there’s lots of untruths to these writeups;
they’re not as ruthless as that. 
their nature is raw, they hate all the law, 

the stool pigeons, spotters, and rats.

a masterpost of articles, stories, and letters highlighting the human side of the       world’s most infamous and misconceived gangster pair. 

w.d jones, friend of clyde’s and barrow gang member talks b&c 

billie jean parker (bonnie’s sister) radio interview
pt. 1 
part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

personal stories

billie’s journal entry 
***may be hard to read, message me for typed version 

billie’s journal entry (cont)

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louisiana locals encounter bonnie and clyde

texas local
 meets clyde barrow 
texas local reports on his ties with bonnie and clyde
texas woman’s story of how she once got a ride from bonnie and clyde

bonnie’s poetry 
suicide sal

outlaws— billy the kid and clyde barrow 

the street girl 

the trail’s end

clyde’s letters 
to henry ford 

hard to read, message for typed version 

to mr. king

now you know:  
• while working as a waitress, bonnie got in trouble for feeding those who couldn’t afford to pay 

• at around 5’6, clyde would often wear his hat or make others in the picture stand below him so that he appeared to be taller 

• bonnie chain smoked camel cigarettes, but was horrified that everyone believed she smoked cigars 
• clyde was musically inclined and played both guitar and sax (and even wanted to be in a band at one point) 

• bonnie had always aspired to be on broadway

book recs for further reading 

go down together ( jeff guinn ) 
on the run with bonnie and clyde ( josh gilmore )

my life with bonnie and clyde ( blanche caldwell, one of the few surviving members of the barrow gang )

while this recounting proves quite interesting, blanche can be harsh or harping and at times this may seem less of a published book and more of a personal diary

***i mean in no way to condone, excuse, or dismiss any of the crimes committed by bonnie and clyde; but rather to bring to light the real people behind the mass propaganda, and the fact that, in the end, they were only human.


Drawing in Alchemy is HARD. No layers, I can’t get pressure sensitivity to register, no erasing, no undo, no reliable way to get the same colour back (the eyedropper tool is faulty), and no real way to shade or even to crosshatch easily (because this computer doesn’t seem to like my tablet).

Considering the frustration and limitations that went into this piece, I actually like the result.

Entering the Danger Zone | Steph & David

It was exhausting; working all the time and not seeing Steph. It had been in fact almost two weeks since they’d last seen each other. It was hard leaving, and I phoned her almost every day but it wasn’t the same. I had just finished a gig, more energetic than usual I skipped down to my dressing room, entering it to find a girl waiting for me. I assumed she wanted an autograph but she instantly approached me and kissed me with desperation. I tried to resist, grabbing her wrists and trying to pull her away but not wanting to hurt her, I gave up and eased into it. Steph had been telling me that she was off work and would be visiting me this evening but that slipped past my mind, forgetting all about it. I told myself that it wasn’t my fault, that it didn’t mean anything but the next thing you know I’m sat in a chair watching her undo my belt. 


Y’all over here screaming about drinking tea and coffee while reading and I’m just like if you spill even a drop on your page like thats just something you can’t undo and thats scary. I don’t drink coffee or tea while I read, particularly because I don’t like coffee or tea. the shock, the horror. I mainly drink water when reading, or if I’m feeling dangerous I go for a large coke slurpee. 

Watching Episode 7: The Wedding of Outlander (MAJOR SPOILERS)
  • Beginning scene with Frank and Claire:Hmmm oh she looks nice...wait no...Frank not the Register's office!!! That's not in the book!
  • Claire and Jamie kiss:Wait...wasn't there stuff before?!?!? Where's my blanket?
  • Jamie begins talking about his family:Oh, that's nice. I don't have to hide under my blanket anymore
  • Rupert and Angus barge in:Oh my god! Haha!
  • Jamie undoes the laces:Jeez, might be a while
  • The rest of the's so awkward I need to hide
  • 'I was a virgin, not a monk':Yay! They got that from the book!
  • What Jamie thought sex was going to be ("you'll laugh at me"):Oh, she's gonna laugh!
  • Jamie walks down the stairs to get food:He had sex wearing his boots? That's stupid.I'd make him take off his shoes
  • "Any more whisky?":They need some sort of drinking song during this Shots or something...especially Claire
  • Jamie uses the best endearment:Eeek! He's adorable
  • "Fraser colors":Wait...isn't that like the Mackenzie tartan...oh it has red in it. Yessss
  • Jamie and Murtagh:Aww...they're adorable!
  • Toasting Murtagh:They're so drunk
  • Willie threatening the father:This priest is crazy...It's a Bible Battle! Dougal is so impatient
  • Rupert and Angus at the blacksmith:I love them so much. Hmmm...what is the key? From a trunk? A key to his heart?
  • Ned at the brothel:Oh god! Poor Ned! He is so uncomfortabe...why in the hell does he carry that much money around?! That was the worst idea
  • What Claire was doing all day:Haha! Shots! Shots!
  • The actual wedding:Oh my god he is so beautiful....can I have Claire's dress. It's so effing pretty! Best wedding dress ever! Murtagh ships them so hard!
  • Dougal cuts their wrists:Yesss!
  • "Take off your shirt":I'm too young!!! Where's my blanket?!? (while I giggle because I'm uncomfortable)...
  • Jamie falls asleep:he's so adorable
  • Dougal shows up:Oh no...he better be nice...oh jeez where's Jamie? Oh, thank god for Rupert. I love him...oh don't hit him!
  • Jamie's gift:Oh my god! I'm so glad they kept this! Awwww! Jamie, you adorable puppy!
  • Next morning:Awww they're so adorable together! the ring going to fall into the floorboards? Poor Claire :(

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" he shouted, harshly slamming her against the bathroom sink. "Aren’t you glad? Glad you get to fuck someone like me, you slut."

The marble hit against her hip bone, threatening a large bruise the next day. Soojung cried out, tears running down her cheeks and voice hoarse from screaming. “Let me go,” she begged, “Please… please let me go.”

He snickered, going to undo his belt, “Not a fucking chance.”

She’d locked herself in the car as soon as filming finished, doing nothing but sending her manager a prompt text that she was feeling ill. Ill would have been the worst way to describe Soojung - she felt sick, violated and, overall, angry. It wasn’t directed to Kim PD, who checked on her before and after the scene, nor would it be directed towards the male lead who did everything he could to remind her that it was just acting.

It was to herself.

"It’s just fucking acting!” she shouted, slamming her fist against the steering wheel. The loud beep of the horn jolted her out of her thoughts. She was silent for a moment, just the scene running through her head - her bare body, par for a nude thong, on show for the crew, her breasts on camera, his nails dragging against her skin and his member, although technically clothed in a sock, brushing against her clothed core. It disgusted her, but nothing disgusted her more than her incapability to properly go through the scene.

In the end, she’d gone out of character. The shot was usable, but the tears, the screaming and the pleading was real. Too real.

[ Text to Alexander ] Oppa. Are you home?

[ Text to Alexander ] I’m coming over.

She tossed the phone to the passanger seat, hastily wiping the tears from her eyes as she pulled out of the parking lot. She zoomed through the streets at lighting speed, just barely within speed limits and with her eyes brimming with tears. Pulling into his building’s parking lot with a loud screech and her car clearing misaligned, she powered through the doors and to the escalators.

"Come on, come on," she said, pressing the button to his penthouse with shaking hands, "Please. Hurry." Her breath hitched as the tears continued to fall, heart clenching in fear.

As you said, this is a huge setback for Regina — how do you balance the central conflict of her dark impulses warring with her journey towards redemption without undoing the last three years of character development?
Horowitz: That’s what’s interesting to us about it. This is not about Regina reverting to be being The Evil Queen from season one. She can’t; she’s come too far, but that Evil Queen is a huge part of who she is. So we have a challenge before her that is huge, that is going to require her to wrestle all the different aspects of her personality. Her dark impulses and her light ones.
Kitsis: And another thing that we’re really excited about is, Regina’s story is not just Robin Hood. We have seen Henry in the past with Operation Cobra with Emma, but he is going to be in a new operation with Regina this year that is actually going to [last] the whole year.


anonymous said:

I'm the 'Clear's swiss army knife dick' anon, and I'm glad you liked it because I have a lot more scenarios. Like, what if Aoba and Clear got lost in a dark forest and Aoba's like, "Damn, wish we had some light like a flash-" And he cuts off bcs Clear is undoing his pants and his dick becomes a flashlight. Like, his dick is a fucking beacon of light. Then they get bored and Clear tells ghost stories while point his dick at the bottom of his face. Moths flock to his dick and he befriends them.

Okay if Clear ’ s dick lights up imagine Aoba’s sucking him off in the dark and he switches it on and it creates like a shadow on his cheeks (I don’t think it would work like that but then again we are talking about a robot with a flash light for a dick).

A Coward's Trap

A trap of devotion
To false gods and reverse notion
That you are doing good
Like you feel all should.

You make up silly words
To try to hide how you are all cowards
You send hatred and threats
To many you haven’t even met.

Talk louder, screaming,
Downward spiral you are careening,
Into chaos and mayhem,
And the good are drug down with them.

"Protect. Equality. Rights!"
You claim as you enter these fights
But hypocrisy is a killer
Your words undo you,
You don’t believe it.
But I assure you, it’s true.

Hate begets more hate.
Anger leads to more anger.
And those you shout over,
Meet with a terrible fate.

Do you feel proud?
Knowing that they find you too loud?
That they cannot speak over you,
For then you’ll call them things that are not true?

Can’t you see why it’s flawed?
Can’t you see why it must end?
Eradication is no solution.
Mass murder is no revolution.

So treat everyone as you should,
As fellow humans, as breathing beings.
Do not enter with prejudice and hate.
With kindness and fairness, you’ll find a much better fate.

-A poem about Social Justice Warriors

Okay so from the mid 16th century until the early 20th century young boys typically wore dresses/gowns as opposed to breeches or trousers. This was done for many reasons. Young boys often struggled to undo the complicated fastenings of breeches/trousers made during this time period, which made potty training exceedingly difficult. Dresses were easier to deal with than trousers because of the already inclusive room for future growth (aka parents spent less money on clothes for quickly growing children, especially since clothes were really expensive regardless of your social/economic class). For working children, it’s speculated that the boys wore dresses until they reached working age, and would trade in the gown for pants and a job. When boys reached an age where they could begin walking, their gowns were shortened to give them leg room for walking/running/etc.

In short, it was super normal and *logical* for young boys to wear dresses for a LONG TIME and now if a young boy wants a dress everyone loses their shit. Like I just really don’t understand the big deal. Seems insanely reasonable to me.

anonymous said:

If you are handcuffed to L, how do you get dressed?

IT IS LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE AND EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. IS A STRUGGLE. We had to cut my turtleneck off the first time. L always cut his clothes off that rich bastard. Then he startED FREAKING TYING ME TO THE HEADBOARD WHILE HE UNDRESSED. Then it’s all “sorry I can’t undo the handcuffs for you to get undressed Light” “Guess you have to figure it out for yourself, Light” “The world is full of injustice, Light” “Kira suspects don’t deserve freedom, Light.” 50000% DONE.

I have some sort of a system now though. I just wiggle my shirts through the cuff, so I can only wear things with a thinner material. Occasionally the handcuffs come off for five seconds? 

We’re not even sure anymore. 

The god smirked at her question. The last sexual thought he had had about her. “You in a frustratingly erotic lingerie nightgown, your hair in a long, tight plait, tying me to the bed with rope, and doing anything you can to frustrate me to the point where, when you undo the rope, I rip the clothing off of you and have my wild way with you.” He whispered in her ear.

my favorite thing in stories is when the antagonist doesn’t die, but instead they realize they were being kind of a stupid dick (maybe because the protagonist saved them or something) and then they have to kind of awkwardly tag along with the heroes in order to make up for their mistakes and gradually become slightly less evil