why my piks are gone/upsetting story

Asalamu alaykum wa baraktaula my followers, brothers and sisters in islam, and followers who are respectful towards muslims

Last night i was really upset and the reason is that several people reblogged my photo to blogs i felt like were entirely unislamic and inappropiate…1-was a woman listing herself as a slave who had a mixture of incredibly blatent pornographic images with the contrast of women in hijab including my picture from eid(which was my first eid and incredibly personal) this was then reblogged by another ‘lady’ not sure if it actually is a lady

she along with another group of people on tumblr list themselves as ‘sexual jihad’ and from what i can tell (please forgive me if im wrong) but they seemed soooo unislamic..many claim to be men who felt weak or as if they could not be a man n had undergone a sex change or dressed as a woman.(i have no personal issue with transgender or cross dressing) alltho i believe u should learn to accept what u were born with/what god gave u.. The issue is this..these ‘men’ were dressing as women in hijab, saying they had converted but not for themselves for ‘their arab masters’ they were talking about themselves as sexual objects and as obeying in a degree beyond what i believe allah swt has stated.. as wifes/husbands we are supposed to look after one another etc but often prophet muhammed often did housework…

i warn anyone against these people calling themselves ‘sexual jihads’ and ‘slaves’ please be careful who you follow, even those on tumblr are not neccasarily to be trusted but if someone is trying with good intention to be good in deen then research what they tell u..including myself..

as a result of this and not being able to control who reblogs stuff and having anonymous telling me that im pretty, as much as it is sweet if my images lead someone to sin even in thoughts for a second, then i and them get a sin..which is something i want to avoid..i will still blog info, picture of clothes to wear etc and islamic inspiration.. 

salam and my prayers are with you all..

The secretrevert

Brother forgive me!
But I think you are going overboard.
Please don’t forget Mawlana Rumi was a saint.
Uploading pics to his poetry without adab (etiquette) is going too far.
Please have some respect at least for Mawlana (Our Master).


That is by far the best comment I have received so far.

And yes - it has come from a dear brother :)
All respect to your heart-felt advice.
And I have to admit that the pictures I upload are off the path.

But……all I can offer you in return is the first three words that you have mentioned - its suits more upon me than on you.

So just as one walks on the street and finds something inappropriate - we lower the gaze and walk away. When my posts are off the mark - then move on considering it as a mad man’s insane acts….you see my insanity is still in tact unfortunately…..

All I could mention here is the famous saying as once uttered by Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud (radhiy Allaahu anhu):

"All that is correct & good is from Allaah and anything other than that is from the caprice of my own soul and the devil."

Yes I’m Muslim
No my blog is not based off of Islam
So if you could please NOT offend and insult me through your messages saying my blog is unIslamic. Thanks.

Saudi Arabia makes Muslims from other countries into slaves, this is unislamic, Muslims who migrate to you should not be made into slaves, and not even going to mention the slave puppets of the west who run saudi arabia,

EX-CIA employee admits President Obama is a “radical Islamic” enemy of America

EX-CIA employee admits President Obama is a “radical Islamic” enemy of America

“Radical” is such a ridiculous adjective. it is pure Islam, authentic Islam – there is nothing radical or unIslamic about jihad. Obama’s father was a Muslims which de facto makes him a Muslim and he is considered Muslim in the Muslim world.

Take for example Meriam Ibrahim. Her mother was Christian and raised her a Christian. She married a Christian, lives in America and has Christian children.…

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Mehdi Hasan, newrepublic.com

Can you guess which books the wannabe jihadists Yusuf Sarwar and Mohammed Ahmed ordered online from Amazon before they set out from Birmingham to fight in Syria last May? A copy of Milestones by the Egyptian Islamist Sayyid Qutb? No. How ab…

Does reading “Islam for Dummies” makes you an Islamic terrorist or butchering member of IS? It is time to highlight the psyche and unislamic lifestyle of Jihadists and Islamistic terrorists.

Adam's World 8: Home Sweet Home

Adam’s World 8: Home Sweet Home - This is the eight episode of the world famous Adam’s World children’s video series, what some call the”Muslim Sesame Street”.

If you’re worried about how to teach Islamic values to your young children in a way that will keep them interested, Adam’s World is one of the most powerful tools in your struggle. With the media bombarding our children with unIslamic values daily, we need to communicate Islam to this next generation of Muslims with the same tools that attract our children’s attention. That’s why Adam’s World is…

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New Post has been published on The Rakyat Post

New Post has been published on http://www.therakyatpost.com/news/2014/08/18/zumba-penang-go/

Zumba Penang to go on

GEORGE TOWN, Aug 18, 2014

The Penang state government has chosen to disregard the call by a Malay rights group to ban a Merdeka Day zumba Carnival.

The non-governmental Organisation  Persatuan Mukabuku Pulau Pinang had last week slammed the state government for endorsing and co-organising an event which has been proclaimed as haram by the Sabah Fatwa Council.

The dance was described as suggestive and unIslamic due to its vigorous movements incorporated in the aerobic cum dance type exercise accompanied by upbeat music.

Penang Deputy Chief Minister Mohd Rashid Hasnon told a press conference today that he had met with the Penang Mufti and had gotten approval for the event and that there was no fatwa against zumba in Penang.

“I would say their claim is baseless, as zumba is a form of exercise and everyone regardless of ethnic or religious background should take up exercise instead of living a sedentary lifestyle which could lead to many illnesses, including depression.

“Hence the state will go ahead with the event as planned as it all boils down on how it is perceived and Penang, being a state that promotes healthy lifestyle will not stop such an event to encourage people to exercise.

“There really is nothing wrong with zumba and it is how it is perceived;  all steps have been taken to ensure it follows the guidelines of the Muslim practice and if they say that it should be ‘haram’ because there is a mix of male and female then I say, come on, which era are we living in? said Mohd Rashid.

Disclosing that 95% of those who had registered were non-Muslims, Mohd Rashid said there should not be a problem should Muslims choose to participate as it was not an event which was against Islamic teachings.

“For those who wear the tudung or Muslimah clothing,  there should be no problem as it is not as though they are in close proximity with the opposite sex which constitutes as ‘khalwat’; this being done in a large group at a public area.

“Being dressed according to the Muslim way should not be a hindrance to take part in exercise,” he said of the event that will take place on Merdeka Day on Aug 31 at Taman Sunway Tunas in Bayan Baru.

The event’s main organiser is the community development and security committee (JKKK) of Pantai Jerejak where Mohd Rashid is the assemblyman.

He stressed that the fatwa issued in Sabah should only apply to Sabah, and that Penang, for now, had no plans to ban zumba.

When asked whether he felt that the whole issue had been politicised, Mohd Rashid said he did not want to delve into that but said that exercise has helped a Muslim man from Sungai Ara, Penang to recover from stroke after he took up Tai Chi and has now become an instructor himself near the Sungai Ara mosque.

He also said that the NGO should come up with something more justifiable to condemn and not condemn something positive for the body and mind.

The whole issue has surfaced last week when Persatuan Mukabuku Pulau Pinang secretary Muhsin Abdul Latheef described the event as being insensitive towards a fatwa allegedly issued by the Sabah Mufti.

A zumba event organised by the Puteri Umno wing had been called off to show respect for the fatwa.

anonymous said:

whats ur sisters only tag?

Hi there; good question. ^_^ I had heard another tumblr user talking about modesty and blogging in regard to Islam and not posting women dressed unislamically. So I thought to myself, I wonder if any brothers would like help in guarding their gaze on the internet. Because Muslim men are asked to lower their gaze as a female walks by. So I tag pictures of ladies not in hijab as sisters only, to help any brothers who want to take advantage of my tagging to block those posts and thus guard their gaze while looking at tumblr. I took a poll to see if anyone was doing that, and apparently at least one person is, so I keep tagging. Not that I haven’t thought about the implications. For intance, what about female-attracted non-male Muslims/Muslimahs? But anyone can block that tag if they want to, and I hope that anyone who has has found it helpful in guarding their gaze on this site. As for helping male-attracted Muslims/Muslimahs guard their gaze, I keep my modesty about me by simply not posting men who are not at least covered from belly button to knee. Thanks for the ask, and sorry if I sound weird or something.