This GIF Challenge was made/created by http://teainthewind.tumblr.com/ and http://soihearduliekhounds.tumblr.com/

Use every 8th gif

Your reaction when Hans Landa registers your house looking for jews


You before join The Basterds

Your reaction when The Basterds ask you to join them

You watching the Jew Bear batting nazis

You cutting scalps


Your reaction when you’re noticed that your cinema will be full of nazis

You eating strudel with cream with Hans Landa



When you decided to burn down your cinema (full of nazis)

Your reaction when you’re noticed that you are going to fight like a girl in a basement


You when you see that the basement is full of drunk nazis

You playing “Who Am I”

The moment when you notice that you were Justin Bieber

You ordering three whiskies (non german style)

You being discovered (and having a gun pointing to your balls)

You during the gunfire

Destiny… :’D

You making the film ONLY for Nazis

You going to the premiere (in the german night)

You speaking badly italian 

Your face when you notice that Hans Landa speaks italian better than you

mmmm… what an accent ºwº

You watching the movie 

You burning down the cinema

You playing Bingo >:D with the colonel Hans Landa

You making ”art” in Hans Landa’s forehead


Sorry for the bad english.

We are spanish

and stupid :D

and we play bingo :U

Fiction: Undoing by Kim Magowan

Originally posted on JMWW:

Reasons to do it:

To get you out of my system. Because the reality of you can never match the fantasy– no matter how great you are, how skillful, how tender your touch, how inventive your sweet talk. So possessing you will take away your power. That’s why I need to see your body: naked, real, unglorious. So I won’t want it. Cure by poison.

Or, carpe diem, et cetera.…

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