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Uniland’s 250 Delaware Ave. Project - Time Lapse Video

The $110 million project going up at the corner of Delaware and Chippewa is well underway. Previously the site was the location of the Delaware Court Building, known for being the location for designing some of the most architecturally significant buildings in Buffalo. Uniland has released a time-lapse video showing the demolition of the old site and preparing it for Buffalo’s newest highrise which will join the growing ranks of downtown’s glass facades.

Editor's Choice » Uniland Targetkan Semua Kamar Pakai Produknya

Direktur Utama PT Quantum Tosan Internasional, Yufardis Yusuf, ketika menerima penghargaan IOB 2013, dari Pemimpin Redaksi Majalah Swa, Kemal Effendi Gani

PT Quantum Tosan International, yang memproduksi spring bed Uniland, bertekad untuk semakin mengembangkan merek dan produknya di masa depan. Sehingga produk yang mulai ada di Indonesia sejak 13 tahun lalu ini akan tetap eksis, bahkan terus bertahan dalam waktu yang lebih lama lagi. Uniland memang menjadi salah satu brand lokal yang mendapatkan penghargaan Indonesia Original Brand (IOB) 2013 dari Majalah SWA. Direktur Utama PT Quantum Tosan Internasional, Yufardis Yusuf, cukup optimis memasang targetnya di masa depan yakni semua kamar di Indonesia harus memakai produk Uniland.

“Setelah 13 tahun kami bangun, agen-agen kami sudah cukup tersebar di Indonesia, dan harapan kami untuk tahun-tahun mendatang bahwa semua keluarga di Indonesia di kamarnya itu harus memakai spring bed Uniland,” ungkapnya, ketika memberikan presentasi dalam acara penghargaan Indonesia Original Brand (IOB) 2013 Majalah Swa, beberapa waktu lalu.

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Day 271 : new job new hope new acting new partner new place new story and new us 👭👫🙇🌹 Happy wedding kak dian & bang teguh #finaslife with Ikhwan, Fandra, Atika, and Gustrigiani at Uniland Plaza ( Ball Room) – View on Path.

New 12-Story Hotel/Office Proposed for Chippewa & Delaware

Uniland has proposed demolishing the current two-story building at the northwest corner of Chippewa & Delaware for an $80 million V-shaped 12-story glass hotel/office building. The first floor would be a mix of a hotel and office lobby as well as retail space and parking. A 120 room hotel will occupy the second through fifth floor while Class A Office space will take the top six floors. The building would incorporate a LEED-silver-certified sustainable design with a solar roof under consideration. Uniland is a major developer within the city recently reinventing the bland Dulski Federal Building as the beautiful Avant Building.

‘UniLand’ Research : Annual UK student spend forecast to be close to the £20bn mark by 2017

Return of ‘UniLand’ set to boost town centre economies Student spending power has increased by over £655m in the last 10 years Annual UK student spend forecast to be close to the £20bn mark by 2017 London, 25 September 2014 – As millions of students…

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