Alone | Colin & Desiree

Colin walked by the girl’s door once more, afraid that if he knocked, she would not be there, or worse: would get mad at him for going there. He was sure she was the person he most talked, and the one he liked most inside that place. They seemed to understand each other, perhaps because she hated to feel lonely, while he undertood what to be lonely felt like.

Colin brushed his hair with his fingers, sighing deeply as he walked pass her door again. Worse. Her roommate could answer the door. And it would be at least slightly awkward to explain Desiree wasn’t waiting for him, he just happened to go there to talk to her. To unburden. But how do you unburden with someone you barely know?

The brunette stopped by the door, looking at it for a while, before raising his hands and knocking on it lightly. He felt incredibly nervous, as the doorknob moved. Please, please, God, Buddha, Allah, anyone… please do not allow her to be mad at me for coming here.

anonymous said:

This fucking people, I swear to you I can not believe what the fuck I just read. I only remember Youngjae saying that fans didn't undertood badman cause they were young so they were going to have to change his music. Way to distort stuff guys.


Seriously, I can get hella technical if I wanted to. That BS of a post is just chock full of things taken way out of context plus everyone being a bunch of hypocrites. I’m fighting the urge to track down their points and prove them wrong.

Like Aly wrote in her anon reply, no one is saying Yongguk is perfect. NO ONE is perfect EVER. The reason why I’m getting so defensive, as I’m sure with a lot of other fans, is because they’re taking things that aren’t true (we have no proof that he did the things they claim he did) or they’re taken out of context to make him seem like an asshole. They so quick to judge him for being a human being it’s ridiculous.

Seriously if everything Yongguk does rubs you the wrong way, then get out of the fandom. Don’t look up news on him, photos of him, updates on him. Leave him and the fandom alone. We don’t need anymore of that negative shit, life is hard as it is.


I never undertood how can people ignore messages. I mean… There is a message. And it is not answered. Do you sleep well at night? 

13ylp said:

Curtis: h-how is it possible? I can undertood dragons and endermen can do it... but humans and endermen? mutant endermen in fact! OAO Twins and Geoff: ... =.=? Mondo: who is this nerd? =^=?

MRD: This is the Alchemist that were trading from, so..Curtis if you’ll follow me to the show case, I’ll get the piece of Ender Dragon egg shard for you =_=

Kizza: What’s he want with the egg I hatched from mama? oAo

I tried very hard to change. It started 4years ago as i remembered. When i knew about Palestine (yes i was slow) i then knew about how cruel is Zionist not only to the Palestinians but to the muslim’s world.
Slowly we dicided, to change and take part in boycotting. I dont know it will give a big impact to them but i taught myself and my kids that we got to do our part. That is the most important thing kids should know. Well, my kids should know.
It was tough at first to implement this and became more tougher time after time. But i never giveup, let them know the true stories, let them see photos and show them the stories of Palestine in Quran. Alhamdulillah they undertood. For the other than macdonalds (which is easy to boycott), the tough one is to remove food that we get used to have everyday such as Milo, cereals,yoghurt (nestle) biscuits, and drinks, as a mother we have to take action..drastically to choose something else and replacing it. We have to choose brilliantly, who knows we can help our country economy. Opt to local brand peeps!