I feel absolutely sick to my bones hearing about the 20 children killed in Connecticut

imagine the parents coming home tonight to a decorated house where the gifts under the tree no longer has a receiver

those toys they’d seen once in the store and talked about endlessly ever since

parents having looked forward to their child’s expression as they open them

but those surprised and smiling faces will never again grace their parents lives

instead they are forced to either tear the wrappings off and and stagger back to the store to return them or give them for someone luckier to play with because their children are no longer children

the end of the world came early for these people

"I hate to be that person but.. since there are tons of unfilled books and we know pages can be changed/torn out/rewritten… is it possible that in this life where Regina DIDN’T go into the pub.. that her soul mate is now someone else? Or that she could have True Love with someone else?"

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What happens when you send German correspondant Flula Borg to interview the cast of Scary Movie IV? Something slightly more terrifying than the actual movie. 

A Birthday Surprising

By: Sassa-Who (amazing angel writer!)
For: Waittillmyhusbandgetshome
Prompt/ Summary: Matt is supposed to be helping set up Alex’s birthday party but no one can find him. And when they try finding Alex, they can’t find her either.
Notes:  The request was for ‘something that isn’t like a typical mattex.’ Once I’d had the idea I couldn’t get it beyond a rather fluffy tone, so I hope its ok, honey.

WORDS: 3500 approx

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KagaKuro, AoKise; First Names

PROMPT: Kagami and Kise get really jealous of Aomine calling Kuroko Tetsu. So Kagami and Kise make up a plan where they both call each other by their first names just to make their lovers jealous and see how it is from their perspective. It’d be nice if Kuroko becomes just as jealous, bothered, and possessive as Aomine throughout it. 


I would be lying if I said that I don’t think about you.
Because baby,
I’m a lover, not a fighter.
But the space in my bed that you leave unfilled makes me want to drink like the nights at the club,
And strangle the foggy memory of a crowded dance floor with your body pressed against me.

You said that Fall would bring you back to me,
But I am still patiently waiting for a moment where you are within reach.
And I want to trace my fingertips on your skin and write everything I have always wanted to say to you,
Like “I love you, you idiot. Take a chance on me.”

—  Things I can never say to you - Bri Stone

Rose is confirmed to be playable. Not only that, but she has the ability to use Kamui. (The fusion pictured is with Mikleo.)

The four new characters on the scan are members of the guild called The Wings of Sekirei (lit: it’s the Wagtail’s Feathers, The Wings of Wagtail, etc.)

From left to right they are: An Tolme* (CV: Yuuki Kaji), An Phill* (CV: Ami Koshimuzu, Aiguille (CV: Yasunori Masutani), and Roche (CV: Mitsuru Miyamoto)

*An Tolme could possibly be named after a french dessert, Entremets. The same is a possibility with An Phill but I’m not getting any results with her kana aside from “Unfil”.

Baseball AU

After the death of his best friend, Sunggyu can’t help but be surprised when engineering major and freshman Kim Myungsoo becomes Seoul U’s new pitcher. Forced to take the younger male under his wing so that the two of them can create a battery, Sunggyu finds himself a little wary to do such a thing, especially when not only is Myungsoo taking his friend’s spot, but has literally taken the spot away from a few other non-freshmen players that could have easily played the position instead. Starting off to a not so good start, especially since Sunggyu is prone to constantly snapping/being snarky with the kid, not really caring about the guy, Myungsoo can’t help but feel alienated from the team.

But not wanting to give up, especially since it’s his dream to play college baseball, Myungsoo does his best to take everything in stride and possibly get Sunggyu to like him as a friend later on. Except, Sunggyu doesn’t really want him as a friend, but when things gets a little too crazy at one of their after parties, the two get more than a little drunk and end up finding themselves a room. The next morning, Sunggyu doesn’t expect to find himself naked and next to his pitcher, who happens to not only be covered with hickies, but has a smattering of finger-shaped bruises that are etched along his hips. Sunggyu can only do the one thing he can: flee.

Note: Sunggyu is Seoul U’s catcher. 

Any larger male/Kise

KINK: Size kink, possessiveness, wearing your lover’s clothes
PROMPT: Wearing your lover’s clothes. Kise’s lover has at least a couple inches on him and loves that about their relationship. The bigger guy likes to demonstrate this through various ways - pressing up against him in the subway, sitting with Kise in his lap, pinning his entire body down when he fucks him. One day Kise wears his lover’s shirt, which is big enough on him that it falls to mid-thigh, turning his lover on immensely. This eventually results in messy, possessive sex with Kise still wearing the shirt - bonus points if Kise has to hold the shirt up with his teeth at one point, so his lover can watch his cock sink into Kise’s ass.

Can be filled with literally any guy (Haizaki, Muraskibara, Kuroko after a growth spurt, etc.) just so long as Kise is smaller than them.

anonymous asked:

How do I get my floor don to stop filling my room with U by Kotex products?

You can’t. Because Floor Dons are only able to be sanctioned by other Floor Dons or by the Dean of Students.

With the Dean of Students position being unfilled expect by the iterium-Dean with limited powers, that route is not suggested.

And the Floor Dons unanimously use/support U by Kotex.

Plus  U by Kotex rocks.

The Kids Aren’t Alright lyrics (I couldn’t quite figure out some of them)

Stuck in the jet wash

Bad trip I couldn’t get off

And maybe I bit off more than I could chew

Ahead of the aqua blue

Fell to your knees

Bring on the rapture

Blessed be the boy time can’t capture

Unfilled more between the sheets

I always walk from your window

Through the pitch black streets

With the black flag

It’s raised up as crooked smiles fade

For the heroes who quit too late

Who just want to fill up the trophy case again

And in the end, I’d do it all again

I think you’re my best friend

Don’t you know that the kids aren’t all kids aren’t alright

-insert lyrics I don’t know here-

Don’t you know that the kids aren’t all kids aren’t alright

I’m not passive, but aggressive

Take note, it’s not impressive

Empty your sadness like you’re dumping your purse on my bedroom floor

Put your curse in reverse

And it’s our time now if you want it to be

My world like the carnival, they’re set free

And your love is anemic and I can’t believe it

That you couldn’t see it coming for me

And now I still feel that rush in my veins

Twists my head just a bit to think that

All those people I’ve seen in those old photographs are dead.

And in the end, I’d do it all again

I think you’re my best friend

Don’t you know that the kids aren’t all kids aren’t alright

-insert lyrics I don’t know here-

Don’t you know that the kids aren’t all kids aren’t alright

Oh and sometimes I just wanna sit around and (???) at my shoes


Let your (dirty?) sadness fill me up just like a balloon

And in the end, I’d do it all again

I think you’re my best friend

Don’t you know that the kids aren’t all kids aren’t alright

-insert lyrics I don’t know here-

Don’t you know that the kids aren’t all kids aren’t alright