[Luke] The Only Reason

Don’t talk. Let me think it over.
How we’re gonna fix this
How we’re gonna undo all the pain

"Hey." You greeted him, flashing him that warm, big and loving smile you’ve got so good at faking. "Hey." He replied, not as cheerfully as you did but you didn’t mind. He couldn’t even bare to fake the feeling of happiness, he wasn’t happy to be here. He kissed the top of your head and you faked a smily sigh. You both were so glad to not have to fake a sincere kiss again.

You shifted your body to let him in and he took a few steps into the living room, letting you close the door behind him. You didn’t want to see him tonight, but if you had said no, he would’ve used it as an argument in one of your numerous fights. At least he wouldn’t be able to use this one in the fight that was surely going to occur tonight.

Your indifference for each other was so obvious, but at the same time it wasn’t spoken, so you both thought unspoken meant nonexistent. You don’t know how you ended up here, but you know you can’t walk back to the old days. You’re both sitting here, on your couch, close to each other to fake affection, you eyes glued to the TV, watching some annoying soap opera. The death of your love could be heard over the sound of the TV, and it looked like Luke finally heard it.

Without a word, he grabbed the remote and turned the TV off, a way to catch your intention. You snapped your head at him. “We have to talk.” He tried to sound soft and gentle. “Sure.” You replied, not even curious about what he had to say. You weren’t even sure to be listening to him. “It’s easy for me to do that… you know.” He trailed off and you didn’t react so continued. “I want to break up with you.” The words were said, that was it. You’re officially over. What was that thing you were feeling? Relief?

You took in a deep breath. “Okay.” Was alk you could say. It didn’t move you, it didn’t had any impact. You weren’t expecting that but you weren’t surprised, or sad. “You don’t look that surprised.” He said, trying not to sound disappointed. He wasn’t. He didn’t mind you not crying, he’s glad you’re not hurt. “I think we’ve been both lying to ourselves. We broke up long time ago.” You replied, looking back to the TV.

Tell me. Is it even worth it?

"We don’t love each other anymore." He nodded. "All we do is fight." He nodded again. "We tried." You concluded. "Turned out it wasn’t worth it." He whispered. You sat in silent for a while, thinking about nothing. "I guess I’m gonna leave then." He got up. "Yeah…" You mumbled, getting up as well. You escorted him to the door until he was standing in the doorway. "I guess it’ll be better if we just… cut down the bridges." You weekly nodded. "Goodbye." You whispered.

He was free now. Walking away from your house, he seemed to be cracking a small, weak smile. No more fights, no more ‘I hate you’s, no more angry thought at the sight of you waiting for him, no more period over sensitivity. Hands his his pockets, he walks away from the problems.

No more jealously, no more yelling, no more drunk aggressiveness, no more alcohol. Gosh he was gone, finally. You seemed to be cracking a smile as you walked back to the couch. No more going out for tampons because of you being too lazy to buy it in advance, no more having to deal with your mother that hated him, no more having to deal with you wanting him to call you everyday, no more girlfriend shit.

No more seeing you’re morning hair.
No that was kind of cute so he shook his head. No more hot chocolate dates, he hated hot chocolate. But he didn’t kind of like seeing you grabbing the hot cup with both of your tiny little hands and just close your eyes and feel the warmth so… no, that wasn’t a good example. No more hearing you sleep talking, that little voice of yours in your sleep was just so… so… cute! Oh no that wasn’t a good one. He slows down.

Well that didn’t matter, all of this was gone now. But something was bothering him. Was he… like… kind of… maybe… going to like… miss all of this? The tear falling from his eye fell on the ground, making him freeze, as if it drew some kind of finish line: should he cross it or no?

No more of his smelly morning smell, no more of his awful cooking skills, no more of his annoying possesivity, no more of his loud, dirty and disgusting burps, even if you enjoyed burp competitions with him. Finally all of this was over. This was a brand new start for you. You had to leave him in the past. You grabbed your phone and searched for his number in your contacts.

No more him trying to do your hair, he was always ruining it… but he always tried his best, sticking his tongue out as he would concentrate on tying your hair into a ponytail. No more him telling you not to wear make up. You could put on make up whenever you wanted! Who did he think he was?! But… he would always tell you you were beautiful. Delete.

His feet were now moving without him controlling them, he was pushed, dragged. Fuck . He had to be faster. He was running. Running back to your morning hair, running back to your tampons, running back to your sleep talking. Shit. He had to be there before you slipped away. Faster.

No more of him wanting to have sex with you every day. Faster. As much as he was annoying, he always made you feel wanted. Delete? Almost there. Your thumb went down on the ‘Yes’. You had to do this before your love for him comes back. A tear filled your eye, overflowed and ran down your cheek before it fell on the screen of your phone, pressing the ‘No.’ Your thumb went down again. Press it Y/N.

A knock at your door caught your attention, making you snap yourr head to the door. You opened the door to find the tall figure of Luke standing proud, breathing heavily. Before you could register anything he violently smashed your body on his chest, hugging you as tight as possible.

Even though my desire is gone I swear my heart is never giving up. You’re the reason the only reason.

He didn’t want you to see him cry, and he didn’t want to let go. If he trusted himself he would hug you so tight that he would break you into little pieces. He was mortified a the thought of being separated from you. “I can’t…” He sobbed, letting his voice Crack and the tears fall. These 5 minutes without you being his reason were the most difficult experience he has ever lived.

"You came back…" You sobbed, bursting into tears as well and hugging him back, as hard as you could. "I… I’m… You… fuck…" He couldn’t bring himself together, but he needed you to know how much he loved you, how he wasn’t going to let go, how hard he was going to try to make things better. "Don’t talk." You whispered. "We’re gonna fix this."

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john goes and makes a deal with his denizen in order to fix things and undo everyone's deaths. his denizen sends a message to another timeline (presumably the alpha timeline) so that in that timeline, LOWAS explodes, killing alpha john and davesprite. john's death is heroic because of the sacrifice he chose to make to save his friends. the jade we see with calliope isn't dead grimbark jade, like we thought, but the alpha jade, who may just be alive and asleep!

oh wow!!! thank u so much i understand a bit more!!! 


Inside the minds of the actors who gave 2014’s most astonishing performances.

John du Pont, the character Steve Carell portrays in Bennett Miller’sFoxcatcher, was a convicted murderer. But Carell says that when he took on the role, he was intent on digging deeper into the man’s being.  

“I didn’t necessarily approach him as a dark character,” says Carell, whose transformation into du Pont required heavy makeup and a prosthetic nose. “It’s always about making your best estimate of who a character is, and with him, that was challenging.”

Another challenge for the famously funny Carell was making his first film based on a true story—specifically that of du Pont, an heir who funded an Olympic wrestling team that would eventually be his undoing. “This was a real person, and I had never portrayed a real person before, so there was an added responsibility,” he says. “I had to try to the best of my ability to do justice to the type of person he might have been. I had a responsibility to all the other people involved, and I think each one of us felt that obligation.”

Once the makeup came off, Carell admits the character stuck with him. “He lingered for a while,” the actor says. “It’s a tragic story, and it’s difficult even to talk about. It’s sad on so many different levels, and it was a tough thing to let go of. It was a very moving experience.”

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Fuente: Dojour

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            ➸ Casting the Infinity Stone a glance, the archer’s
                       brows drew together some, and he frowned.

            ➸ ❝ M’sorry… I am… I didn’ know they’d go this far. ❞

            ➸ He looked around before stepping closer to her,
                      undoing the gag, but keeping her tied to the chair.

            ➸ ❝ They didn’ even wan’ me comin’ in here in case
                                     you still held some kinda influence over
                                     me or somethin’.
                             But you’re— you’re not tryin’ to hurt anyone,
                                     I don’t get why they’d do this… ❞


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(hope i'm not too late :D;;;) Noel blinked in surprise. Morgan was... Tiny, almost innocent-looking. As if her wish to go back and undo what had been done was granted... "Hey. Uh... Kiddo. Are you okay?"

Morgan stared at her warily, tome clutched to his chest as he did so. “I’m fine. I’m just waiting for my mother… s-she’ll be here soon though, so if you’re going to hurt me you’ll regret it!”

According to his mother he had a lot of enemies now so he had to be careful.

President Obama has been pretty disappointing lately...but his Immigration address last night was literally one of the best actions he's taken in months !

Thank you Mr. President for not giving a shit about a Congress that has systematically and repeatedly attempted to undermine and undo your policy work. Perhaps Congress should pass a bill of their own , he’ll any bill, instead of shutting down the government,voting against equal pay, and attempting to repeal a law that our Supreme Court has already ruled to be strong and perfectly constitutional.

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I don't know what you did, but I'd appreciate it if you'd undo it. I think of you whenever my mind wanders, I see you in my dreams at night... I can't stand this! Why must you torment me so? I'd go to the hunters if I could, but the thought of them trying to hurt you... I can't. I don't even know what I /can/ do anymore...


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I'm not surprised no questions the Marian situation or Graham's death. It was explicitly stated that Regina's price to undo the curse was to never see Henry again and he's living with her now. Regina is made of Teflon and lives in loopholes.

I’m not surprised either, honestly. We all know how this goes: Regina does something, and they never bring it up again. When the audience brings up why Regina has never paid for it, the writers will claim that it’s too late to punish her for it. That’s the way it goes. I already know no one will find out about Marian’s death. It won’t happen, and I’m not holding my breath that it will. 


i wasn’t snow
or rain or autumn leaves
i wasn’t beautiful when i fell
it was with an ear splitting scream
i shattered 
i cried with the broken things on the floor

I always hoped i would meet somebody
who would give me their heart
like it was something they made for me
in their tool shed
people like me don’t get happy endings
we are tragedies
our souls will melt into literature
i want somebody to reach out a hand
tell me it will be ok
believe in me
but i sit here with shards of glass in my skin
i was my own undoing
the only person that can take them out is me 

i’m afraid to get up
what if it just hurts more


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Arms bound, legs sore, eyes covered by a blindfold, even his mouth gagged, Silorin hadn’t been able to do much at all as he was dragged into a chair and bound there. The noble was still only half conscious when the blindfold gets torn away, blinking confusedly at the dim room around him and making muffled, questioning noises through the gag. 

Dexterous fingers undo the knot of the gag with a simple tug, the young man eventually having the presence of mind to spit the thing out and suck in a breath of clean air. Exhaling slowly, he shifts on the already uncomfortable seat and tries to get a good look at his kidnapper, pulling against his bonds in his efforts. “Ransom isn’t going to be much, if that’s what you’re looking for.” Silorin tells the air, coughing a few times afterwards, “And if it isn’t, well… I’d love to know why I’m here now. If you were after some fun, I’m sure we could have talked about it over drinks.” 

Shit, I’m definitely in trouble here.

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'maybe i should undo another button on this shirt' this is a guaranteed way to turn jackson foster from kicked puppy to suddenly being energized enough to wrestle a bear/caden

wrESTLE A BEAR/CADEN IM !!!!!!!11!?!?!!!


god bless america and toby not wearing shirts underneath his button ups/being a button away from fabio but most importantly let us bless jackson’s asymmetrical dorito figure becAUSE TOBY CERTAINLY DOES


Steve/Tony prompts
Prompt: GLOVES

"Why’re you wearing black GLOVES instead of red ones, Steve? They don’t match your Captain uniform."

Tony eyed the blonde man as he crossed the room, sporting black gloves and a smirk to match.

Steve slid his hands down Tony’s front, undoing the buttons of his shirt as his hands motioned down Tony’s body.

Tony’s nipples became erect and goosebumps began to appear here and there, a sign that he was enjoying the cool leather gloves Steve was modeling.

Steve slid his gloved-fingers along Tony’s chest, toying with his nipples gently. “So…you like leather, Tony? Kind of looks like you do…”

The brunette smirked slightly and let a groan pass his lips. Apparently so.

Steve grabbed Tony’s hips and forced him to bend over the desk, yanking the genius’ pants and boxers to his knees. With a quick and gentle rub of the gloves over his round rump, Steve raised his hand and gave him a sharp smack to his bottom, firmly gripping onto it afterwards.

"Fuck…!" Tony’s eyes glazed over with list as he moved back against Steve’s hand, begging for another firm smack. Those gloves sure were glorious.

It wasn’t long before Steve was bent over Tony, sliding two fingers into his hole and moving them in and out as quickly as possible. He was rewarded with a mewling Tony.

my favorite thing in stories is when the antagonist doesn’t die, but instead they realize they were being kind of a stupid dick (maybe because the protagonist saved them or something) and then they have to kind of awkwardly tag along with the heroes in order to make up for their mistakes and gradually become slightly less evil