DIY Wire Wrapped Leather Peyote Bracelet Tutorial from Gloria Fort. I used Chrome to translate. 

If you’ve ever wanted to do a more complicated peyote project, I posted links to an excellent 3 part DIY series on the Peyote Stitch by the Craft Snob Blog.The 3 Tutorials include basic supplies needed, the basic peyote stitch and how to make the peyote cuff below. 

some words on unisex – i think it has been long established that girls can wear guy clothes yet guys can’t wear girl clothes, it’s got something to do with that patriarchal society we exist within I’m sure. regardless, something that’s always bothered me is the concept of ‘unisex apparel’. as an unannounced queer youth i walked into american apparel + thought great ~androgyny~ but alas after a glance in the ‘unisex’ section it became painfully clear that unisex clothing is the same old menswear deemed socially acceptable for women to wear. especially considering my local AA has a girl section and then downstairs is the boy/unisex section bc girl clothes aren’t unisex. fucking gender roles

Watch the Camper SS ‘15 campaign video.

Art Direction: Romain Kremer

Photo+Video: Daniel Sannwald

Styling: Anna Trevelyan

Hair: Charlie Le Mindu

Make Up: Isamaya Ffrench

Music: Father

Casting: Eddy Martin at File + Parade

DOP: Ben Moulden at Lux Artists

Post Production: Studio Private

Stag design will finally be going onto gear soon! Finally! We can’t wait!

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"Eckhaus Latta didn’t start out as a large business, but out of being genuine, out of the moment of creativity… Our clothes are a byproduct of a creative conversation between us. A commercial sense is never the origin."—Mike Eckhaus

Designs by eckhauslatta are now available in the MOCA Store. Pigeon, a new fashion video that showcases their forthcoming collection, premiered at MOCA last week and is now on MOCAtv.

Lumialover’s Plugs - Glossy Re-colours.

Just a set of 4 glossy re-colours of lumialoversims Plugs mesh.

I love these plugs and finally got around to adding some new options! I made them look more glossy/shiny which adds loads more realism and added 4 different options. You can find my options in the colour tabs under the a3ru swatches.

!You will need the original mesh for these to work. You can download it here

Big thanks to Lumialover for making these and for allowing re-colours! 

Happy Simming!