This pic is up for debate. A guy on Strictly Vans FB group posted up that he found these at the Lakewood, CA Rack location. It will forever be unverified, unless someone else finds a pair at another Rack location. Most of us take pics while at the Rack, with either the shelf size, a background of the shelving, or a cart photo, because otherwise you can’t prove it. Vans at the Rack are always assorted, which makes specific models and sizes untraceable in the system. I personally think it’s plausible that these showed up randomly. If y’all know me, you know I’ve had my share of Rack come-ups. Vaults, Syndicates, Supremes, collabs. Go search thru my old photos on here if you’re new to my account, and wanna see some dope Rack comeups, but anyways, what do you guys think? Blends Vans…100 pairs officially…exclusively thru Blends…and surely didn’t send any back to Vans. #vansvault #underthepalms #undrthplms #blends #blendsvans

@stevevansman just posted this photo of the El Cajon, CA Vans store wall, which he painted over 35 years ago! That’s some Vans history for you, right there! On a personal note, I went to this location as a kid, quite a bit, as most of my family was from East County San Diego, and it’s cool to know it has a close personal touch to the Van Doren family! #underthepalms #undrthplms #elcajon

@bowsandarrowsberkeley has the #vansvault White Leather Old Skool LX’s to follow up the Sk8-Hi LX that dropped a few weeks back. FYI, these originally dropped a few years back, and Vans must’ve found more back stock and added the new keychains to them. Check the MFG date on the back of the hangtag! #underthepalms #undrthplms #utp