*sees Jan. 26 death anniversary gifs* oh *opens up art program* that was today *starts sobbing* i didnt even care for them that much *strikes each line violently* i wasnt emotionally attached really *tries to undo the sad feels by drawing them all smiling* i mean theyre not even that important to me

Visual #8: Teasing *requested*

Can you do a teasing visual please, your visuals are so good :)x

AN: Thank you :D :D xx

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the other day i was trying to explain to my boyfriend how good it feels to take ur bra off after a long day but he couldnt understand. he could never understand the sweet release and satisfaction of undoing ur bra and ripping it off with such force that ur boobs gently slap against ur chest. its too powerful for a man to comprehend

My toaster has a cancel button. This makes no sense.

If I’m making an english muffin, and it gets half-toasted, then I “cancel” it, the toaster doesn’t… un-toast the muffin. It doesn’t take all the simple carbohydrates and mush them back together into complex carbohydrates. It just gives up, releasing my semi-toasted english muffin to a cold unforgiving world where no one will want it.

When I think of the word cancel, I have some pretty deeply ingrained assumptions. Maybe it’s because I work in software, but when I tell something to cancel what it’s doing, it better undo whatever it started to do and pretend nothing ever happened.

That all being said - I’m not sure what would be better.

"Abort" - I don’t really want to think about abortion first thing in the morning (unless I’m eating eggs).

"Cease" - A little high-falutin’, isn’t it?

"Stop!" - FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP TOASTING! Seems kind of dramatic.

"Suspend" - Confusing.


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I just want to try something... (just because I can~)

[XD Run as many threads as you want; I’ll keep them coming!]

Send me “I just want to try something…” and my character will react to your character saying that and then… 

[ft-dc-fan, you’ve rolled a(n)…]
13: (nsfw) trying to undo/unzip an article of clothing with your teeth.

*The day after the heist was over, Jay laid on his bed, headphones on and arm over his face. Kid had failed to escape with his necklace set, but he got away, which surely meant Inspector Nakamori would have to keep working around the clock whenever Kid pulled a heist. Aoko came over to cheer him up, but nothing would do. So, she decided to get a little more… personal. When the track would switch between songs, he heard a slow rustling sound. Looking up, he saw what was happening; she was unzipping his hoodie… with her teeth!*

Jay: *stammering* A-A-Aoko…? W-what are you doing…?



- But first, Dutch braids are FANTASTIC because you can re-do portions without having to undo the entire braid! Also, shotput struggles! (Bonus, when we go to the red dirt it looks more like massive hickey, it’s just fantastic…)

- Also, pre-practice mental check thanks to heaps of lovely Tumblr people, especially texas-shots-squats, liftlikebrittany, and gritlikegabrielle. I feel like there’s heaps of impulsive complaining I do on here, but I like having somewhere to vent and be honest with myself. Thank you though, guys. 😊

- Practice: San Diego warm-up, 3x35m incline sprints, 3x25m resistance sprints, 6x25m starts, 6x100 sprints, shotput (WU, drills, power, glide)
Apparently I’m quick out of the blocks? Thank you, swimming?? Today’s sprints killed me. They didn’t look that bad. Didn’t feel that bad. But, boy, afterwards?? Hot dang. AND SHOT WAS SO ON POINT TODAY!!! Finally feeling that glide coming together. So great!!

- athlete gym closed before we got out of practice, no lifting today! :/ Considering heading to the main gym just to get some squats in…


"Good evening, my dears. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m your master. Forget everything outside these basement walls. You will never see daylight or talk to another human being ever again. You will call me, "master". And I will call you, "slave".

You will do my bidding, whenever and however I need you. First thing, I will undo your bras. Your master requires some milk. By the size of your breasts, I’ll never go thirsty.”

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Running, he took a quick look down on his watch and took a slight sigh of relief-- even if his boss made him waste so much time in useless chattering, he wasn't late to pick up Uta at the playgroup. Undoing the first botton of his shirt in front at the confused eyes of the other children's mothers around him, he arrived just in time for the doors to be open and now calmly walk inside, his eyes scanning the place as he looked for his daughter. | kojinominna's 001 to Uta |

Unfortunately Uta was the one who wasn’t good with time. She was colouring a couple minutes before they were suppose to pack up. The ladies didn’t even notice that she wasn’t even packing up at all. So she sat on the bench, kicking her legs slightly as she continued as she didn’t realize that everyone was gone.

Her attention was caught when she heard footsteps and looks at him as a smile grew on her face. “Papa~”

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I'm a trans boy and I Cosplay rin from free! A lot. I want to do some photos with my jacket unzipped or something similar but I have some.. Weight on my chest. It's a real noticeable amount too, I can't help but feel weird when I undo my jacket in Cosplay. Any advice??

You could get a fake abdomen shirt, it’s basically a shirt with sprayed on contours, or you can opt for an actual prosthetic fake chest. What some crossplayers do also is they tape their breast to their sides with sports tape.

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If I am not mistaken, to do a knot spell, you make up a usual spell and chant it as you tie each knot, correct? Could you do anything after or before that, like soak the string in oil or herbs? Or use a stone to increase your power? Sorry if this is worded incorrectly.

All of that sounds like fine additions to knot spells to me.

Here is the one thing about knot magic I take v.e.r.y. seriously due to some t.e.r.r.i.b.l.e. personal experiences: do not leave “empty” knots in your magic.

A knot is a symbolic gateway. Every knot in knot magic should be carefully planned and filled with intent. Otherwise you are leaving a charged, open gateway for things to latch on to. Do not tie knots and then undo them and retie them in the same spell, either.