unicornsandsodomy asked:

How did you celebrate Christmas back at home?

     ”Wasn’t always a whole lot a celebratin’ goin’ on. If we were lucky, things’d be nice an’ quiet. We’d have a tree usually, when we was younger, at least. Ain’t like we could really afford t’git each other nothin’— Daryl ‘n I used t’try fer each other, I guess. Mama’d leave on Christmas music ‘til Pa got annoyed wit’ it an’ told ‘er t’turn it off. She’d make a big dinner; ‘r at least as big she could manage, dependin’ on what we had at th’ time. Our kitchen was usually pretty sparse, holidays didn’ make no difference. 

     At night, though, Mama liked t’make ‘a point ‘a makin’ drinks— usually cocoa fer me an’ Daryl, eggnog ‘r something fer her an’ Pa, an’ if it was snowin’ we’d jus’ sit by th’ window an’ watch it. Ain’t like it actually happened a whole lot’a times, but it was nice when it did.”

unicornsandsodomy asked:

If you could give one of the survivors a slow, painful death, who would it be?

Guess I got few choice ones, but if we’re talkin’ all survivors, I’d have’ta say the Governor. Puttin’ my brother through hell, terrorizin’ innocent people. Guy’s fucked up. He’s got a problem wit’ one of ‘em, so he wants ta kill ‘em all. An’ puttin’ me in the fuckin’ arena with Daryl like that? Fuck ‘im. He’s gonna rot in Hell. 

unicornsandsodomy asked:

If you had to choose between starting your own bridesdresses salon, or getting 5 children and having to raise them by yourself... what would you pick and why?

     “M’assumin’ that stickin’ a gun in my mouth ain’t an option here?
               — Gimme th’kids. Rather deal with little one’s rather’n a bunch ‘a
               whiny, demandin’ bitches all th’time.”