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i have a sudden craving for a fic where jean is a breakdancer or hiphop kinda person or something, do you know if there are any AU-fics like that?

Dancing au’s are hard to come by so I couldn’t find anything for this… - Mod J

KagaKuro, AoKise; First Names

PROMPT: Kagami and Kise get really jealous of Aomine calling Kuroko Tetsu. So Kagami and Kise make up a plan where they both call each other by their first names just to make their lovers jealous and see how it is from their perspective. It’d be nice if Kuroko becomes just as jealous, bothered, and possessive as Aomine throughout it. 


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What happens when you send German correspondant Flula Borg to interview the cast of Scary Movie IV? Something slightly more terrifying than the actual movie. 

A Birthday Surprising

By: Sassa-Who (amazing angel writer!)
For: Waittillmyhusbandgetshome
Prompt/ Summary: Matt is supposed to be helping set up Alex’s birthday party but no one can find him. And when they try finding Alex, they can’t find her either.
Notes:  The request was for ‘something that isn’t like a typical mattex.’ Once I’d had the idea I couldn’t get it beyond a rather fluffy tone, so I hope its ok, honey.

WORDS: 3500 approx

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Prompt: Spain teaching little America and little Mexico (and any other colonies) to speak Spanish.

Bonus: He gets flustered when they start making up their own dialects.

SUPER BONUS: If one of them is a brat who doesn’t want to learn at all and Spain is all stern!papi who doesn’t even listen if you don’t say it in Spanish, TOTALLY DEAF.



{Unfilled} [Mako/Rin/Haru] Fem double penetration

“I want one of the three to be a fem!version (I don’t care which one) who then gets double penetrated (ass and pussy). that’s it I think…. :D

(of course bonus points if the fem one gets eaten out but hey the dp is my main request)“

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The Hero from a post-apocalyptic version of Lore travels to the past to warn their past selves and the NPC of your choice about the upcoming events... while butt-naked and covered in whipped cream. I just want to see their reactions, mostly. Pwetty pwease?

I had to read this twice to make sure I wasn’t reading two separate asks by mistake. This is definitely one of the more interesting prompts we’ve ev er gotten. :D



I really like making lists okay 


Jupiter/Balem, sleeping beauty

Balem + or / Jupiter - Spanking

Jupiter/Balem pegging

Balem/Jupiter, au Balem survives

Julem, overstimulation + femdom + fluff?

Balem/Jupiter, they end up doing it in the throne room


Jupiter + or / Balem, torture and execution threats

Jupiter/Balem: contactless orgasm, dubcon, and lots of D/S overtones

Seraphi/Balem, Jupiter/Balem, erotic asphyxiation

{Unfilled} [Haru/Nito] Breath Play, TW: Dub-con (at first)

“Nitori never liked the way Haruka seemed to monopolize Rin’s thoughts, one day in search of Rin, Nitori bumps into Haruka instead and issues a challenge for Rin’s affections.

Nitori doesn’t know it but the lion Haruka keeps under wraps, under the guise of aloofness and disinterest is threatening to claw it’s way to the surface…and what is wants is a piece(s) of Nitori.

+ Nitori masturbating while trying to convince himself he hates Haruka
+ Since I love Breath Play I would like to see it used during Haruka and Nitori’s first sexual encounter, by a very aggressive Haruka
+ Virginal Nitori
+ Rin noticing something is up because he doesn’t have Nitori shadowing him as much.

But most of all I really just want Haruka fucking Nitori really hard because Rin is too stupid.”

my OTP

Sooo, I love Omelia, Owelia, Amen (whatever) so much. In my opinion they are going to have a great relationship. I’ve secretly ship them since day 1, when Owen chose to trust Amelia instead of her stupid brother. He trusted her and wanted to get to know her. Yes, their relationship has escalated exponentially, but in my opinion, when its right its right, and they both need each other in order to develop personally and discover parts of them that they didn’t know they existed.

Yes, I shipped Crowen, but at the end it became sex with just some feelings. For me it was a toxic relationship that it’s growth would have damaged both of the characters as they aspire completely different things. Owen wants a family. Cristina wants a career, which would have been damaged if she had a family. At the end either one of them was going to live unfilled, which no one wants as they are both great characters.

I didn’t ship Jamelia. As Owelia, it also escalated  quickly, but they didn’t had a bond that made them understand each other and be at the same level. James was just a way of making Amelia have a happy ending at the end of PP, but I don’t think they were going to be good for each other.

I love Owelia because they will make each other happy. They both have grown so much and they are now mature enough to start a long term relationship. I would love to see them in many difficult situations and how they manage them individually and together. Owen is starting to fall in love with her because he is starting getting to know her. I would also like to see Owen open up more to Amelia, talk to her about Cristina, war, his mom, etc. Amelia has open up and he has understood her and has stuck around. 

I love the chemistry between them, the way they look at each other before kissing is sooooo cute, their eyes connect and so themselves, without saying anything.

I’m totally looking forward to a deeper Owelia storyline and how it will affect others, like Derek, Mer, Callie.

That’s all I have to say :)