I feel absolutely sick to my bones hearing about the 20 children killed in Connecticut

imagine the parents coming home tonight to a decorated house where the gifts under the tree no longer has a receiver

those toys they’d seen once in the store and talked about endlessly ever since

parents having looked forward to their child’s expression as they open them

but those surprised and smiling faces will never again grace their parents lives

instead they are forced to either tear the wrappings off and and stagger back to the store to return them or give them for someone luckier to play with because their children are no longer children

the end of the world came early for these people


chotronette vintage vixen collection (x)

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What happens when you send German correspondant Flula Borg to interview the cast of Scary Movie IV? Something slightly more terrifying than the actual movie. 

A Birthday Surprising

By: Sassa-Who (amazing angel writer!)
For: Waittillmyhusbandgetshome
Prompt/ Summary: Matt is supposed to be helping set up Alex’s birthday party but no one can find him. And when they try finding Alex, they can’t find her either.
Notes:  The request was for ‘something that isn’t like a typical mattex.’ Once I’d had the idea I couldn’t get it beyond a rather fluffy tone, so I hope its ok, honey.

WORDS: 3500 approx

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KagaKuro, AoKise; First Names

PROMPT: Kagami and Kise get really jealous of Aomine calling Kuroko Tetsu. So Kagami and Kise make up a plan where they both call each other by their first names just to make their lovers jealous and see how it is from their perspective. It’d be nice if Kuroko becomes just as jealous, bothered, and possessive as Aomine throughout it. 



SO MANY CONVENTIONS!  Dragon Con, Salt Lake City Comic Con, and Salt Lake City Grand Prix.  All back to back!

Also, the State of the Queue.

I’ve had a busy summer.  Very, very busy.  Busy like a bikini waxer with all werewolf clientele.  Ten shows just in the past few months.  A side effect of all that madness, the Queue has been a little neglected.  Were the queue a puppy, I would have no unfilled slippers.  I want to apologize for the wait, and assure everyone that I haven’t lost your cards or abandoned you.  I’m just a little behind.  …Okay, a lot behind.  But things are finally slowing down now, and I will be catching up.  You’ll all get your commissions, with interest.  Thanks for all your patience.  (Or if you don’t have any patience, thanks for faking it.)

Summer of Busy 2014 was a great success, however.  Got to meet a lot of you, had fun sketching, altering, and skirting the line of caffiene overdose.  Picked up some exciting new clients and projects (that I can’t tell you about until like, this time next year.)

And now it’s time to settle in a bit, and get back to all the things that have been on hold.  Hearthstone, Commander, I’ve been meaning to catch up on Adventure Time, I’m like three seasons behind.  Wait!  I mean, of course, the Queue, the website, Minion goodies and Ascension rewards.  Oh, and painting.  Sometimes I forget that’s what I’m supposed to be doing for a living.

Thank you all for your making my life amazing.

P.S. check out the captions on the photos for more about them.

i really don’t wanna judge people for the porn they read

but i have seen Things on the x-men first class kink meme


10479) My stomach is stretched from binging, so I have a pot belly all the time. I've got unfilled cavities that make it so I can only eat with one side of my mouth, but I keep gorging anyway. The inside of my mouth is torn up from overuse, I feel like I'm dying, but I can't stop. I'm finally really, truly scared and really, truly trapped.
Any larger male/Kise

KINK: Size kink, possessiveness, wearing your lover’s clothes
PROMPT: Wearing your lover’s clothes. Kise’s lover has at least a couple inches on him and loves that about their relationship. The bigger guy likes to demonstrate this through various ways - pressing up against him in the subway, sitting with Kise in his lap, pinning his entire body down when he fucks him. One day Kise wears his lover’s shirt, which is big enough on him that it falls to mid-thigh, turning his lover on immensely. This eventually results in messy, possessive sex with Kise still wearing the shirt - bonus points if Kise has to hold the shirt up with his teeth at one point, so his lover can watch his cock sink into Kise’s ass.

Can be filled with literally any guy (Haizaki, Muraskibara, Kuroko after a growth spurt, etc.) just so long as Kise is smaller than them.

Winter With the Machine

The machine and I sit staring,
silent, into winter’s grasp,
as the sheets are pulled over
potholes yet unfilled,
the sheets unstained by all
other viewers, and It is quiet,
“But why stare at
snowflakes?” asks
the machine.
“Just to watch,”
I answer.
It ponders still. Already the
cars are disappeared under the
winter revenge, under the bane
of nothern birds already fled.
It has not seen the birds.
Then it reaches out to touch
the flakes.

Drarry Meme 1

Harry had enough of Draco’s childish banter, when one day he snaps and cast a permanent silencing spell on Draco. due to the fact it was his fault it is now his problem to be Draco interpreter.

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anonymous said:

Tomix/Hero: one word, Touch. From what my brain is pumping out via headcanons Tomix, sans tangible hands, would be very much wanting to touch something or have someone touch him. Can also be tied into a happy sob ending after revival meeting.

Oh! So any Tomix/Hero fill based around ‘Touch.’ I can sense a lot of potential for happy fluffs to the deepest of heartwrenching despair pits. Alrighty, let’s see this one get filled!


{Unfilled} [Mako/Sou] Future fic

"Ten or more years in the future, Sousuke, who’s shoulder injury stopped him from competing at the college level and is now a personal trainer, accepts a job at the aquatic center of the city he just moved to, mainly training high school athletes with professional hopes one-on-one and being a life-guard when one’s needed.

He didn’t expect to run into Tachibana Makoto, kindergarten teacher and part time children’s swim instructor. He never thought he would see Tachibana outside of Iwatobi, and he certainly didn’t expect to see him without Nanase at least thirty-feet away.

And he never expected to start falling in love with him. Even if his presence reminds Sousuke of high school and his unfulfilled dreams.

Bonus for; Haru and Makoto still being friends, but no longer as close due to separate life paths (though past unrequited MakoHaru is lovely). Same with Rin and Sousuke (and past unrequited SouRin is just as lovely, past being keyword for both). Rin being a professional swimmer. Also neither being each other’s first boyfriend.”