Louis warming up - April 19, 2015.

Why Harry being ghost a good thing

This is the google trends of the last 90 days. As you can see, Harry is still being heavily searched, way more than the others, even when nothing interesting happens with One Direction. There were only 3 times in the last 90 days where another member (Louis) was as popular as Harry. The first peak is on February 15th, the day of that vine where people thought Louis said he was gay. The second peak is on March 22th, the day of the Elounor break up. The third peak is on March 31st, about the Naughty Boy drama.

IDK if Harry being ghost and OT3 fan service is meant to do that or if it’s something else but they really need to raise the profile of the other boys. No one knows who they are, to 99% of people, One Direction is Harry Styles. And Harry also really needs a break.


Meeting Louis at Doncaster Rovers Game - 19/04/15