Field convo

*in the hooch circled around balderas’s laptop watching porn*
Pointer- what the fuck?! Peterson! Why do you have a hardon?!
PeePee- *unintellegible British speak*
Me- duuuuuude not cool
Graham- bitch goto your corner!
Zavala- if it’s gonna be like that better get doc span and tell him to get his wig and heels
PeePee- who’s doc span? *insert British accent*
Balderas- you don’t wanna know *evil laugh*
Field ops is the only place I feel like I can be myself hell that we can all be ourselves you know offensive, dirty, prison convict looking mofos that the infantry has turned us into

fnaf 1 animatronic convos
  • fnaf 1 animatronic convos

so i decided to do some audio with my interpretations of the main crew from fnaf 1

a summary: foxy’s pretty blunt (and ‘unintellegent’), freddy is worried about how the rest see him but hides behind a smile, bonnie is a chav, and chica is kind of a dick

(note: bonnie and chica are actually bffs, but they argue about silly things constantly)