McNamara admitted in 2003 that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a fabrication used to lead the US into the Vietnam War.

Pearl Harbor has been shown to have been provoked by the US by embargoes, sanctions, and other subterfuge directed at Japan, while simultaneously dropping our defenses, so the inevitable attack could be used as justification for entering WWII, as American sentiment was isolationist at the time.

The WMD’s that the US accused Iraq of possessing were never found, though Colin Powell is only saying that it was faulty information, rather than the fraudulent information that they knew it to be.

9/11 was perpetrated by largely Saudi Arabians, NORAD was ordered on stand-down by Dick Cheney, and any Bin Ladens that were in country were allowed to fly out the next day on 9/12, while no Americans were allowed to fly.

All examples of which there are many more, of how we justify going to countries with natural resources that we prize and decimating the country to take them and get fat rebuilding contracts for multinational construction and utility companies…

Wake up, Amerika, you’ve been being deceived for decades, and you’re being deceived right now about Syria and Iran!!!