Sugar and spice
And try to be nice,
A head full of curls
That never sit right,
Blacks and blues
from things amiss,
An upturned perspective
and lips longing to kiss,
Undeveloped depth
Unfilled prescriptions for pay
A sparse stray hair sprouting
From a dry cracked ankle,
A cackle and a crumble
and an offbeat sense
Of humor,
Plus a handful of things
I forgot to remember.


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anonymous asked:

i have a sudden craving for a fic where jean is a breakdancer or hiphop kinda person or something, do you know if there are any AU-fics like that?

Dancing au’s are hard to come by so I couldn’t find anything for this… - Mod J

anonymous asked:

Hi :) I was hoping you could help me find a fic that had Jean and Marco meet in like a walmart or something and Marco is new to the small town and then they go and make out in Jean's truck and Marco get a call from his dad, and Jean and Marco make out and just enjoy each others company *maybe get more action than just making out?* the rest of the night. (Hahaha yeah I'm sorry this isn't much information......)

This has been sitting in our inbox for a while now and we still haven’t been able to find it. If anyone knows, feel free to add it to this post, reply or send us an ask about it! - Mod J

Don’t Tow Me Away by carrycmoney

Summary: Marco loses his virginity in a Chevy, and Jean’s pants are so tight you can see his religion. Inspired by “It’s Too Late Now” by Jo Dee Messina.

Thank you silly808! - Mod J

KagaKuro, AoKise; First Names

PROMPT: Kagami and Kise get really jealous of Aomine calling Kuroko Tetsu. So Kagami and Kise make up a plan where they both call each other by their first names just to make their lovers jealous and see how it is from their perspective. It’d be nice if Kuroko becomes just as jealous, bothered, and possessive as Aomine throughout it. 


Watch on metacafe.tumblr.com

What happens when you send German correspondant Flula Borg to interview the cast of Scary Movie IV? Something slightly more terrifying than the actual movie. 

A Birthday Surprising

By: Sassa-Who (amazing angel writer!)
For: Waittillmyhusbandgetshome
Prompt/ Summary: Matt is supposed to be helping set up Alex’s birthday party but no one can find him. And when they try finding Alex, they can’t find her either.
Notes:  The request was for ‘something that isn’t like a typical mattex.’ Once I’d had the idea I couldn’t get it beyond a rather fluffy tone, so I hope its ok, honey.

WORDS: 3500 approx

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Italy is running out of pizza makers

GENOA, Italy — There are few things more quintessentially Italian than pizza. Yet the country that introduced it to the world is having a hard time finding enough Italians who want to make it. Restaurants are short about 6,000 pizza makers. Almost half of young Italians are unemployed, but few want to make pizzas for a living.

Pizza-making is not the only job to have lost appeal among young Italians. Italy also lacks carpenters, nurses, electricians and even its famous tailors. Some 150,000 of these manual jobs remain unfilled. One problem, economists say, is that schools aren’t preparing students for this kind of work. But another is cultural: these jobs have lost their prestige.

GlobaPost explores. Watch.

anonymous asked:

im desperately looking for this fic where jean, armin and eren go out to a club and jean and eren have a bet that (supposedly straight) jean can get a guy to kiss him before the night is over. eren invites marco who ends up being the guy jean kisses and jean keeps doing it even after the bet is won.

These have been sitting in our inbox for a long time now and we still haven’t been able to find it. If anyone knows, feel free to add it to this post, reply or send us an ask about it! - Mod J

anonymous asked:

The Hero from a post-apocalyptic version of Lore travels to the past to warn their past selves and the NPC of your choice about the upcoming events... while butt-naked and covered in whipped cream. I just want to see their reactions, mostly. Pwetty pwease?

I had to read this twice to make sure I wasn’t reading two separate asks by mistake. This is definitely one of the more interesting prompts we’ve ev er gotten. :D


Prompt: Spain teaching little America and little Mexico (and any other colonies) to speak Spanish.

Bonus: He gets flustered when they start making up their own dialects.

SUPER BONUS: If one of them is a brat who doesn’t want to learn at all and Spain is all stern!papi who doesn’t even listen if you don’t say it in Spanish, TOTALLY DEAF.




I really like making lists okay 


Jupiter/Balem, sleeping beauty

Balem + or / Jupiter - Spanking

Jupiter/Balem pegging

Balem/Jupiter, au Balem survives

Julem, overstimulation + femdom + fluff?

Balem/Jupiter, they end up doing it in the throne room


Jupiter + or / Balem, torture and execution threats

Jupiter/Balem: contactless orgasm, dubcon, and lots of D/S overtones

Seraphi/Balem, Jupiter/Balem, erotic asphyxiation