40 minutes of work and I prepared 3 breakfasts, 3 snacks, and 4 healthy lunches in two flavours, as well as cleaned all to the prep up and portioned everything out ready to roll come Monday. The lemon chilli pasta especially tasted so yummy it was hard to save it for the working week. I shall look forward to it instead 😊 #unexpectedproductivity #nicesurprise #healthyeating #allset

Upcoming Portland/Seattle shows!

This week is going to be super amazing and crazy! For one, tomorrow night at Curious Comedy Theatre is the All Jane No Dick Showcase, one of the best female-identified comedy shows ever (https://www.facebook.com/events/568366916609126/) and then Sunday night I’m going to Seattle with two of my fav people Bri Pruett and Curtis Cook for THIS cool show, Piggy Back at the Unexpected Theatre!

Upcoming shows in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Eugene!

8/14- All Jane No Dick Showcase, Curious Comedy Theater, Portland OR

8/16- Proof Portland’s Funny, at Proof, Portland, Oregon

8/17 Piggy Back at the Unexpected Theatre in Seattle, Washington http://www.unexpectedproductions.org/show/piggyback

8/20- Test Tube comedy at Helium Comedy Club, Portland, Oregon https://center-stage.seatengine.com/venues/helium-comedy-club-portland/events/5127/shows

8/28- The Comedy Palace, Los Angeles CA

9/24- Comedy at Jackpot Recording (Portland, Oregon)

11/8- Pacific Northwest Women’s Comedy Festival in Eugene, Oregon