Sunday 26/4 - 11:09

My desk is a mess right now, I’ve been studying since 8:30 this morning haha. I only have four weeks left of school which means only four weeks left to study 💃 Right now I have to finish this essay about China (politics, ecology etc.) Happy Sunday!


Studying for my finals of Means of payment Law tomorrow. Stress is eating me up. I  have problems in dealing with examinations’ stress. 

But the thing is, time will pass anyway and stress will remain, even if you do not do anything and just procrastinate. So one should at least study and not give up.

Good luck, fellow students.

Oh also friendly psa: don’t take a break from school work by going on Tumblr until you start-up your work again. Aside from running the chance of getting lost in space and time and refreshing your dash in a state of internalised silent panic until your eyes burn out of your skull at 4am, you will also find that your eyes and body won’t get a break from the work - just your brain. To take a proper break which will rejuvenate you for more work, which is the purpose of a break, you gotta get up off the computer and go rest your eyes away from a screen. 

Here’s some-things you can do:

  • make a drink 
  • bounce a ball (really great for relieving tension)
  • stretch
  • eat something (no refined sugars and fat, that will slow your brain down)
  • jog (on the spot for a timed minute is enough)
  • draw some faces
  • brainstorm an idea for something fun - on paper! 
  • http://www.donothingfor2minutes.com/ (eyes closed, lie down if you can)
  • take a 15 minute nap (ONLY FOR DISCIPLINED TYPES)

Remember that the longer you drain your brain the slower it works, your productivity levels decrease and you get angry; a good model for time management is to break up an hour and a half study time into blocks: 

20 mins work
5 mins break
20 mins work
5 mins break
20 mins work
20 mins break

Try it! You will get better work done in three slabs of 1.5 hours than you will in one night of back breaking, brain draining marathon studying. Plus, you won’t be so frustrated, annoyed and tired after; sustainable studying is essential for getting through study in one piece. 

anonymous asked:

hello! i'm in a class with a really horrible teacher who constantly puts everyone down. in my case, i try to do well in his class, but he's practically ignoring my efforts and rubbing in every little mistake i make. whenever i ask something like 'should i include the units for this?' because some questions auto-grade, he says, 'idk, should you?' and makes me feel stupid. if i have computer issues, he'll blame it on me when it's not my fault. to make things worse, he favors the students (cont)

who don’t do well at all or even try. it’s really stressing me out because the teacher makes a really big difference in the learning experience and this teacher.. he just makes me not want to learn or try hard. and recently, it’s been like that. i find my motivation to do anything for that class going down the drain whenever i think about it. what should i do?

Bad teachers are a dangerous thing. They can really suck the life out of a class and at worst, completely deter you from studying or even caring about studying. It sounds like you’ve been stuck with a bit of an asshole. The best thing to do is to ignore him and try to do your best in the class - and I know this is easier said than done, but it’s really the best option. 

Here are some links to try and help you out:

Good luck! <3


Currently looking up some awesome Tasmanian Tiger pictures to have as a tattoo.  I already know I want it on the outside of my right arm as I’ll be saving other ideas for my left pec and left sleeve.

 I don’t know how this sudden passion for the Tigers came about, but I just feel such a connection with them in the last 6 months.

Anyhow if anyone has cool tatts of the Tassie Tiger or really cool pictures, reply, submit or message me :)


Fly, fly my dear


-poem at bottom

So this week I decided to change the career path I have dreamed of since I was two years old. It was scary and kind of embarrassing as I didn’t know what else I wanted to do I just knew that wasn’t it, so I started my week looking at university courses in subjects I am interested in, quickly learning there are loads of courses but minimal jobs… Awesome.

So still undecided I attended my sixth forms, UCAS evening where they discussed uni life, how to apply and breifly the ucas system. Here I reached the conclusion I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, and that scared the hell of me. I’m 17 why do I need to know my life plan.

But then one speaker said something that I really liked he said

Most people have an idea of what their future looks like, mostly lots of money and travelling. So they pick careers they think will pay a lot to help them achieve this, however most of the time you either end up hating the job or it doesn’t give you the time you wanted.
So he said plan your job around your future not your future around your job.

This actually impressed me and I liked the idea, having a good paying job possibly won’t make you the happiest person in the world, if it’s not something you enjoy.

I believe that, Life is the longest thing we will ever be do, so we need to make it interesting and fun for ourselfs. We work until we are in our 60’s often for around 40 years! Why would we waste 40 years of our lifes in a job you hate saying but when I retire it’ll be better.

In my new and improved philosophy I say if you like it, do it. If you want it, get it. If it makes you happy, hold onto it.

We need to start thinking about what we want and what we enjoy not what will be the best looking or the safe route to take.

Our life’s are way too long and our childhood is way too short, so we need to make mistakes while we still can, and do the crazy risk taking things now.

Because when your 60 and decide you can finally take the time to travel, I doubt it will be as fun or that you will have as much freedom, at the very least you will need to wee all the time so might miss the interesting the part.

So live while you can, and in the long run I doubt what university course you did or didn’t take will make a difference. So just follow your dream, and don’t care if someone tells you that it’s not good enough.

You wanted a life

A life full of promise

Full of minutes and hours

Made of endless days

You wanted to travel

To see the moon on every continent

You wanted to fly across oceans and houses

To sore in the sky

Like a colourful bird

You wanted to smile

To hug cry and laugh

You wanted to love

With your love returned

You wanted to live

But you were too scared of life

So instead you sat still

The calm through the storm

You played your life safe

Until no risk was left

And now your still scared

But too empty to care

Life is too long, so fly

Fly my dear

Don’t dwell on it. Accept it, learn from it, and move forward.
—  Yeah, today was not a great day. But I’ve learnt to take time to reflect why it wasn’t a good day, because not everyday is going to be a good day, and not everyday is going to be a bad one either.