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Hey, I just wanted to tell you how great of a person you are. All the crap the girls have been getting is unexceptionable and you cheering them up must help them a whole lot. Ty!!

I’m just sorry they’re getting crap in the first place and need anyone to cheer them up but I know they have a lot of amazing followers that they adore who have been helping out too

{{ ;;mun = fuchsiafire

woOW you’re such a sweetie thank you so much for this message it made me really happy!! c:
And I don’t usually let silly things like that get to me, i’ve got more important things to tend to than some silly anon that just wants to send me hate hehhh

But thank you very much!~ I appreciate it! uwu

     {{ No problem sweetie ♥ You’re one of my favourite oc’s and seeing you get hate is unexceptionable. Seeing a n y o n e get hate is unexceptionable. Like c’mon. But anyways I’m glad it made you happy! uvu }}

I'm Not Even Mad

Hey guess what, so today I told my mom that one of my close friends is homosexual. I didn’t even realize before that she was homophobic. I’m not even mad, I yelled and argued a little bit, but we were in public. I’m not mad, and I don’t hate her one bit. Never have ever had an ounce of hate for any of my family members, no matter how much I got mad at them. Never with hate them. I love them all, more than anything, and would trade my life for their’s without even having to think about it if I had too. I’m just extremely disappointing. I respect that you believe that, but of course I need your reasoning. Your damn cousin in law is gay, and your reasoning is unexceptionable. How can you expect me not to get worked up about this? Several people I care about are homosexual, and I thought you were a reasonable person. Your my mother, and the fact of how selfish you were acting is horrible. What if I were homosexual? Would you get mad at me, and blame me like you did with my uncle today?
You can’t say that just because they’re in bad situations, that they chose to my homosexual. NO ONE just chooses to be homosexual.
You can’t even listen to me because I’m your daughter? Because I’m a child? Because I’m 13?

I’ve told you about my friends, how much they’ve been through, and you understood, that I understood them. How mature I was and knew what the hell I was saying.

Did you chose to be straight? You didn’t chose your own sexuality, so what makes you think a homosexual did?
I am not exaggerating when I say one of my friends (there are plenty like this, I’m just choosing a specific friend) has been through more than you have in your entire life. They’re 12. She’s straight.

How DARE you blame my uncle for being gay, and how DARE you its wrong to be homosexual? How DARE you criticize my friends, who have been through so much more-and trust me, I know what you’ve been through-than you have ALONE that are homosexual.

Homosexuals are constantly judged like this and I think its DISGUSTING that you blame them. Judge them and act like they’re a completely different species. How dare you? They love who they love and what makes you think you have the right to say its wrong or right to be a certain way.

Its not straight for one day and then all of a sudden BAM your homosexual. I never said that, and yet you put words in my mouth saying I did. NO, if your homosexual, then you’ve ALWAYS been that way, you’ve ALWAYS felt that way, since the first time you found someone attractive. You just don’t always realize its who you are at the start.

I still think that being a homophobic, is basically being sexist. I respect your opinion, but you’d have to respect mine as well when I say that its still wrong to be homophobic.

Its the same thing, being sexist and homophobic because your judging them based on their gender. SO WHAT, a girl can like a girl, a boy can like a boy what’s the difference when its a boy and girl? We’re all equal, and if you’re straight than that’s fine. As far as I know, I am too.

My friend is living their own personal hell, and holding up the whole world on their shoulders, and guess what, THEY’RE STRAIGHT. I dare you, to tell me whether or not you think its wrong or right to be against homosexuals, and to give me your reasons if you think its wrong.

Go ahead, throw whatever you want at me, I don’t really give a damn.

Mom, if you’re reading this, then don’t be afraid to talk to me about it, honestly, I’d be more than happy too.


ps-baiii. <3


Never ever had the courage to do it. Not even sending you a simple greeting. This year, unexceptionally.

All these years, I always wonder how have you been doing but there isn’t anyone I can approach. Well, I hope and guess you’re still leading a happy life.

I wished for the best in everything you do in the future. Last but not least, 祝你。。生日快乐。:)


It’s amusing to hear someone who badgered me about /my/ anger issues yell at a screen. I find it funny that the same person who got oh so pissed at me for pointing out things I didn’t like about a show or thought could be improved, yells at people who can’t even hear him, to a TV screen showing football. It’s even more funny to me that this same person constantly criticizes TV shows, and always has something negative to say about them. But when I do it it’s unexceptionable and mean. And something to add to all of that even… Every time we go to see a movie in the theater, as soon as we’re back in the car… “What I didn’t like about the movie.” Every time we went to social advents, “Oh she’s such a gossip, I hate how she does this. She’s so arrogant when she does this.” See I didn’t like that woman all that much either… But… Did we really have to listen to you two rant about it the whole way home? It amuses me… How hypocritical he is. Because for me to do something once, that he does worse and more frequently, is unexceptionable.

FYI, the answers for this question are:
No I would never OR No, but I would like to.

Why do people do this? By flagging this as an unexceptionable answer you’re basically saying that you’re not interested in anyone hetrosexual. I don’t have a problem with anyone who is hetroflexible or homosexual, as a hetrosexual I want to date others who are also hetrosexual or hetroflexible.

Why would any hetrosexual girl be completely unintested in a guy unless he actively wants to have a hetroflexible/homosexual experience?

I see this all the time and it bugs me a lot.

The event had every promise of happiness for her friend. Mr. Weston was a man of unexceptionable character, easy fortune, suitable age, and pleasant manners. and there was some satisfaction in considering with what self-denying, generous friendship - Jane Austen

Quote of the day: The event had every promise of happiness for her friend. Mr. Weston was a man of unexceptionable character, easy fortune, suitable age, and pleasant manners. and there was some satisfaction in considering with what self-denying, generous friendship - Jane Austen

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