I hate how everyone (including my friends) are saying that Unity is going to be better than Rogue. I personally side with the Templar beliefs, and I think Rogue’s story is much more original than Unity’s. And I hate to break it to fan girls but … Arno is really just an Ezio 2.0. Both their fathers were dedicated Assassins who died in the name of the order, their combat, running, and mental style is very similar, and HELL they even look the same. Rogue came up with an original character with his own style and techniques. So forgive me when I say that Assassin’s Creed Rogue is gonna be way better than Assassin’s Creed Unity.

You have come here to grow.

Today, whatever your or other’s expressions of growth looks like, let us awaken and together honor and respect it. When we start respecting others journeys, because we are all One, we will unconsciously start respecting and having more confidence in our own path. The more of the “You/others” that you support, the more supported you will feel. The more you see and understand that your awaken-self, the truth in you, would never judge someone else’s journey, the more you will see and understand that when you are judging your own journey, it is not the truth in you doing so.


Occasionally,I get a troll who asks how come it’s okay for blacks to say black power while whites can’t say white power? Well here’s why… the power movement encouraged blacks to unite, and become leaders in their communities. They fed people, protected their communities, educated their youth, fought and died for equality in America for the black community. They weren’t anti white, they were pro black. The white power movement, was anti everything and everyone who isn’t who white. The negative connotations that are attached with the phrase “white power” is what makes it extremely racist. You might not like that you can’t say white power without being seen as a racist Jackass but don’t get mad at me, blame those who tried to exterminate people of color from the planet.

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I was walking around a few nights back, and really observing what was going on around me. I saw a group of people outside of a bar begging to get in, and even offering hundreds of dollars just to be inside that specific place. I saw the way people reacted to what most consider “attractive” young lady, nearly at the point of harassing her as she was trying to go about her life. I stopped and stood for several minutes and observed all of this, they way people were trying to pay for “cool” belittling others, judging others on their appearance…then I hopped into a cab and noticed the driver was visibly upset. I asked if things were ok, he told me his last passengers just mocked him for not being from this country. I just responded “that’s what makes NYC so unique and beautiful, is the diversity and not to sweat insecure kids searching for that cool” we pulled up to my destination and he parked the cab and we ended up talking for 45 minutes. We talked about when he was young he was a photographer, his family, his life in his old country…it was absolutely beautiful. Life is a short game, cool cannot be bought, and we are all human. If you stop and take the chance to say hello to a stranger, you might meet someone who can potentially change your life, or open your mind in a new direction. We are all one, a unity, so let’s all treat ourselves that way…
—  Christian Benner