Prompt: Remember that time when England carried France around on his back because they thought the world was ending? How does that complicate everyday activities? Anything about these two trying to do ordinary things while in this arrangement. Crack or fluff or both please. :) Pairings not necessary.

Bonus: France being a backseat driver.



torigates what were you saying about having a crowded inbox?

… guys. i am never going to be able to clean my inbox up when i get gems like this. how am i supposed to delete that, seriously???

eta: sarapod & i use that tag for a fic we are thinking about that is a Patrick Kane Character Study. nothing quite so exciting as patrick kane camel seller, unfortunately.

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In the beginning, there was love.

Well, if you want to be specific, in the beginning there was the Big Bang and stars exploding and galaxies expanding out into the universe, hydrogen and helium and — but we don’t care about that.

In the beginning, there was love. That’s the important part.


Geno’s life is — not great, would probably be the best way to put it. He drives a shitty taxicab and he lives in his shitty pod apartment and fends off calls from shitty people like Lieutenant General Alexander fucking Ovechkin. It’s not the most satisfying life he could lead, but it’s his, and so he muddles along and doesn’t hope for much better.

It turns out he didn’t need to hope, because much better falls from the top of the US Steel Tower straight into his taxicab.

"Hey," Geno says, even as he dodges some civilian that seriously needs to chill out, he is not that bad at left turns, "you okay?"

"Mmph," says the stranger currently wrapped up in bandages and looking dazed.

"You okay?" Geno repeats, dodging a fucking McDonald’s and seriously hoping all those police cars aren’t meant for him. "Fall very far, very fast. Anything broken?"

The stranger replies in a stream of gibberish. Geno chances another glance and finds that said stranger is a him, broad-shouldered and dark-haired and still looking like he just got high before deciding to take a thousand story plunge. 

"Great," Geno says, turning back towards his windshield and wincing at the sound of police sirens. "If I do stupid thing, you gonna be okay?"

There’s a long pause, and then the stranger says something totally incomprehensible.

Geno grins sharply and reaches for the definitely not standard-issue panel below his steering wheel. “Great.”


It turns out that Incredibly Handsome Cab Invader is actually some sort of important religious figure — if Geno’s understanding the flurry of French-Canadian accents on the other end of the line correctly, this guy is basically the second coming of Christ, but an alien. Alien Jesus.

"So you Messiah?" Geno asks, sitting down on his bed and staring at Alien Jesus, who looks placidly back before eating another burger.

Alien Jesus says something too quickly for Geno to understand, then laughs. He sounds like a goose that’s learned how to giggle, and it’s awful, and it has Geno smiling before he knows what he’s doing.

Alien Jesus grins right back, crinkled and crooked. It’s the most imperfect thing about him.

"Jesus doesn’t smile like that," Geno informs him in Russian. Alien Jesus beams back.


"You have name?" Geno asks, sticking to English for the sake of the assistant priest still hovering over his shoulder. It’s not like anything he’s said so far has gotten any hint of comprehension from Handsome Alien Jesus, no matter what language he’s speaking in. Sure, Father Dupuis said he’s a fast learner, but Geno thinks it’s fair of him to be critical of French Canadian priests who look a little wild around the eyes. Either way, whatever gets Assistant Priest Letang off his back will definitely help.

"Sidinai Krosbaria Forbei-Tchei Dei Kidai," says Alien Jesus.

Geno blinks at him.

"I’m call you Sid," he says finally, staring at Sid, in his stretched out t-shirt and with his hair curling just a little.

Sid grins at him. “Sid,” he repeats happily, and then he laughs again, that giggle crossed with a goose honk that does something terrible to Geno’s insides.

Geno might have to admit that, well — if the aliens Father Dupuis were talking about were trying for the perfect being, they didn’t get much wrong with Sid.

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i have a sudden craving for a fic where jean is a breakdancer or hiphop kinda person or something, do you know if there are any AU-fics like that?

Dancing au’s are hard to come by so I couldn’t find anything for this… - Mod J


chotronette vintage vixen collection (x)

KagaKuro, AoKise; First Names

PROMPT: Kagami and Kise get really jealous of Aomine calling Kuroko Tetsu. So Kagami and Kise make up a plan where they both call each other by their first names just to make their lovers jealous and see how it is from their perspective. It’d be nice if Kuroko becomes just as jealous, bothered, and possessive as Aomine throughout it. 


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What happens when you send German correspondant Flula Borg to interview the cast of Scary Movie IV? Something slightly more terrifying than the actual movie. 

A Birthday Surprising

By: Sassa-Who (amazing angel writer!)
For: Waittillmyhusbandgetshome
Prompt/ Summary: Matt is supposed to be helping set up Alex’s birthday party but no one can find him. And when they try finding Alex, they can’t find her either.
Notes:  The request was for ‘something that isn’t like a typical mattex.’ Once I’d had the idea I couldn’t get it beyond a rather fluffy tone, so I hope its ok, honey.

WORDS: 3500 approx

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Prompt: America and Russia getting into arguments in the middle of a world meeting is a pretty standard affair that usually just involve a lot of snarking and general nastiness that doesn’t amount to much…until one day they’re fighting like usual and America manages to say something so mean and hurtful (maybe he brings up the Romanovs or something else Russia’s sensitive about) that he makes Russia cry (and I mean really cry, not just a little manly sniffle), right in the middle of the meeting, in front of everyone. America feels surprisingly guilty about hurting his ‘enemy’ so much and tries to get in touch with Russia to apologize afterward, but Russia’s still upset about what happened and avoiding the others out of embarrassment at his meltdown, so it’s easier said than done…

Bonus: No other country criticizes America or pushes him to make up with Russia. He feels guilty and acts on his own.
Bonus 2: Fluffy/happy ending?



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any au's where Jean Marco or both fence? I saw a few pictures of a fencing au and I wasn't sure if there was a fic to go along with it .

Sorry, the only thing I could find was Kyojin University but they’re only a side pairing in it. If anyone knows any fencing au’s, please let us know and we’ll add it here ^^ 

- Mod J

Freshly polished nails? Check. The characterizing choker? Check. The mesmerizing yet hard to approach glance from the side? It was all there.

Manicured fingers wrapped around a tall glass of alcohol, a small sip being taken as she reveled in the early night silence of the bar. How long had it been since she took off? Months probably. The final straw had been the father of the rising star raising his hand to her upon hearing of her plans to attend a musical university. He didn’t understand- No. He’d never understand.

So she’d ran. Taken her most important belongings and simply left. It’d been a struggle at first, her feelings in turmoil to the point of closing everyone out. Needless to say, she’d never attended the university.

She’d chosen to use her remaining wealth on having fun. Toying people around. But somehow she was never satisfied. There was a void deep in her chest, completely unfilled.

With the melting ice in the glass slipping and making an echo of a clink, violet eyes lazily glanced over to the entrance once more. This was.. Boring. There was no other word for it.

Pushing a palm on the bar she stood from the stool, free hand producing a bill from her purse and sliding it across before making her exit into the sharp air of the night.

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Hey Alex, when I go through the prompts blog I see a lot of amazing prompts unfilled,that's ok, sad but ok. so I was wondering which are your top 10 fave unfilled prompts ? oh and by the way I love you and i check your blogs more than i should hahaha

haha aww you’re sweet, thank you! and ooh this is a good question

ok let me see. I started off with 26 and I had to cut it down. I’m doing 15 cause I couldn’t choose agh

  1. Season 2 finale AU: No Demming, No Gina. Beckett accepts his invitation to the Hamptons, and they do all the fun stuff that Castle talked about; fireworks, campfire etc. Friendship progressing to romance
  2. AU where Kate is a burn victim, and Castle works in the burn unit
  3. pre-caskett: a case leads castle and beckett into the woods. castle has heard stories about people gone missing in this particular forrest so he decides to take a survival backpack with him before they go to follow the leads. of cause kate doesn’t take him seriously but after a while she has to admit that they got lost. as the night falls and the temperature decreases she secretly thanks castle for bringing his stuff - but he’s got only a one-man tent and one sleeping back for both of them^^
  4. What if rick was a surgeon and saves kate from a bullet? (as if they’ve never met and he’s the one that saved her in 4x01)
  5. Kate is Alexis’ paediatrician
  6. Castle is the fun “cool” English teacher all the students love. Beckett, in contrast, is a strict teacher. But all the kids ship them together. (Maybe, middle school or high schoolers)
  7. Kate is a lifeguard and saves a young Alexis.
  8. AU. Young Alexis wants to try out for ballet, and when signing up find out Beckett is her ballet teacher.
  9. Pre-Caskett // They go to the museum together :3
  10. 3x06 AU. Beckett calls Castle during the time Tyson has him instead of Martha
  11. AU meeting. Because of an hotel’s mistake, they are both assigned the same room.
  12. AU based on 3x08. Beckett was Alexis’ soccer coach.
  13. 1x07. Castle teaches Beckett how to fence.
  14. Pre-Caskett. Castle and Beckett survive a plane crash and end up stranded on an island. Bonus if the plane is Oceanic Flight 815 and they end up on the Island from LOST.
  15. Beckett is the CIA agent Castle has been following for research. (instead of Sophia Turner)