Joined the statewide contract action in school today to fight for a fair contract for UC campus service workers. No more greed and no more injustices from the bureaucrats ruling over the UCs. It was a sad yet fulfilling experience. Other than immigration law, labor rights is also my passion. (: #ucla #advocacy #nojusticenopeace #unionpower

Carl from CSP says: “I have worked for the private sector of prisons. The working conditions were terrible and unsafe. The pay was inadequate and was only made possible by working many hours of paid overtime. I take pride in working for the state and I smile when I look down and see my state of Colorado patch. Please don’t take that pride away from me and many of my fellow hard working and dedicated brothers and sisters.”

What do YOU want to say to the legislators who want to cut your pay by 1/3? Sign the open letter TODAY:

A coalition of organizations will be joining together with Colorado WINS on June 20 at 12:30 p.m. outside the Legislative Services Building to let the legislators and media know that we are opposed to for-profit prisons operating in Colorado.

Coalition partners: ACLU of Colorado, Working America – Colorado, Comunidad Liberación/Liberation Community

Denver Post names state workers to the 2013 General Assembly Winners column. We certainly think so!

"After four years without a raise — including years in which they had to take furloughs and saw their pension contributions rise — they finally got a raise. And it was higher than they first thought it would be. Meanwhile, state correctional workers will start getting paid more with the passage of bill that enacts new rules on their overtime hours."