Why are we in such a financial mess today? There are lots of proximate causes: over-leverage, global imbalances, bad financial technology that lead to widespread underestimation of risk. But these are all symptoms. Until we isolate and tackle fundamental causes, we will fail to extirpate the disease. ECONned is the first book to examine the unquestioned role of economists as policy-makers, and how they helped create an unmitigated economic disaster. Here, Yves Smith looks at how economists in key policy positions put doctrine before hard evidence, ignoring the deteriorating conditions and rising dangers that eventually led them, and us, off the cliff and into financial meltdown. Intelligently written for the layman, Smith takes us on a terrifying investigation of the financial realm over the last twenty-five years of misrepresentations, naive interpretations of economic conditions, rationalizations of bad outcomes, and rejection of clear signs of growing instability.

INTERVIEW WITH: Nicolle Shergold

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Nicolle Shergold, owner of the successful blog, Unenlightened, model, fashion student and Tumblr fashion tag editor. Nicolle was a finalist in the New Look Style The Nation UK and has been very successful in other areas in the fashion industry.

What does your job as fashion tag editor entail? How did you get this job?

As a fashion editor on Tumblr I have an extra feature on posts on my dashboard which let’s me “feature them” it means when I click to feature them whoever looks at the Fashion tag on tumblr will see them, and considering something like 20% of the blogs on Tumblr are fashion based there’s loads to chose from but it means if your post gets featured lots of people see it! I was contacted by a member of the Tumblr staff to become an editor. 


What inspired you to start your lovely blog, Unenlightened?

When I was in my first year of university my tutor suggested we all start blogs, I had tried to start blogs in the past and never stuck to it, Tumblr is simpler, it’s not always based on written posts so I felt it was easier to manage keeping a blog, I treat it as a moving inspiration board and I keep a lot of images I use in my sketchbooks for reference on it.


Why did you decide to study fashion?

I have always been creative, I don’t like conventional subjects and I always enjoyed art at school.. It just seemed like a good fit for me, I’ve taken design and I now study fashion brand management which is far more interesting for me personally.


Do you have any advice for budding bloggers or anyone wanting to break into the fashion industry?

Keep at it, follow as many blogs as possible and if you can find a niche, if you want to be a well recognised blog it’s not about followers, is more about content, individuality. Try and address common questions - key wardrobe pieces ect, don’t do it just for freebies or for monetizing your blog do it because you love it, followers will come.


You were a finalist New Look Style The Nation UK wide styling contest last year, tell us a bit about this experience?

I saw an advert on TV and I decided to apply, New Look is a clothing store in the UK, and they were sponsoring a budding stylist to land a top job at New Look. I applied and a few weeks later was called and asked to come to London the next day for filming, I was an online finalist and wild card entry, there were 10 or so of us from all over the country. Nick Grimshaw interviewed me and we had to dress to Impress, I didn’t get any further than the finals but I got to meet some great people!


And you have modelled for vitamin water and Kassie Kolger head designer at New York couture. How did you get these jobs and what were they like?

I was simply walking through London when I was street cast for Vitamin Water, I was stopped and I had a Polaroid taken and then they took my contact details, I didn’t expect to be called but they called about 2 days later and I went to two castings, then they called me and said I had the job, it was good fun we shot the advertising campaign and then shot some ad vitals.


Walking for Kassie Kolger was a surprise, I went with two male models who were walking already for another designer, I just wanted to see the show, a lady with a clip board came running up to me and asked who I was modelling for, I wasn’t so I said nobody and she asked if I would consider walking for Kassie as she wanted “a little punk rock girl” in her show. I was tiny compared to the other models but it was great.


What fashion shows have you worked backstage at? What were these events like?

I have helped organise two fashion shows, one at a local tv studio where I worked as a PR assistant and one during college when I designed some pieces. They are stressful, hard work and nobody ever stays on time. They are however, worth it. Meeting and working with makeup artists, photographers and models is Inspiring and fun. Everybody should organise a fashion show!


How would you describe your style?

It’s dark, I like lots of studs, leather, feathers and velvet. It’s kind of gothic in some ways. I wear lots of purple, navy and black. I generally wear dresses, black tights and some kind of structured jacket. I shop vintage a lot of the time, I’m a sucker for anything with shoulder pads too. My favourite stores are Topshop, Urban outfitters and ASOS.


What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe at the moment?

Right now my favourite pieces are a maroon silk short dress, my leather jacket and a great stone ring I purchased recently.


If you had to start your wardrobe from scratch tomorrow, what would be the first five things you would buy?

1. A leather jacket

2. Black tights

3. Jeffrey Campbell litas - black leather

4. A purple velvet dress

5. A studded leather bag.



Visit Nicolle’s lovely blog: http://unenlightened.tumblr.com/

False conceptions of Man—ignorance of the laws of human nature—have given us unscientific economies, unscientific
ethics, unscientific law, unscientific politics, unscientific government. These have made human history the history of
social cataclysms—insurrections, wars, revolutions—sad tokens
not so much of human lust as of human ignorance of the laws of
human nature.
—  Alfred Korzybski, Polish-American scientist, engineer, mathematician, philosopher, linguist, logician, author of Science & Sanity: An Introduction to Non-Aristotelian Systems and General Semantics, and is remembered most for developing the theory of general semantics (1879-1950)

betsyboat asked:

Do you believe in soul mates? Xx

Yes, but I believe that you can have more than one soul mate. I don’t think it’s possible to only love one person I think there will be many ‘soul mates’ in your life but with time both will grow and things change. 

So simple + fresh.

Day 178

Today I have returned from my journeys regarding the utmost disappointing results of investigating what I had thought of to be a most esteemed institution. To quell my disappointment, I played some Magic: The Gathering with Paul today and recounted my tales of my benevolent travels while practicing for the upcoming tournament. While Paul did not seem to fully comprehend how Cornell lacked enlightenment, I can only assume this was caused by his lack of enlightenment as well.