First of all, I am no expert on anatomy so I might have just uploaded bullshit right now. But anyway…

When I first started drawing anthropomorphic characters I experimented with the three middle ones until finally settling with B. For some reason I couldn’t put an animal foot on a human leg so I just went with putting animal toes on human legs XD I never could get C and D to look right when first starting out so today I did some lazy research and made this little diagram. All mammals basically have the same leg bones, the only real difference is proportion and what part they typically stand/walk on.

Some differences between plantigrades, digitigrades and unguligrades(not shown). Plantigrades(humans, bears, kangaroos) walk with their foot and heel(soles) touching the ground. Digitigrades(canines, felines, birds) walk on their toes with their heels permanently raised. Unguligrades(horses, deer, tapirs) walk on their nail(s) with their wrists and heels permanently raised.

 ~ 2012

Image © Vulxrenia aka Fauwcks

Okay, well, I tried. And I learned a whole bunch about layering, and how to handle things in Photoshop!

So, that’s a success, I suppose.

So here is Daisy, with a machete, because Daisy is a badass and no-one steps to them.

I have no idea what’s going on with the outfit, there was a sparkly pink shirt underneath the bandeau but…no. In short, Daisy wears whatever the fuck it strikes them to wear, the end.