Keep Sake



Singapore - UNESTABLISH.COM is pleased to announce our latest in-store arrival, the Australian label Keepsake.

Taking inspiration from couture with a focus on wear-ability, bringing luxe designs into your everyday lives and closets. With a flirtatious and feminine flavour, the outfits reflect that fun, sophisticated style which is being embodied by so many fashion forward young women right now. Keepsake provides accessible, glamorous, edgy pieces that are bound to make a statement.


Keepsake has been worn by celebrities like Nicole Richie, Demi Lovato, Kendall Jenner, Nicky Hilton among others. 


With it’s subtle cut outs and flattering necklines, we recommend pairing them up with chunky gold or silver accessories to create a sophisticated and glamorous look. 


UNESTABLISH.COM is an online multi-label boutique that offers a wide selection of the most desirable and coveted clothing and accessories by inspiring global brands. With new product lines and brands released each month, UNESTABLISH aspires to be the one stop avenue for online retail and the latest trends and styles.



KLING - Spain

We Are Tuk Tuk - United Kingdom

The Furies - United States of America

Life After Denim - United States of America

Rinascimento - Italy

Ardentees - Singapore

Pauline.Ning - Singapore

Ready.Made – Singapore

Sundays – Singapore

Coupe Cousu – Singapore

Yahn Adam - Singapore

Eve - Singapore

Love & Lemons - United States of America

Flesh Machine - Singapore

Free People - United States of America

Mink Pink - Australia

Evil Twin - Australia

Finders Keepers - Australia

To know more about their brands and products click here

xx, Nix 

Wish list for this Christmas!


i have a serious thing for stripy tops and this one just went straight to the top!


now this indian silk cape should cover me well through the cold months. plus i can match it to a lot of outfits!


i’m always the type to go for comfort over fashion, but this obi pants perfectly marries these two! i love how cozy and stylish it looks!

now that i’ve picked out what i want, i just have to come up with a plan to get this post to my friends’ emails. hihi.