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Just wondering what sort of ink pens you use? I have three different sets and haven't found a brand that suits my style yet.

  These are the main pens I use (all the links go to jetpens , since that’s what I pretty much always use to buy pens)

this is the Zebra Brush Pen - I don’t use this one a lot anymore but it used to be all I used.

Uniball Signo - I looove this one, it’s real smooth.

Pilot g-tec-c3/c4 - this is my main pen, most of my sketchbook has been done with either the C3 or C4 c:

Pilot Parallel Pen - I spelt it wrong in the picture I’m dumb. I havent used this one a lot since the paper in my sketchbook isn’t too great with it, but its really fun.

I’ve also bought these in the past and really liked them

Pilot Pocket Brush Pen

Kuretake Pocket Brush Pen

Tombow Brush Pen

Pentel Brush Pen

Platinum Japanese Art Pocket Brush Pen (I was so sad when I broke with one, I want to get a new one soon)

I used to use a lot of brush pens haha. Now I lean more towards rollerball c:

2/26/15, today’s a snowday, so getting ahead in NSL notes and getting ready to revise for Chem.

The notebook I’m writing in is a Miquelrius and they’re really nice because you can customize your journal if you order from their website. They have really good quality paper and there’s an option to have your notebook filled with graphing paper too. But I just picked this up at Target. ^^” 

Final #Inktober.
And that’s a wrap! (For both Inktober AND my brown-paper sketchbook)

Figured I’d go for a #Halloween theme, considering what day it is.
Of course there’ll be no time to partake in any festivities due to the apartment moving that will take place during the day (and probably throughout the night)

It’s been a fun times.
Here’s to more ink pieces to come!
#uniball #signo for white
#Pentel #pocketBrush for black
#copic for the rest.

#Witch #broom

As technology pushes us towards a paperless world, the pen has become somewhat of an endangered species. For many, it’s still an invaluable tool, and one that’s worthwhile to carry. If you’ve ever had to borrow a pen and are considering adding one to your daily kit, we’ve got you covered in this installment of Carry Smarter. After consulting with fellow EDCer friends and resident pen experts, Ed Jelley and the Pen Addict himself, Brad Dowdy, we present our top ten pens that are truly mightier than the sword.

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Mountain giant enjoying a lovely stroll through the canyons. His massive shoulders provide a safe home for the various flying creatures of the area.

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