Like every Friday, today is “No Edit Friday”.

Post your unedited photos today (only resizing and watermarking allowed) to your blog and use “no edit friday” as one of the first five tags.

Please note: It is important to have “no edit friday” as one of the first five tags (in the tag-field not the caption-box), because only the first five tags go into the Tumblr search engine and only so we can find your “no edit Friday” shots.

We will reblog the coolest, most beautiful, most spectacular unedited shots on Sunday.

More information about “No Edit Friday” to be found here.

PWS - Photos Worth Seeing

I am no super model, I am not that pretty, I have curves, but still I am on my way to love myself. It’s all about acceptance. You have to accept yourself for who you are. For what your body looks like. Don’t try to change, don’t try to lose weight if you don’t want to, try to know what want, deep inside of you. Don’t let anybody tell you what you should do with your body. It’s your body, not their. It’s your decision.

Oh yes, i’m messy ! haha