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What was your life like a year ago today? Do you miss it?

A year ago something incredibly heartbreaking and difficult happened.

Let me explain myself first, I’m conflicted by the concept of monogamy. I think its an idea created by selfish simple minded people that wanted to create ownership over another person. I think now people find it romantic but I don’t. The concept of owning another person is unexceptionable and have caused a lot of people unnecessary hurt physically, mentally and emotionally. When someone gives you their love and appreciation it is not your responsibility to own them, it is your responsibility to accept it and cherish it or kindly decline. But I also don’t like lying, cheating, dishonesty or selfishness and that is where last year comes in.
I’ve been in a monogamous relationship for over four years now and last year I decided to act otherwise. In the past year I haven’t written or talked about how I truly feel about what happened and to be quite honest I don’t think anyone would give me the time of day. I feel so discouraged, pathetic and self-centered thinking about my actions even though I don’t like monogamy.

A year ago I made decisions selfishly for myself and as invigorating and crazy as it was it also went against my core values and that is where I am most conflicted. If I want to fulfill my inner needs I put other people out and hurt them, they feel cheated and abandoned. But if I comply I feel cheated and abandoned. I do not miss that because the feeling has not healed.

A year ago I cheated. I was dishonest, lied, became selfish and I hurt someone that I had forgotten I loved. I do not miss that.

A year ago I met someone. Yes, I miss them. I think about them everyday. But I can’t see them or I’d crumble and fall deeper into my spiraling psychotic rabbit hole of a mind.

A year ago today? I have no idea. Do I miss it? No. I hate Christmas.

#HappyBirthdayTaylorSwift As long as I’ve known you, you never fail at inspiring and mesmerizing me with all that you’ve done. You’re just getting better and shinier each time you did something ‘cause you believe in it. Your music has been the soundtrack of my life. Like many other Swifties, I literally remember each word of any song you’ve ever released. What still and will always keep me wonderstruck about your song is how I feel like I can relate each song to a certain moment in my life. Regardless of whether it’s the good or bad time they relate to, I LOVE THEM ALL UNEXCEPTIONALLY. You say words that most girls may find it hard to say. You speak out of what we feel inside. You say them beautifully through lyrics and melody. I haven’t been to any of your shows sadly. I’ve been waiting for like 11 years, dreaming one day “I’ll be there. I’ll see you there. Right on that stage.” but when the time came, I had to face this fact that I couldn’t afford what it takes to see you. Maybe that wasn’t the time for me to see you. But I’m still hoping, “One day, I will.” The bond that you’ve built with the fans has gotten even stronger these past years. And I hope it will keep going strong forever. Never change, but never stay the same. Just be the Taylor Swift that everyone loves. Never think that you’re alone. You have me and many other Swifties out there who will always support you through the ups and downs. Much love for you. <3 <3 <3 <3

Enemies Of The President’s Promise – Bash-Ful

Enemies Of The President’s Promise – Bash-Ful

By Rajiva Wijesinha -December 11, 2014 

Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha MP

GL and Sajin meanwhile failed to take things forward in the other area which had been entrusted to them, in that they brought nothing from the negotiations to the PSC. It became such a joke that even representatives of the hardline parties asserted this and said it should be wound up. This made sense for nothing of what we had discussed, the unexceptionable measures which the TNA had accepted in principle, and which could have been fleshed out by the PSC, a second chamber for instance and increased power to local bodies, the elimination as far as possible of the concurrent list, were not discussed by the Committee. Both Vasantha and I had brought these matters up, and it was clear that the more intelligent members of the Committee found them interesting, but there seemed massive resistance to any reforms. But in a context in which Sajin vass Goonewardena seemed to be calling all the shorts, and given his control of both the Minister of External Affairs and the President’s son, so that the President himself seemed unable to move without his blessing, there was little hope of the regime breaking out of the straitjacket in which it was held. 

Mahinda and Vass


Namal however, though he would not stand up against Sajin, did seem to have his measure, as was apparent in the brief period in which Tamara Kunanayagam was able to deal direct with the President while she was in Geneva. Her sudden removal was probably due to what she had discovered while she was there, and the realization that her direct link with the President would stymie the various stratagems that were laying the country low.

When she arrived a month before the September 2011 UN Human Rights Council Session, she was informed that Kshenuka had been negotiating with the American ambassador about a resolution to bring Sri Lanka before the Human Rights Council for an Interactive Dialogue. When she contacted the Ministry about this and instructions on how to respond, it was to find that they had no knowledge of such an initiative. However they did not seem to take it seriously, so Tamara called the President direct, and he asked her to fly to Colombo immediately for a briefing.

When she did so, she found the Foreign Ministry totally hostile, and furious that she had come to Sri Lanka without authorization from them. At a meeting where GL and Sajin were present she was given instructions that she should go back immediately, and not meet the President. Fortunately she had a ticket that could not be changed, and the Secretary to the Ministry accepted this position, so she was able to meet the President.Read More

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