Violence against women happens in all sectors of life, not just with poor young African-American men or Hispanic men. I have had heard others say that we have criminals out on the football field. Some truly are and some are not. But violence against women can be caused by police officers, firefighters, janitors, CEOs, supervisors, managers, and more. Therefore, everyone has to step up with violence against women, not just young uneducated men of color. The violence against women that happen behind closed doors is unexceptionable.

Dear Father,

You are rude, selfish, and mean.

Yelling at a child, whether their yours or not is unexceptionable. Their age does not justified anything, while yours beings out your ignorance.

The reason we hide is because you would never care.

Never care to know about the novel waiting to be published, never care to know about the friends on the other side of the country or world as they care more than you do, never care to know about the world that those twenty or thirty years younger than you explore everyday.

You only care about small things, what others think about you, and appearances.

But they won’t care about you, as soon as they know about how you rip into your own family when the doors and windows are shut.

Go and say your filth, but remember, when I’m gone, no one else will be here for you.

not so sincerely, your darling children