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TW/Sterek: Unfairly Attractive Dad

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Sterek AU
Rating: M for language
Description: Stiles has a seven year old, and a major problem.  Common Core’s nothing compared to having to survive being around a dad as ridiculously good looking as the guy he’s dubbed Unfairly Attractive Dad.

Ugh.  Stiles texted.  This isn’t fair.

It can’t be that bad, Lydia messaged back.

Stiles looked across the courtyard in front of a school where Unfairly Attractive Dad was playing with his one year old, speak-singing “Baby Bumble Bee” in a way that shouldn’t be making him want to jump the man.  So he did the only thing that was fair, he stealthily snapped a picture to send to Lydia.  Because how on earth could she look at a picture of a guy with shoulders that broad and stubble that artfully maintained and not understand how difficult this made his life?

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Public service announcement for people who like movies:

If you haven’t seen The Brothers Bloom, you should give it a go. It’s funny and heartbreaking and well-acted and the cinematography is gorgeous.

It’s one of my favourite films of all time, and while I’ve mentioned it numerous times in passing, I don’t think I’ve ever formally recommended it on my tumblr.

I’ve never seen a more huggy, touchy-feely bunch of dorks than the Avengers cast on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

It’s like, personal space, what personal space? Have these people been apart for years or something, missing each other every second? *squishes them*

Fic. Unfairly Attractive Dad

(Haha, it has a cover!)

Stiles Stilinski has a 7 year old son, and a problem.  A problem with broad shoulders, permanent stubble, and an adorable baby that has the same green eyes as his father.  A problem that he’s dubbed Unfairly Attractive Dad.

Notes: Human AU, Single Dad!Stiles, Single Dad!Derek, Kid!fic, mostly fluff

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shlevy asked:

the dear departed moteinthedark

UNFAIRLY ATTRACTIVE AND INTERESTING, will infodump at you if you just say “please infodump at me!” instead of normal humans where you have to like ASK THEM QUESTIONS and other boring bullshit like that

like seriously last time I talked to her seriously in person she took me through a lit review she was doing on atypical depression


chibiwriter asked:

Another? Another. I love myself some Garrett. But I'm also in lady-love with Marian. Now, I also can't still my beating heat for a lass with short hair - but imagine if you will: Long haired Marian Hawke. Long haired Marian Hawke whose hair tie is lost during a battle and as she stands upon the bodies of their enemies, hair blowing in the wind, bloody, with the sun descending behind her, all her companions can do is the whole hand on heart lean back offendedness b/c you're unfairly attractive.

1demise last night our dear sweet douglas probably fell asleep listening to nick laughing, wishing so badly that he was laying next to him, that he was the one making nick giggle.

and today he couldn’t stop blushing because all of nick’s attention was on him; from sneaky photos of his selfies, to the whole pole dancing on a boat fiasco, to nick walking up to him in the pool, sticking his camera in his face and yelling to his mates about how unfairly attractive dougie is, then stage whispering about how he should hold on to that youthful glow when he still can, before he ends up old and haggered like nick. SO MANY COMPLIMENTS TO THE POINT THAT DOUGLAS HAD TO STICK HIS HEAD BACK UNDERWATER TO HIDE HIS DEEPENING BLUSH.

okay but can we talk about the unfairly attractive kaneda cosplayer from ab because god damn that was not fair, sir, we do not allow people to take up that much of the communal convention good looks at once, i’m going to need you to step outside and give me your number.