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I don’t normally post selfies (ever) so these are all never-before-seen but hold significance from 2014. It’s been an interesting run of growth and understanding, more confusion, and antics.

I tag anyone who secretly wants to do this, but needs someone to tell them to do it (/points at self). Go ahead, blame me.

Story time...

Once a boy in my class had to make a presentation about some legend in Latin class, and then he had to explain the part where the two main characters had sex. And everyone knew what was coming and we were giggling and shit (it was middle school, what do you expect?) and he just, completely unfaced by the the rest of us, concluded his sentence with “…and then they fucked.”. Everybody fell completely silent and waited for our teacher to say something. But the guy was pretty chill and didn’t interrupt. So the boy continued with. “And when they were fucking…”
At that point our teacher did decide to say something along the lines of: “please, can’t you use a different word for that?”

So the boy sayed “Sure”, thought about it for a second and then went “Screwing, boning,…”


I woke up feeling strange today after barely getting sleep the night before. The morning was fine and I went out with my family for brunch and got my nails done and I was fine for that part, I got along fine and I was glad to have something to do. I’ve been working on my hair so I ended up spending hours in the bath once I got home and while I usually enjoy it I felt like I spent too much time and I should have been doing something else. My favorite part of the days is usually driving around and doing errands mainly because I can sing along to CDs in my car, so once again that was a highlight of my day, as sad as it sometimes seems. I hate that the sun sets so early now, it feels like the day is over before it’s even begun and I end up wasting away the night. I started reading Alan Cumming’s memoir tonight and it’s really good but it brought up a lot of strange unfaced feelings at the same time and threw me in to a bit of a swirl. I ended up in a disassociative kind of feeling and had a small anxiety attack on my bedroom floor while listening to St. Vincent. After crying and trying to get a grip for almost an hour I decided to make my favorite cookies and watch SNL. I watched Any Day Now and it was an interesting and powerful story. I enjoyed it, but I ended up crying again. I ate cookies and drank white wine and now I’m preparing for the end of a long and strange day alone.