and Christmas to Build LGBTQIA Unity | H. Adam Ackley for the Huffington Post Gay Voices