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1. What is your favorite color?

black and dark blue and also dark purple, well dark colors in general

2. If you could meet anyone in the world (living or dead) who would it be and why?

Alan Turing or Stephen Hawking, because these two are awesome people that found great stuff in science even though they’ve been through hard things. 

3. What is your favorite number?


4. What is your favorite emoji?

i like the poodle one and the molester moon and the ghost, but I’m on my computer i dont have them here

5. What is your favorite book/poetry/etcetera?

I don’t like poetry (I just don’t get it :/), but I have always loved the Percy Jackson series and pretty much all the books with mythology by Rick Riordan because he’s amazing. And John Green writes really well, the stories aren’t really my type but yeah the writing is really good.

6. If you could have any pet (living or extinct) what would it be?

I would have a bear, but it’d probably kill me somehow so maybe a wolf or something like a tiger, that seems pretty cool.

7. What is your favorite song?

(I basically change every week, but anyways) It would be Snap Out Of It or Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High both by Arctic Monkeys.

8. What is the weirdest food you have ever had (squid, shark, etcetera)?

I actually had snails for the first time a few days ago, the smells is nice, but the texture is weird.

9. Have you ever been to a concert or event (playlist live, comicon, warped tour, etcetera)?

Montreal Comiccon, Montreal Mini Comiccon too, except that I’ve been to some music festivals and ballet shows when I was younger.

10. How many followers do you have?


11. Have you ever met a celebrity?

Hum I’ve been a few meters away from Stephen Amell and Osric Chau, but they were giving autographs and I’m too poor for that.


My Questions:

1. For how long have you been on Tumblr?

2. Do you have any pets?

3. What is your time zone?

4. What is your favourite song?

5. Are you an artist of any kind (graphic, singing, dancing, acting, etc etc)?

6. How many followers do you have?

7. Star Wars or Star Trek?

8. What is the weirdest thing you have in your room?

9. How do you write grey/gray?

10. Do you have a plant?

11. Marvel or DC?


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